Thursday, 30 October 2014

Appliances to make family life a little easier this Christmas.

Family life can be hectic and with Christmas fast approaching the hectic-ness of family life is sure to get even more chaotic and busy than normal. Thankfully family life can be made a little bit easier with the help of useful and practical appliances. Best of all with the festive season looming there are deals and discounts to be had on a huge range of appliances.

Kitchen appliances
Making Christmas dinner for the whole family can be hard work so why not get some new kitchen appliances that will help make the process of cooking up a yummy Christmas extravaganza that little bit easier. If you are cooking the Christmas dinner for the whole family yourself, with a big roast turkey or duck as the centrepiece, investing in a sparkling new oven with lots of oven space and useful technology will help make cooking the Christmas feast a smooth affair. Not only will a new oven be a useful appliance to use over the festive season but it is also a worthwhile investment that will help make family life that little bit easier for years to come.

A new microwave might also be useful especially if the one you already have is old and not working as good as it once did. If you are a cook who likes to prepare in advance, cooking and reheating in bulk especially when catering for a large, extravagant Christmas feast for the whole family a new microwave with the latest technology will be a very useful and practical appliance to make life that little bit easier.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Win an eLuxurySupply mattress pad, towels set and sheet set.

eLuxurySupply Sampler Pack Giveaway

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Coordinated By: Inside My Head.., a successful luxury linen provider, is a United States Veteran Owned and Operated company operating out of Evansville, Indiana. They claim to provide first class luxury products and helpful customer service to their customers.

eLuxurySupply provide customers with a large selection of Egyptian Cotton products that include  Egyptian cotton bed sheet sets, duvet covers and pillow cases. But that’s not all they also provide high quality Egyptian Cotton mattress toppers, 5-Star Egyptian cotton bath robes, Goose Down comforters and Egyptian Cotton bath towel sets. Adding to their large selection of luxury Egyptian Cotton products eLuxurySupply are now offering an entire range of bamboo sheet sets and bath towel sets.

My Christmas gift wishlist.

Taking inspiration from my well thought-out gift ideas for our loved ones and early Christmas shopping, Lee has also already been thinking about what Christmas gifts to get for his side of the family and what lovely gifts to get for his one true love….me!

As Lee always moans that I am very difficult to buy for he has asked me to provide him with several gifts that I would love to get for Christmas this year from him and Bug. Rather than end up with gifts that I don’t really want or like I was more than happy to oblige him with my Christmas gift wishlist.

Bath pampering products
Whilst bath products may be considered a tad unimaginative as I love a relaxing, pampering bath – which now thanks to Bug is a rare occurrence as I usually have company, have to content with bath toys everywhere or have to rush out to deal with my busy, boisterous boy – luxurious bath pampering products are always appreciated and give me a good reason to make sure I get some quiet time to have a long, uninterrupted soak in the bath.

Although any bath pampering products are more than welcome I do have a particular fondness and love for Lush luxurious bath products, in particular their heavenly bath bombs, beautiful bubble bars and decadent bath melts.

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