Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Feeding an Injured Competition Horse, What You Need to Know,

Box or even field rest can be a challenging time for horses and their owners. Whilst successful recovery relies on numerous factors, diet is an important part of the horse’s management and should focus on maintaining gut health, promoting calm behaviour and providing a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals and quality protein. Here’s a few things you need to know:

When Your Horse Loses Their Appetite
One of the most common equine responses to any sort of injury that causes discomfort or pain is a loss of appetite. Divide horse feeds into as many small meals as possible and consider adding a small amount of sugar beet, grated apple or carrot, mint or garlic. Fenugreek, a spice with a strong ‘curry’ aroma may also be helpful and was in fact ranked as number 1 preferred flavour by horses in one study.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What if I won the lottery? What would I buy?

As a dreamer I often find myself dreaming about 'what ifs'. One of the common 'what ifs' I find myself thinking about is 'what if I was lucky enough to win the lottery'.

If I was fortunate enough to win big on the lotto, perhaps having won a life changing prize playing one of the world's biggest lotteries on Multilotto, then I would inevitably spend some of my winnings on a dream forever home for my family, a new family car, a once-in-a-lifetime family holiday and finally getting married and having my dream wedding after 5 years of engagement.

Whilst I would be over the moon to win a large enough lotto prize to do the above, any winnings would of course be gratefully received. If my lotto win was a more modest one, or a large win with a some winnings left to spare after the above purchases, I would love to treat each one of our family to a gift of something they would love.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Getting our game on with

Following in his daddy's footsteps, Bug is a little die-hard gamer in the making. He has a passion for games such as Minecraft and Mario Karts, and irrespective of his young age he has mastered the art of gaming showing surprising skills at the games he plays. When he is not enjoying his allotted gaming time instead having his 'watching shows' time he often opts for watching kid friendly gaming YouTubers such as Stampy to keep in touch with the world of gaming, learning new skills and hearing about new fun games to play.

As Bug enjoys games and we like to encourage, monitor and support his love of gaming I make a point of trying to keep my finger on the pulse of gaming especially as unlike his dad I am not a naturally skilled or varied gamer being a gamer person best suited to and just able to handle Mario and Donkey Kong platform type games. As I like to keep up with my gaming son who effortlessly soaks up all gaming knowledge and skills, I do my best to swot up on and check out new games and gaming sites.

One such new site that has caught my eye is Poki portal.