Friday, 26 September 2014

Tips for Communicating with Someone who has Dementia.

If a close person to you is suffering with dementia, it can be really tough to maintain the relationship you once had with them, and at times even the simplest of communication with them can feel like a really difficult battle. 

There are some tips listed below to hopefully help make things that little bit easier so you can be there for them as much as possible, and so that you will both be happier, too.

Don’t be afraid to let some things go
Of course, the person who has dementia will get things slightly muddled or even may get things completely wrong at times. You may feel yourself going to automatically correct and argue with them, but it’s often best to let some things go and just move on with the conversation to avoid frustration and tension.

Be as calming and positive as possible
Remaining calm and upbeat as much as you can will be really important for them, especially as their condition develops and they may feel scared in front of people who they no longer recognise. You will of course feel sadness and even anger towards the situation, but hiding this from them will be really important for keeping them happy and comfortable.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Trunki BoostAPak review.

Now that Bug is in school I have joined the crowds of parents on the school run dropping off and picking up their children every week day. Even though we have a car we rarely have access to it during the school run thanks to daddy needing it for work so we often have to walk to and from school.

Whilst it is lovely to walk to and from school Bug for the school run with Bug telling me all about his school day as we walk, I must admit I am not really looking forward to braving the weather when the rain and cold weather hits us during Autumn and Winter. Kindly we have been offered a lift from a fellow family who passes our home on the school run on a number of occasions but lacking a car seat for Bug we have had to decline the kind offer even when it has been raining and we have a long walk home to face. As it is unpractical to lug Bug’s large and heavy car seat to school to be able to get a lift home for now walking the school run is what we have to do come rain or shine.

But that is all about to change thanks to Trunki who came to the rescue with the chance to review the BoostAPak.

Trunki’s BoostAPak is a backpack and car booster seat combined.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Love Shopping? Love Sales?

I love shopping but unfortunately my bank balance does not agree with my love of shopping. Thanks the economic climate we live in, with money being very tight for our family, to be able to indulge in my love of shopping I have had to become very savvy when shopping.

So that I can satisfy my love of shopping yet watch the pennies spent so that I do not spend a fortune I have become a huge fan of sales.

Not only do sales allow me to indulge in my love of shopping so that I can occasionally treat myself to some new clothes, accessories or sparkly new bits and bobs for the house, sale shopping also helps me keep up with the constant need for new clothes and shoes for my ever-growing big boy Bug.

I must admit I love sale shopping so much that I have braved the queues and crowds at the crack of dawn during top high street sales to grab a bargain or ten on items we need. As well as being in the midst of the sale action on the high street (trying my best to avoid being battered and bruised by the crowds of sale shoppers fighting and scrambling for sale items), so that I can keep in touch with sales news to be able to take advantage of sales to get items we want at discounted prices I am also a member of a number of Facebook Groups run by top bargain hunters who share news about sales and great deals available online and in stores.

As I think sale shopping is a rather clever way to save money and buy items you need whilst being on a tight budget I am always on the lookout for new ways to keep up-to-date on sales news…….and thanks to a clever site called I have a new way to keep my finger on the pulse of the sales action so that I do not miss the sales and online bargains.

Ella's Kitchen Toddlers Take Over Good Snacks Revolution!

Take a look at this very cute video of the Ella's Kitchen event to see how the toddlers stood up for good snacks, speaking their minds from their toyboxes.

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