About Us

Welcome to Where Roots And Wings Entwine.  These are the thoughts and experiences of our family.

My name is Elizabeth, I am in my early 30's and have a partner Lee who is in his early 40's.  We have two children, T who entered the World in 2011 and is currently 7 years old and our other son H who we welcomed in 2015 and is now 3 years old.  We live in Pembrokeshire Wales. I have lived in Wales all my life and am proud to be Welsh. Lee, a proud Yorkshireman moved here to live with me from Leeds.

I  being a mum.  I love being with my sons and consider myself so lucky to have them.  I always try to get a bargain and enter competitions hoping to get lucky one day and win.

The boys are both busy and love having adventures. They have a fondness for outdoor adventures and especially love spending time in the beach or exploring the woods. 

T is a little gamer, loving the family's Nintendo Switch. He also adores drawing, reading and swimming.

H is absolutely mad about Monster Trucks and has a strong love for cars.  

Many thanks.