Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Win £500 with The Money Press e-book.

I love a good competition especially when the prize is something I have been lusting after as a treat to myself, Lee or close family, or a fab prize that Bug would love. Whilst I love entering competitions for particular prizes that would be appreciated by myself or my family, the competitions I cannot resist entering are those with a gift card or cash prize so that we can buy whatever we fancy, or put it towards our Christmas/birthday fund.

As I love competitions with cash prizes and am I a lovely, sharing kind of gal I wanted to tell you all about an interesting ‘write-a-review' competition to celebrate the new e-book 'The Money Press'. This competition on is a little different from standard fill in a form competitions and has an impressive prize of a whopping £500!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Treat your pets this weekend with PetShopBowl's bank holiday offers.

We think of our pets as part of the family.  As our fluffy family members are very much loved and cared for we love to treat them to quality food and yummy treats to keep them well fed and nourished plus toys to help keep them happy and amused.

As we love to spoil our dogs Sassy and Trixie with treats and quality dog food but are on a tight financial budget I am always on lookout for discounts and offers on pet products to help us treat our dogs at a cheaper price.

Thanks to PetShopBowl this weekend we are able to treat our fluffy friends and make the most of discounted prices on top brand pet food with PetShopBowl’s bank holiday offers.

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