Wednesday, 4 October 2023

Gifts That Spark Ambition: Motivate Your Children for a Bright Future

Do you remember the feeling of joy when a simple toy or book could light up your world? Those gifts, wrapped in colorful paper and tied with a bow, weren’t just objects; they were magical doorways to vast universes of dreams and aspirations you had in your childhood.

Today, as parents or guardians, you find yourself holding the key to those magical doorways for the young ones in your life. But here's a thought: why not pick gifts that do more than entertain? Let's choose gifts that ignite ambition, fuel passion, and set them on a path to a brighter future.

But how? Well, continue reading this article because we have handpicked gift ideas that are more than just fun. 

10 Signs It's Time for Your Business to Ditch the Spreadsheets

Pexels - CCO Licence

Do you wake up in cold sweats from nightmares about cells and formulas? Ever whispered sweet nothings to your 'SUM' function in hopes it'd work just this once? If you're nodding furiously, then it might be time to break up with your business spreadsheets! It's not them; it's you. Okay, who are we kidding? It's totally them. Let’s break down the signs that it’s time to let go of your spreadsheet obsession!

Thursday, 28 September 2023

Dressing Sustainably: Your Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Fashion Materials

In recent years, the popularity of sustainable fashion seems to be increasing. We can find more and more brands competing to offer various ethical fashion products, from dresses, undergarments, activewear to accessories. In line with this, public awareness of implementing the principle of quality over quantity in choosing fashion products is also increasing. Of course, this is a positive trend, both for our planet and the fashion industry itself.

For some people, switching to sustainable fashion products is not that easy. We cannot deny that fast fashion offers many attractive designs and cheap prices. These advantages are a big temptation to shop, even if the quality is mediocre. On the other hand, sustainable fashion offers much better quality, but is still considered more expensive and lacking in design.

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Tips for Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

In today's digital age, children are growing up surrounded by screens, from smartphones and tablets to computers and televisions. While technology can provide educational and entertainment benefits, it's essential for parents to establish healthy screen time habits. Read on for some practical tips from a school in Surrey to help you manage your child's screen time effectively and promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle.