Thursday, 23 February 2017

Caring for elderly and disabled loved ones - how we made the home safer

Whilst we may not want to admit it time creeps up on all of us. Not only do the years pass us by and we grow old but those around us do too. Many of us fondly think of ourselves as our younger self - it only seems like yesterday that I was 21 and carefree - and not notice how many years have actually passed since that magic number. As well as forgetting how much we have actually aged it is often

Over the years I have witnessed and helped care for a number of my loved ones as they suffered from all types of illnesses and disabilities.

I sadly watched my great-great-great aunt Nansi disappear thanks to Alzheimer’s. Heartbreakingly I watched my beloved Mamgu (grandmother) bravely fight a battle with cancer that she sadly could not win.

I have seen my mum struggle with afflictions galore including spinal injury, arthritis, and fibromyalgia to name but a few, that have made her life a daily struggle.

I have also witnessed my Dadcu (granddad) suffer from aches and pains leftover from a hard life working on the farm which has seen him have two hip replacements and a shoulder replacement.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Tips for good bookkeeping when self-employed

Being self-employed and your ‘own boss’ can be very rewarding and worthwhile, but hard work.

With many positive benefits to be had to being self-employed and running your own business along with dire employment opportunities it is no surprise that many people dream of being their own boss.

Whether you are already self-employed or considering taking the plunge into self-employment there are many financial issues to consider such as registering self-employed with the HRMC, having the funds to start-up your self-employed venture, implementing an emergency reserve fund, and keeping on top of your earnings.