Sunday, 4 October 2015

Digital Marketing for blogs.

Today most people live a digital, high tech life.  The internet and social media are intertwined into most people’s lives on a daily basis as we plug into the virtual world.

Along with staying connected and social on social media platforms and taking advantage of online shopping as businesses both big and small go online, thousands of people across the globe have opened up themselves to the world by creating blogs and vlogs.

If you’ve started a blog or are thinking about creating one and want to get yourself and your blog ‘out there’ and make it stand out to increase your readership it may be worthwhile looking at the importance of digital marketing for your blog.

With so many other blogs online it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and if that is what you want to do marketing your blog is a great way to make progress and get your name out there. As it is beneficial to learn how to do your own digital marketing for your blog here are a few tips -

Back to basics
Before marketing your blog it is important to create it and get content on there to market. It can be useful to make use of and learn some valuable tips about starting a blog as well as read articles from other bloggers on how they started and maintain their blog.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Considering a new pet.

This year has seen a lot of changes happen in our little family. New school starts and new talents being discovered have been keeping us busy. Plus of course we have seen our family expand from a family of 3 to a family of 4 with the arrival of Jelly Bean this summer.

As the year slowly winds down, we’ve been talking a lot about what more we will experience together in the New Year. At the moment, we are only a small family. We’d be daft not to talk about any possibilities of additions. Who knows where our lives will be in the next year?

For now, there is only talk. Things have already changed so rapidly! But we’ve been talking about companionship for Bug for a while now. He’s getting bigger and stronger, and socially I do think he is doing well. But at home, I fear he is a little lonely at times. Whilst he dotes on Jelly Bean he is only a little baby at the moment and is a little while away from being Bug’s sidekick in play and adventures. As such we’ve thinking about all kinds of possibilities, including the addition of a new pet.

Even though we already have 2 dogs they are family dogs rather than Bug’s dogs, in essence they are my dogs as they pre-date my little family plus they are sadly getting old now and the time with them is becoming ever so fragile. As such we have been thinking about getting him his very own little dog.

Having a dog is not something anyone should consider lightly. When children are around, you need to be absolutely sure you’re getting the right animal for your family. Dogs require so much attention, and so much care. We know Bug would love any pet we brought into our family, but we need to be certain that pet will love and protect Bug too.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Home security - how to protect your home.

For most people their home is their castle. Whilst some people would love to improve or change their home in some way, what home they have and the contents within it is theirs and theirs alone. Unfortunately not all people respect this and may people across the country become the victim of a burglar.

To help keep your family and your home safe from crime home security is vital.

Improving your home security and tightening up security weaknesses helps reduce the chance of your home being targeted and you becoming the victim of burglary.

Here are a few tips on how to strengthen the security of your home –

* Lock up tight
Install quality locks on all doors and if possible have more than one lock on doors.
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