Monday, 11 February 2019

Creating a great welcome email


Even though my blog is now a number of years old I have never really had a email newsletter. A number of years ago I dabbled with the idea of setting up a email newsletter to keep my subscribers informed with new posts but I found the process daunting and soon decided against it.

However recently I have been reconsidering the idea and think that it would be good to have a email newsletter for my blog. Personally I am subscribed to many email newsletters of blogs I read and find them good for keeping me up-to-date when new blog posts are published.

But how do I make my email newsletters interesting and exciting? In a bid to make my email newsletters appealing to subscribers and not just another email in their inbox that they find boring or bin straight away without even reading, I have been researching email marketing tips.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Fair trade chocolate – a complete guide

Chocolate is loved by many people across the nation. So much so that research has highlighted that Britain consumes 660,900 tonnes of chocolate a year! Broken down this staggering number calculates to 11kg per person per year and equals three bars of chocolate each week. These numbers showcase just how loved chocolate is, but do chocoholics know where it comes from and the history of delicious chocolate?

Fair trade chocolate
Fair trade is a system designed to make trade fair which makes a difference to the lives of people who grow the things we love. The fair trade system currently works with more than 1.66 million farmers across 73 different countries across the world to bring us many delicious treats, including beloved chocolate.