Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Wedding planning – offline vs online

Organising a wedding has traditionally been a real world, physical process where brides hit the high street, bridal stores and wedding events. Brides traditionally visit bridal stores to find their perfect wedding dress and often have numerous fittings so that it fits them perfectly. Grooms have to try on suits or have tailored suits with several suit fittings. Wedding venues are visited to find that ideal location to celebrate saying 'I do'. Wedding cake samples and reception menus are tried to find the tastiest wedding food for the reception. Unless you have a wedding planner, organising a wedding is traditionally a feet on the ground operation where brides and their loved ones have to go out and about to get everything bought, booked and planned for their big day.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

My favourite holiday photo

Being a maniac with a camera from a young age where I take a umpteen shots of the same moment and countless photographs per day my collection of photographs is colossal. Both printed photographs and digital ones are part of my immense collection of photographs.

To me the beauty of a photograph is capturing the moment and experience to treasure forever.

My photographs are very important to me. They evoke memories and emotions. Over the years my photographs have provided comfort and a light of happiness. Looking through my treasured collection of photographs is a way to remember loved ones and good times which was a huge help when I went through dark days of depression.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Getting dog’s attention – one of the most important lessons for a puppy

Paying attention to your owner is one of the most important things for any dog or pet.

If a dog is too undisciplined or restless it is probably because he hasn’t learned how to listen and obey various commands. As an owner, you need to teach your dog that being disciplined and obedient is good and that there is reward for doing so.