Thursday, 24 July 2014

How to Create a Harry Potter Themed Bedroom.

Despite the final book being released in 2007, Harry Potter is still massively popular and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon with new films and short stories planned for the future. If your child is mad about the boy wizard then you could try making them a Harry Potter themed bedroom that will make them feel like they’re at Hogwarts.

Here’s how…

Wall Murals
Whilst you could go for Harry Potter wallpaper, it would be that little bit more special if you went for wall murals instead. You can buy stick on pieces and stencils to draw around to help create more of a theme for the room. You could even use a projector to project images on the wall to draw around. For example, you could have the famous images of the Hogwarts Express going over the bridge, a Quidditch match or even Hogwarts itself.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pet Therapy - Sunrise Senior Living.

I've mentioned before that we have two dogs, Sassy and Trixie, and how our fluffy friends are part of the family.

Trixie the eldest of our fluffy family is 9 and has been a loving part of my life since she was an adorable little puppy.  When I was suffering from depression a few years ago my mum and sister bought Trixie for me after they read about the benefits of pet therapy.  They hoped that having a pet to care and be responsible for would give me a positive focus and the routine of caring for my new fluffy friend would help keep me busy and active.  They also hoped that having a dog that needed walking would help encourage me to leave the house which I hated doing at the time with the extra physical activity of taking my dog for walks being good for my physical and mental health.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Summer sales saving money.

Most savvy saving families like us will have already scoured the shops or be planning to hit the shops to snap up some bargains and clothes for their little ones during the mid-season sales.

We recently snapped up some new clothes for Bug at bargain prices at Tesco in their clothing sale.  The ongoing final clearance clothing sale at Tesco with up to 50% off on selected items both in-store and online has an array of children’s, women’s and men’s clothing on offer.

Other supermarkets also have clothing sales running at the moment.  George at Asda has an up to half price sale on clothing - I just wish I could get to an Asda store to see what items are on sale in-store as the items I fancy for Bug online are no longer available in his size.  Morrisons have a summer sale on their Nutmeg range of clothing with selected lines on sale in-store only – having never had a chance to try the Nutmeg clothing due to no local Morrisons stores stocking the Nutmeg range of clothing I wish I was able to snap up an item or two of clothing for Bug during the Nutmeg sale as their clothes look adorable and colourful.  Sainsbury’s also has a sale on the Sainsbury's Tu range of clothing with saving of up to half prices on offer in-store only.
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