Friday, 27 March 2020

Gigantosaurus: The Game review

Roarsome adventure awaits dino lovers with 
Gigantosaurus: The Game

Fans of the hit Disney animated series Gigantosaurus can enter the colourful, dino-tastic world of Gigantosaurus with this brand new game available from today on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.

Following the exciting news of the game back at the beginning of the year my little gamer dino fans have eagerly awaited the day that they could dive into the world of Gigantosaurus. Much to their delight they have been immersed in the wonderfully vibrant world of Gigantosaurus for the past fortnight where they have had lots of fun exploring the lands and have lots of roarsome adventures.

Gigantosaurus: The Game is a vivid part saving the world, part rally racing extravaganza where up to 4 players can explore the vast prehistoric world, experience gigantic adventures, complete missions and race on primitive tracks.

The game begins in the beautiful Savannah where players are tasked with a gigantic quest to help Giganto and escape extinction.

“Behold the Savannah! Home to dinos of all kinds. It’s a wondrous place - nice and safe….though dangers can arise.”

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

How to motivate your kids to learn

Children who develop a love of learning at home are more likely to perform well in school and go on to have a successful future. So what can you do to motivate your kids to learn? Here are a few tips from Taunton School to help you raise a lifelong learner…

Family learning
Parents can motivate their kids to learn using fun family learning activities. Encourage your child to ask questions and turn your child’s curiosity into learning opportunities. For example, use a globe to answer questions about the planet. The more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively he or she will perform at school.

Teaching your kids to respect school rules

Teaching your kids how to behave respectfully is an important lesson. In order for your child to succeed academically and develop important social skills, they must understand how to respect school rules, as well as other people.

To help your child understand why respect is so important and why they should do their best to follow school rules, here is some great advice from Mount House School

Monday, 16 March 2020

How to be more involved in your child's education

Parental involvement is a huge contributor to a child’s academic success. Parents can help their children to progress well at school by simply showing an interest in class work and becoming more involved in their education.

It is important to show your child that you care about their learning and that you are proud of their achievements. The more supported a child feels at home, the better they will perform at school.

Here is some great advice for parents from Brampton College on how to be more involved in your child’s education.