Friday, 27 March 2015

#DesignedByKids Blinds 2 Go competition.

Whilst being a parent is wonderful and rewarding, it can be very challenging and stressful. For some parents bedtime can be one of the most stressful parts of the day. This fact was highlighted during a recent survey conducted by Blinds2Go who found out that 29% of parents who completed the survey think that bedtime is the most demanding and challenging side of parenting, even beating shopping trips on the stress factor scale!

A further study examined how the environment we sleep in affects sleep. The study concluded that to help get a good night’s sleep a room decorated in cooler colours is the best option. Whilst cooler, plain colours may not be the most appealing option for some people, especially children who find plain bedroom walls boring, a benefit of keeping the wall d├ęcor simple is that you can add colour and character to the room with the features and fittings, for example the windows.

Creating the right environment for children to sleep in is very important so they get a good night’s sleep and help keep the bedtime routine stress at a minimum. Blackout roller blinds are ideal for nurseries and children’s bedrooms to help dull outside noise and block out outside light, which is useful if you live in a noisy area or somewhere that is well-lit at night. Blackout blinds can also be handy for blocking out the sun from the lighter mornings of this time of year, helping to keep your children asleep so they are not wide awake at the crack of dawn wanting to get up and play!

Following on from their research and wanting to help make bedtimes a little less stressful, Blinds 2 Go have created new digital print blinds. The new range of 24 playful designs are a fun addition to any child’s bedroom and thanks to being printed onto blackout roller blinds they provide the benefit of blackout blinds blocking out light and noise.

To celebrate the launch of their new digital print blinds they are currently running a fun competition, #DesignedByKids where children are encouraged to get creative and design their own blind for the chance of winning their very own custom designed blind. The winner’s entry will be made into a real blind to be fitted in their room along with an extra £250 to spend at Blinds 2 Go.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Getting our new mattress online with home delivery.

Recently me and my partner were surprised to find out that we were going to be blessed with another child. When our first son was born, I remember very vividly how much pain my back was in during and after his birth. We decided that we were not going to go through all that pain again and decided a new mattress would be the perfect way to help me ease through this pregnancy.

Our current mattress is closing in on seven years old, and I think because it was too firm, it was causing me significant discomfort in my muscles and joints. During the last few months of being pregnant with Bug, I could barely lay down let alone sleep on that mattress. So we decided that now was the time to search for that new mattress.

I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed when I started searching for mattresses online. As my partner is off at work from sunrise to sunset it can be a real challenge to shop with him for a new mattress. Since we knew the size of the mattress, we only needed to find a similar mattress that was less firm than the one we purchased several years ago. With the hours and the type job my partner has it can be near impossible to get him to commit to time shopping for food, let alone a brand new mattress. Also as we do not own a van or have family close to us here to lend a hand, it was important that we found a mattress with home delivery.

With the new baby due in July and me watching our four year old son each day on my own, I decided if I did not find a mattress now that I would easily put it off until it was too late. So I searched a few websites in an effort to close the deal. In addition to the confusing choice of websites promising low mattress prices, I was also having trouble finding a company where I could get the mattress with home delivery as many were either pick-up only or charged a huge fee for delivery.

As the choice was endless I decided to wait till that evening when I had the house to myself to find the perfect online mattress retailer. A few hours later after playing lots of games and climbing in his bed, Bug fell asleep and I got back on my computer. I narrowed down my search this time by searching for a company selling mattresses with nationwide home delivery so they could deliver here in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I clicked on the first website which was Cutprice Mattresses and began my search. 

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