Friday, 29 July 2016

Our travel essentials for travelling with children

During the summer holidays we are going on our first family holiday as a family of four. Whilst we are not jetting off to some exotic country abroad to enjoy the sun and sea instead staying in the UK as it is our first holiday as a family of four and we are also visiting family who we have not seen in a long time – in fact they have yet to meet Jelly Bean and he is now 1! - it is an exciting time for us.

As this is our first holiday with two young children and we have lots of travelling to do I am trying to be organised and prepared by planning, packing in advance and getting holiday essentials and products that will make travelling and the holiday itself a little easier. I hope by making use of certain products and being organised that the holiday will be a stress free one that we can all enjoy as we make memories of our first holiday together as four.

Holiday hopes of European travel

As we get closer to our first holiday as a family of four I have found myself thinking about the holidays of my childhood and hopes for future holidays with my little family.

Growing up many of the holidays we went on were camping and caravanning type holidays. Over the years we explored and experienced many parts of the UK as we camped and stayed in caravans across the country.

As I loved our camping and caravan holidays I hope to take my children on similar holidays. As well as taking them to camp and stay in caravans all across the UK as my mum did with my sister and I, we hope to expand our travel and explore further afield by travelling across Europe.

9 Ways of avoiding bad debt problems

Regular readers of this blog will know that I take a great deal of care and attention with the family finances. I know so many people that have fallen into financial difficulties and understand what an impact it can have on lives. I never want to get myself into that situation, and work hard to be sensible.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Ravensburger Disney Frozen Race to The Palace Game review

As a family we love board games and puzzles. Playing a board game can be quality time together where we can enjoy simple fun and ditch the tablets and TV for awhile.

A big selection of the puzzles in the house that we love come courtesy of Ravensburger so when we were recently sent one of their games we were excited to give it a go.

The Ravensburger Disney Frozen Race to The Palace Game is aimed at little ones aged 5 years + and designed for 2 to 4 players.