We love finding new products and enjoy testing them out. We are always willing to review products that are relevant to us and our family. Bug in particular loves testing out products and is a keen tester, always willing to vigorously test out the products sent to him.

We are happy to review a large range of products that are suitable for our family which includes -
* Bug – a lively 3 and a half year old
* Mama – a just 30 year old woman
* Lee – the daddy of the family who is nearing 40 quicker than he would like to be
* Aunty Boo – a cool and fashionable 20-something aunt
* Mamgu – Bug’s loving grandmother who looks fabulous at 50
*Sassy and Trixie – our 2 fluffy family members who give loves of doggy love to Bug
* Other close family members such as my young female cousins, Bug’s nana and cool uncle R have also offered their services to test out products for us to be reviewed on this site.

All products or events are given an honest and detailed review with original photographs. All reviews are shared on my social media networks.

If you would like your product or event to be reviewed on Where Roots And Wings Entwine please email me at to discuss details.

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