Thursday, 17 April 2014

Why I want to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Virgin Media.

Today when my phone decided to give up the ghost and completely die on me it felt like fate when I just noticed a fab competition to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Virgin Media and I just had to quickly take part in the hope of winning a new phone.

I would love to win this competition and win the fantastic prize so that I have a shiny new phone to replace the well-used and abused phone that has decided enough is enough and has gone into retirement. 

I have had my current phone for nearly two years now and it was my first and so far only smartphone.  A little over three months after I had got the new phone Bug accidentally knocked it on the floor and the screen cracked, thankfully as I did not have any insurance on it (alas because I could not afford the extra cost to pay for the insurance when I got the phone) the phone still worked but for nearly two years I have used my phone with a cracked screen, looking at the screen through a myriad of tiny cracks.  Having an ethos of making do, not throwing something that works away to get a replacement and not spending money on myself when it is not necessary I kept the phone and used it regardless of how battered and bruised it was looking.

Let's Grow Wild! #GrowWild

I have always loved spending my time outdoors in nature and since having Bug my love of being outdoors has been rekindled thanks to the many moments we have had together exploring and playing outdoors.  We love the great outdoors and love nothing more than enjoying time together as a family having fun outdoors come rain or shine, relishing in the wonder of Mother Nature. 

I have many fond memories of our time spent together in the great outdoors such as the time we had a rainy day adventure at the beach where we were the only ones mad enough to brave the beach in the rain, the bank holiday when Bug was a muddy mess as he played in the mud during a lovely walk in the countryside and when Bug loved getting green fingered and having fun getting into a mucky mess as he took part in a Kids Grow Wild challenge.

Whilst I love being outdoors regardless of the weather or time of year, and appreciate all of the seasons and all types of weather for their own unique, special reasons there is something enchanting about spring and summer when flowers are emerging and blossoming into beautiful blooms.  I love walking in the countryside, appreciating the wildlife and admiring wild flowers that attract insects, beautiful buzzing bumble bee’s collecting pollen and fluttering butterflies.

Little Face of Venture competition….will your little one be the next Little Face of Venture?

Venture Photography are currently running a competition to find the next Little Face of Venture.  Not only will the winner be given the proud title of being the new Little Face of Venture, the little winner will also get a one year’s professional modelling contract with top modelling agency MOT Models.  During your little one’s year-long modelling contract with MOT Models the agency will promote your little one for modelling assignments for your little one to star in.  But that’s not all the winner will also get a year’s supply of shoes from Start-rite and an amazing LEGO prize.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

5 reasons granny pants are the best - #NationalBVDay

Believe it or not, granny pants are going through a bit of a revival. What was that? A collective sigh of relief from the female population? Probably. But it is true, in fact the latest figures show sales of high cut, full coverage briefs doubled in 2013, and that trend is expected to continue this year too.

Forget Bridget Jones, you don’t need to be curvy, single or incredibly klutzy to enjoy the pleasures of the full coverage pantie. There really are lots of reasons we should all be investing in granny pants right now. Here are just five of those reasons to start your conversion to the world of big pants.

1. No inadvertent wedgies.
Whilst there may be some ladies out there who truly do love their thong, how many of us actually find them to be a pain in the butt – literally? That terrible sinking feeling when you’re in a very public place and the back of your thong disappears between your cheeks can be no more, thanks to the granny pant. Designed to stay where you put them, this is one piece of underwear guaranteed to come with no nasty surprises.

2. Comfy cotton.
Some days we feel like a bit of luxurious lace, others some slinky satin. But when it comes down to it, nothing feels quite a soft, cool and comfortable as plain old 100% cotton underwear, a speciality of the granny pant. And because of this, there is less chance of developing conditions such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis (BV). Put simply, BV is an imbalance in your pH levels caused by everyday things like excessive washing, perfumed products, antibiotics, your period and even semen. BV is a vaginal condition which can make your nether regions smell like a fish market, and is made worse by wearing underwear with unbreathable materials such as polyester and nylon.
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