Thursday, 11 February 2016

Peekaboo books - Little Tiger Press.

Our love of books has once again been quenched by Little Tiger Press and their upcoming new books from the Peekaboo collection.

To be published on the 10th March 2016 are 2 new books – Peekaboo 123 and Peekaboo A to Z. Aimed at little ones aged 1-4 years and fun books by illustrator Gareth Lucas.

Both books are equally beautiful, with the fabulous illustrations from the talented Gareth Lucas teaming brilliantly with the humours alliterative text. The board books are chunky with thick pages which are ideal for little hands to hold and turn, with both books featuring large sturdy flaps.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Protecting the mattress – Organic Mattress Protector by The Little Green Sheep.

Whilst Bug has been potty trained and dry at night for nigh on 3 years, on the odd occasion he has been poorly, drinking more fluids and not as quick as he normally would, there have been a few near misses that have endangered keeping his mattress clean and dry. As I believe it is best to be prepared and cover ‘what ifs’ I have always made sure that we have a mattress protector on his bed just in case of accidents whether they are toilet related ones or drink spills.

Having been impressed with The Little Green Sheep’s SnuzPod and the quality of the Snuz mattress protector for it, I was delighted when The Little Green Sheep offered the chance to try out their single bed size Organic Mattress Protector on Bug’s bed.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Lil' Ocean Explorers.

Having loved renowned, multi-national children’s toy manufacturer Little Tikes for a number of years now from when Bug was a baby, it was only natural that when we had Jelly Bean that we would keep an eye out for Little Tikes toys for him too. As we love Little Tikes and want Jelly Bean to enjoy the high quality, durable and engaging children’s products they make we were delighted to hear about their new range of toys.

Lil’ Ocean Explorers is the new range of Little Tikes toys that as well as being made for lots of fun are designed to help develop the motor skills, confidence and coordination of little adventurers.

To celebrate the new range of Lil’ Ocean Explorers toys which were developed over a number of years and put the range through its paces, Little Tikes teamed up with independent child development and play expert Dr. Amanda Gummer; here is what she thought of the range - “I believe play is the key way for babies and toddlers to develop and the Lil’ Ocean Explorers range is all about encouraging motor skills by having fun. The colourful characters capture attention so children are achieving milestones without even knowing it!” 

With an ocean theme the new range consists of 8 adorable sea creatures, all of which are designed to help little adventurers discover, learn and have fun.

The Lil’ Ocean Explorers range consists of the following toys –
* 3-in-1 Adventure Course (RRP £79.99) suitable for 6+ months
* Catch Me Crabbie (RRP £14.99) suitable for 9+ months
* Dunk ‘n Juggle Seal (RRP £19.99) suitable for 6+ months
* Pull ‘Chatter Lobster (RRP £9.99) suitable for 9+ months
* Stand ‘N Dance Starfish (RRP £29.99) suitable for 9+ months
* Crawl n’ Pop Turtle (RRP £16.99) suitable for 6+ months
* Ball Chase Octopus (RRP £14.99) suitable for 6+months
* Push n’ Glow Fish (RRP £8.99) suitable for 6+ months

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