About Us

Welcome to Where Roots And Wings Entwine (previously known as Bumps 2 Babies).  These are the thoughts and experiences of a first time mummy, with reviews of products relevant to my family.

My name is Elizabeth, I am in my early 30's and have a partner Lee who is in his early 40's.  We have two children, Bug who entered the World in 2011 and is currently 6 years old and our other son Jelly Bean who we welcomed in 2015 and is now 2 years old.  We live in Wales, I have lived here all my life and am proud to be Welsh, Lee moved here to live with me from Leeds.

I  being a mum.  I love being with my sons and consider myself so lucky to have them.  I always try to get a bargain and enter competitions hoping to get lucky one day and win.

Bug is a little cheeky monkey and changing fast now, learning new things every day.  He loves playing, is a busy little bee and a little bit wild.  He is a little water baby, loving bath time fun and swimming.  He is constantly on the go and keeps me very busy.  He loves being outdoors, having lots of adventures. Bug is in primary school and loves it!
Whenever I am going to buy a new product I always look online for reviews and opinions about it to help me decide if I should buy it or not, so I decided I would include in this blog my experiences and opinions on products to help other people.  I aim to provide honest reviews about products that are tried and tested by myself, Bug and our little family in everyday life.  I think it’s good to get opinions on products used in the ‘real’ world rather than just rely on the information provided by the manufactures and companies who make the products.

I was so nervous about starting this blog, really not sure if I will be any good at it but here I am starting my journey into the blog world.  Please take a look at my first ever post.  I hope you follow me on my journey.

Many thanks.