Thursday, 23 October 2014

Fun nights in to save money.

When you have kids, you don’t always have as much disposable cash as you did when you were young, free and single, so big nights out become rarities, things that you plan months in advance and look forward to, rather than weekly events.

But staying in all the time watching TV can become a little tiresome, especially if you’ve got those well-behaved kiddies tucked up in bed by 7pm and therefore time on your hands. The good news is that there’s a compromise to not going out – you can have some cheap and cheerful nights in with your friends.

It’s a lot easier than getting dressed up for a night out, booking taxis and paying for meals and nights in can be just as much fun as going out, as long as you have some activities planned. It’s often also easier to have a decent conversation if you’re in a house than if you are in a noisy bar or pub, so it gives you a great chance to catch up with your pals.

So what to do on a cheap night in? Here are just a few suggestions.

Online bingo
One way to have fun in a group is to get everyone to bring along their tablet or smartphone so that you can all sign in to the same bingo site and play a few rounds of bingo together. All the sites like Winner, Cheeky Bingo and Sky Bingo have round-the-clock schedules packed full of games. At Winner bingo, bingo games are available in a number of different rooms and each room has its own unique atmosphere. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Win a night’s stay at a Travelodge UK Hotel of your choice for two people or a family of four.

We love to travel in the UK. We enjoy short breaks away from home and mundane day to day life, where we can have fun, explore somewhere new and get a chance to relax a little.

Even though we love all types of holiday from caravanning to staying at B&B’s we especially love staying in family friendly hotels with Travelodge being a particular favourite. We love staying at Travelodge as they offer comfort, affordability and convenience plus children under 16 stay and eat breakfast for free.

As we love Travelodge I’m absolutely delighted to be teaming up with them to offer my lovely readers the chance to win one night’s stay at a Travelodge of their choice anywhere in the UK!

Travelodge are a leading budget hotel provider with a huge range of cheap hotels centrally located in major cities and towns, in fact they have over 500 hotels in the UK, Ireland and Spain so if you fancy a city break or a relaxing break near the coast you will be spoilt for choice. Not only do Travelodge hotels offer superb affordability but thanks to a recent refurb of 500 hotels across Britain they also offer extra comfort in their new look rooms that feature extra comfy, king-sized Travelodge Dreamer beds, to help you drift off into a night of perfect sleep.

Help your pets this fireworks season - win an Adaptil Calming Diffuser for Dogs with PetShopBowl.

As the nights are drawing and a wintery chill fills the air we are fast approaching fireworks season.  Whilst the colourful fireworks with their loud explosions may be mesmerizing and awe-inspiring for us humans our animal friends can be left scared and unsettled by the unpredictable loud noises that resonate for miles around on fireworks night.

The unpredictable loud noises of fireworks can have a strong effect on pets causing them fear and stress. The noise of fireworks can cause various stress reactions for pets such as withdrawing into themselves, hiding away, wanting to escape from the noise which may lead to them injuring themselves in the panic, soiling the house or shivering with fear.

The following tips may help make fireworks night a calm, safe and less frightening night for you and your pets especially if you know your pet/s hates the noise of fireworks night –
* keep animals inside
* create a hiding place for your pet to snuggle in
* prepare for unusual behaviour and don’t get angry with your pet
* close windows and curtains
* if your pet is used to the sound of the TV/music turn it on to help muffle the sound of fireworks (but not on too loud)
* if you have small pets partly cover their cage/pen with a blanket to help sound proof from the fireworks but make sure they can still look out if they want to and provide extra bedding so your pet can burrow and hide

Realising the importance of keeping pets happy and calm during fireworks night PetShopBowl – a nationwide pet food home delivery company – stock Adaptil and Feliway to help keep your pet calm and happy during firework season.

Being the kind, pet loving company that they are PetShopBowl are kindly offering one of my readers a little help in keeping their pet calm and happy on fireworks night this year thanks to the great giveaway prize they are supplying to one lucky winner… Adaptil Calming Diffuser for Dogs (48ml).

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