Thursday, 30 March 2017

Top 3 jobs perfect for a full-time mum

Once you become a mother you are forced to realize that things are never going to be the same, most of the times that is seen as a good thing, but sometimes it just means that your everyday workload gets tripled, as the majority of the kids, and house chores fall back on you.  
You might not get the hang of it right away, and that is completely normal, but once you do you will realise that you have become one of those ‘super women’ people usually refer to that are multitasking all the time between hundreds of tasks.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Time for a change

With our eldest child’s 6th birthday fast approaching it has made Lee and I think about how quickly time is flying by and that we are both getting older too. We are far from being spring chickens. I am in my early 30’s now and Lee who is 8 years older hit the big 40 late last year.

As we are getting older and are feeling the aches, pains and tiredness of our busy lives now more than ever we have decided that it is important that we take more care of ourselves. So that we can play and have fun with the kids and be there for them as they grow older we need to think about our health and be as fit and healthy as we can be. Whilst on the whole we are relevantly healthy and do not have many bad habits (we eat healthy and neither of us drink any alcohol) there is always room for improvement which will hopefully leave us healthier with more energy.

Monday, 27 March 2017

A family law solicitor's guide to self-care during divorce

When you go through a divorce, it becomes easy to spread yourself too thin and forget about yourself. If you’re wondering about your kids, your ex, your parents, your friends, your work, or really anyone who isn’t you, then it’s time to stop. When you start looking after yourself, looking after other people won’t be an effort anymore. It will happen naturally and be more genuine, leaving everyone with more energy and positive feelings at the end of it.

As divorce lawyers in London, we see countless men and women come through our doors who are harried, stressed and emotionally exhausted. Living in London is stressful enough, without the ultimate stress and emotional hardship of a divorce. You may wonder how we’re qualified to advise people about what to do right, when we make our living from what’s gone wrong, but the reality is we see how many people aren’t taking care of themselves. Divorce solicitors in London have countless experiences of dealing with distressed individuals, and we’re experts in keeping a calm and professional demeanor while encouraging self-care.

This has such a knock-on aspect on every area of their life, leading to less rational decision making, further breakdown in relationships and a tougher time for the kids — as well as just being unhealthy for you. It’s time to take charge and take care of yourself. Here’s our advice for how — and why — to go about self-care during your divorce.