Thursday, 17 October 2019

Different types of glass for the home

Whether you are renovating your home or looking at the finer details of a new build there are many key features and decor decisions to be made that can change the style and practicality of a room. 

As well as considering things such as flooring, heating, wall decor, purpose of the room and decor style, it is also important to think about the type of glass used throughout the home including window glass, shower glass and kitchen splash-back glass.

Haulage, storage and distribution specialists - John K. Philips Group

Many successful businesses start from humble beginnings. Starting as small businesses and growing over the years to be extensive and thriving businesses that keep up with the ever changing modern world we live in. 

With many businesses closing their doors, hearing of British companies that have stood the test of time and survived adversity, recession and challenges of modern life is uplifting and impressive. 

One inspirational business success story is that of John K Philips.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Slap Ninja - review

Who will be the quickest? Master or student?

Both of the boys are fascinated by ninja’s, finding them intriguing, mysterious and totally awesome! As they love ninja’s they love nothing more than pretending that they are little ninjas with incredible skills that a ninja master would praise.

As they are mesmerised with the world of ninja’s they were over the moon about practising their ninja skills as they helped me test out a ninjatastic game from JAKKS Pacific - Slap Ninja.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash EU release date and launch trailer announced

Rising Star Games, Natsume and Koch Media are happy to announce that  Harvest Moon: Mad Dash will be released digitally on Nintendo Switch™ and PlayStation®4 across Europe on October 29 - with a physical version following November 15!