Thursday, 31 December 2020

My favourite women’s t-shirts


My wardrobe is filled with a selection of staple clothes that are part of my everyday outfits. My style is a mix of skinny jeans, leggings or Boho skirts, strappy vest tops or t-shirts, and maxi dresses with flip flops, Vans or black biker ankle boots. 

I especially love t-shirts. In fact my 2020 lockdown style has predominantly been a t-shirt and PJ bottoms and I foresee this stylishness continuing in 2021.

The beauty of t-shirts are that they are versatile and comfortable plus are available in a wide variety of designs and colours. 

As I love a t-shirt and they have featured heavily in my lockdown look, when I have not been entertaining 3 busy kids during lockdowns and juggling home learning I have wisely spent my time perusing the internet for some new t-shirts to treat myself to as a little pick-me-up…..and so my postie can see me wearing at least a different t-shirt when they deliver the constant supply of parcels that weirdly keeping arriving at our home.

So if you love a t-shirt nearly as much as I do and are looking for t-shirt inspiration take a look below at a few of the lovely women’s t-shirts winging their way to me after a late night online shopping spree.

Tips on how to display wall art in your home


We love wall art. The walls of our home are adorned with wall art we love alongside personal touches of personal photographs and special mementos. Wall art is great for us as it allows us to display art we love and decorate our boring walls. Wall art flows through our house, with prints and canvases in every room in the home. We have a wonderful array of wall art from Fine Art America such as cool and colourful children’s cartoon prints in the kids’ playroom, rustic kitchen signs and stunning Nailia Schwarz food photography wall art in the kitchen, stunning female figure drawings alongside sultry flowers in the master bedroom, and beautiful wildlife photography prints in black and white in the family room.

Wall art displayed in a home is a fantastic way to inject colour, character and style into your home as well as complete a room’s style to complement the decor. There are many ways you can display wall art in the home such as a one-off piece, in a frame on a mantlepiece or as part of a unique gallery wall. Wall art works well throughout the whole house from the hallway, living room, bedrooms, stairway, kitchen, and even the bathroom. 

A gallery wall is a wonderful way to display wall art within the home to adorn a blank wall space. This on-trend interior decor concept can make a dramatic impact to a space and works well in all rooms for a stylish look. The beauty of a gallery wall is that you can create a unique gallery wall to suit your own taste and it can be a brilliant way to showcase your favourite things and display a style you love.

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Top Nature Parks on the east coast of Australia


Australia is a wildlife paradise. It is a home to a rich biodiversity, in fact it is one of only seventeen ‘megadiverse’ nations and is home to more species than any other developed country. Compared to other regions of the world it boasts some of the most unique wildlife on the planet. 

It is home to an array of different and unique varieties of animals, birds, reptiles and plants.  Australia is renowned for plant life such as gum trees, wild animals including the kangaroo, koala, dingo and wallaby, reptiles such as the Australian crocodile and the blue tongued lizard, plus is a bird lover’s paradise with aussie birds such as the little penguin, tawny frogmouth and the Australian southern cassowary.