Thursday, 14 December 2017

Joining the superheroes squad with Hallmark itty bittys - #StrongerTogether

The boys are both mad about superheroes. Their bedroom is adorned with superhero artwork and accessories, superheroes is a strong theme that runs through a lot of the toys they play with and they have a wardrobe full of superhero costumes.

Superheroes are such a predominant theme in our household that they became part of our pregnancy announcement when I was pregnant with Jelly Bean.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The future is electric - reasons to switch to an electric car

The world we live in is forever changing. New products and ways of life are continually being unveiled,changes that promise to overhaul and improve our lives. Old products and lifestyles are improved or scrapped in the hope of a better life. As we see great changes with the lifestyle of today being worlds apart from the lifestyle 50 years ago, heck even a decade ago, we have to adjust to our dynamic and developing world that is continually changing.

One industry that has had big changes in the past few decades and presently has ever-changing developments that will change our future is the automotive industry. Changes we have seen in the past years include leaded petrol being phased out, safety measures such as increased amount of airbags and anti-lock braking system and new technology such as smart keys, rear view cameras and car sensors. One of the biggest changes in the automotive industry in the past few years is the development and introduction of electric cars. As electric cars are becoming more prominent, so much so that NewMotion charging stations are popping up all across the UK, it seems as if the future of the automotive industry is electric.

So what are the benefits of an electric car? Why switch to electric?

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Unexpected bills - how to deal with them?

As a family who live on a very tight budget and do not have much ‘spare’ money to play with from their low income after all bills and necessities have been covered, dealing with unexpected bills can be difficult.

Take for example when a couple of months ago our old, hardworking machine went bang! To be fair I can’t really complain as it had worked tirelessly for over 10 years without any issues, tackling mountains of washing for our family of four including at points in its life cloth nappies - but being so old meant it was out of any warranties. But with so much washing done in our household on a weekly basis it going bang and deciding to call it quits on washing our clothes was a big problem. Yes I could hand wash bits and pieces but there would be no way I could keep on top of the washing pile doing it by hand. Living away from family meant we could not pop round to a loved ones house to borrow their machine. And with no laundrette close by we were stuck and the washing was piling up.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas party look

Christmas for us is a time for fun, family and celebrations. The whole month of December is awash with seasonal cheer and Christmas events galore.

Christmas school concerts, visits to Santa’s grotto, Christmas shopping trips and wonderful Winter Wonderland experiences are just a few of the events that fill my calendar in December.

Not only do I have family festivities to enjoy with the children but I also have the pleasure of letting my hair down for a couple of Christmas parties.

The only downside to having a few fabulous Christmas parties to attend is that I have to find the perfect party look.