Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bizzy Bitz - review.

Bug loves creative and construction toys. He can spend hours creating and building something, letting his imagination run wild as he crafts to his heart’s content.

As Bug loves toys that allow him to create and build things from his imagination he was very excited about using the 63 piece Bizzy Bitz set to make something.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Holidaying at the hospital

News of Jelly Bean since his arrival has been ghostly sparse. 

All intentions of writing updates about my beautiful baby and sharing his birth story has been overshadowed by fun and adventures with Bug and Jelly Bean over the school holidays along with health issues that poor Jelly Bean has been suffering with.

He was born healthy but has had a few little issues since then.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Advice for Choosing a Practical and Fashionable Watch.

When you have a little one, time is everything - although it's usually running away from me! Encouraging a three-year-old to do the right thing at the right time isn't always easy. But we usually manage to stay roughly on schedule throughout the day. If we want to keep to our routine, though, I need to be aware of the time. Checking your phone is often the preferred way of telling the time these days. But it's not quite as convenient as looking at the watch on your wrist, which you don't have to hold in your hand. I think watches are still great accessories, and they're practical too. Choosing one that you want to wear all the time can be difficult though, so here are my tips.

Watch Purpose
Before you pick a watch, you need to decide what you want it for. Perhaps you want it to tell the time during your everyday activities, whether it's going to work or ferrying the kids about. You might want a watch for sports, which could range from going for a run to rock climbing and watersports. Of course now, your watch could run your whole life for you if you want it to. A smart watch could enable you to answer phone calls, set alarms, track your fitness levels, and more.
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