Monday, 21 June 2021

Encourage kids to get active & play outdoors with these top products


As we embrace sunnier days and get out and about once again, the kids are loving playing outdoors. 

Outdoor play is not only fun for kids but it is vital to physical health, emotional wellbeing, independence, enabling all five senses to run wild, mental health and social interaction. 

To make playtime fun and encourage the kids to get moving here are a few of our favourite outdoor toys perfect for active play in the sun this summer.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Home heating during the summer


As the sun shines and the warmth of summer warms our homes our home heating needs change. Central heating and all round the clock heating of winter months are no longer needed. Instead we look at ways to cool down the home and only reach for the thermostat to take the chill off of breezy summer nights when the weather has lived up to stereotypical rainy, cold UK summer days. 

With home heating needs during summer being different to winter, here we look at ways to cool down the home, how to give your home heating from summer maintenance and when heaters are useful even in the summer.

Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Xplora XGO2 children’s smartwatch review


A couple of years ago we bought our eldest son a basic, budget kids fitness tracker watch. He loved keeping track of his steps, challenging himself to beat his personal best, and it supported his learning of time thanks to being a standard watch too. However it has always been a little temperamental, being very awkward to charge and over the past few months the battery life and step counter has been unreliable and inaccurate. As we have been looking for a replacement for him we were keen to try out the Xplora XGO2 children’s smartwatch.

The XGO2 is an android smartwatch from renowned Norwegian smartwatch company Xplora. This multifunctional children’s smartwatch is a feature rich gadget and boasts a myriad of functions that are fun for children whilst also providing parents with peace of mind.