Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Spiritual guidance with Kooma.

I considered myself to be a spiritual person with an interest in all things natural, holistic and mystic. I love communing with nature, believe in the power of crystals and gemstones, use alternative medicines such as homeopathy and acupuncture, practice the art of using aromatherapy to enhance psychological and physical wellbeing, have faith in the ancient practice of tarot card reading and pendulum dowsing for divine guidance, and am curious about clairvoyance.

My interest in most things natural, holistic, mystic and spiritual springs from my childhood. During my childhood I became enchanted by the beauty and power of the crystals and gemstones my mum had around our home and I smelt the delightful aroma of essential oils every day in our house. I have also experienced the benefit of using alternative medicine over the years, including taking homeopathic medicine and visiting an osteopath for treatment.

I also have sentimental connotations attached to my holistic and mystic interests. I have a number of gemstones that have a special attachment to loved ones, the smell of particular essential oils evoke memories of loved ones and special memories, and one of my own personal pack of tarot cards were given to me from a close family friend who is sadly no longer with us.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Voting open for the Canvas Holidays character competition - win £500 Canvas Holidays vouchers!

The other day I wrote about the fab Canvas Holidays character competition where one lucky winner will win £500 of Canvas Holidays vouchers.

The prize.
The prize of £500 Canvas Holidays vouchers can be used at any of Canvas Holidays’ family friendly campsites.  As I mentioned in my previous post a couple of Canvas Holidays’ campsites are perfectly located near magical Disneyland Paris and the fantastical Parc Asterix, making them the perfect base site if you enjoy family holidays with a trip or two to fun-filled amusement parks.

To enter the competition entrants had to send Canvas Holidays a picture of their child dressed as their favourite character with fifty words describing who the character was and why their little ones had chosen to dress as that character.

Sadly the competition has now closed for entries but for those of you who entered the competition and sent in a picture of your child dressed as their favourite character the voting element of the competition has now opened!

Voting time!
It is now voting time in the Canvas Holidays character competition and all the entries will showcased in a public gallery where they will be open to public voting.

Batman Bug!!

Yesterday when we popped into our local Tesco Bug entered the store as himself and then came out transformed into Batman!

To celebrate the release of The Lego Movie there was a very talented face painter at the store who was transforming children into Lego characters from the film.

Inevitably Bug wanted to have his face painted to transform him into Batman.

He patiently waited in the queue of excited children who all wanted to have their faces painted as Lego characters from the film and then he sat happily having his face painted.


Bug is a little Mini-Daddy. Bug loves his daddy so much, looking up to him and wanting to copy his daddy from having the same clothes as daddy to joining him in his interests. 

Recently Bug and Daddy have been enjoying special time together enjoying Daddy's interest of playing football. They have had many an enjoyable afternoon playing ball together with Bug mastering his footie skills as he scores goals galore.

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