Tuesday, 28 June 2022

The ultimate guide to moissanite

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Image courtesy of Lily Arkwright.

Now you might be wondering what is moissanite and why should you consider moissanite for your lifetime engagement ring? 

Moissanite is amongst one of the most ethical and sustainable engagement ring choices out there and it is fast becoming a staple in the jewellery world and all for the right reasons! Moissanite rings make for a gorgeous ring choice and today we have comprised an ultimate guide to why you should join all the other savvy couples who are opting for this fantastic gemstone as their engagement ring. 

Sunday, 19 June 2022

Moving house when you have a chronic illness or disability


Moving house can be a hectic, stressful and exhausting experience. It can be difficult for anyone at the best of times, but for those moving house who suffer from a chronic illness or disability it can be even more challenging. 

Suffering from a chronic illness or disability means that even everyday, mundane tasks can be extremely challenging or even impossible. Add moving house to the mix of battling daily life with a chronic illness or disability and the fatigue, pain and other symptoms of the chronic illness or disability can be exacerbated. 

If you suffer from a chronic illness or disability and are moving house, here are a few little suggestions that can help make moving house a little more manageable.

Image courtesy of Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Father's Day gift guide


Amonax Home Fitness accessories

Amonax is a UK specialist home fitness equipment shop. They offer a vast range of quality home gym equipment and accessories, including but not limited to dumbbells, barbells, skipping rope, ab wheel roller, fitness elastic bands and barbell pads. Bestsellers on Amazon, many of their products hold design registration and patents. 

Amonax fitness equipment is built to last and make exercising at home a great option. Perfect for the dad in your life who likes to keep fit, Amonax home fitness equipment are not only ideal for keeping fit at home but are great to compliment a gym workout too. Take a look below at a few of the home fitness accessories that will get the dad in your life exercising this Father’s Day.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

The Benefits of Tennis Lessons for Children

Tennis is a great sport for kids to take part in, and is a very popular sport in the UK thanks to the likes of Andy Murray and Heather Watson who have many championships under their belt. There are also many benefits to having lessons for your child who can practice something they love and develop a passion for one of Britain’s favourite sports.

Here in this guide from a tennis courts hire in Watford we look at the benefits that tennis lessons bring to children.