Sunday, 25 September 2016

Creative writing & NCC Home Learning competition

Having been a bookworm from a young age with a love of the written word, it is no surprise that as I got older I developed a love of writing. When I was a teenager I started dabbling with writing. I’d spend hours writing short stories, poems and songs.

I’ve always found writing to be relaxing, a lovely way to be creative and it can also be very cathartic. My love of writing is what inspired me to start this blog.

Whilst I love writing and adore my little space of the internet here where I can write about anything and everything as well as writing unpublished posts galore, I often wish I had more time to write creatively. Thanks to a hectic life I just never seem to get the time to sit down in peace to write poems, songs and stories as I used to. I miss writing where I can let my creativity shine. I often have ideas of stories to write and lines of poems popping into my head, but I never seem to have the time or energy to do much with them and actually put pen to paper.

Friday, 23 September 2016

World Alzheimer's Month

I’ve written before about my late great, great, great Aunty Nansi. I loved hear dearly and was privileged to spend many happy summers holidaying at her house in Hereford when I was a child. Every summer we would pack up the car and set off from west Wales to stay at her house or caravan nearby, spending days playing in her summer house in the garden or racing our bikes along the country paths surrounding her home.

Being my great, great, great Aunty she was already in the later stages of her life when I was born and the only way I knew her apart from looking at old photos was with white hair and a face showing years of adventures and laughter. 

Whilst she may have already been considered a senior citizen when I was young she was in great health, apart from the odd ache and pain that comes from a lifetime of hard work, and had a great zest for life. What I loved most and remember ever so fondly of our time spent together was the amazing stories she shared with me from her lifetime - such as the days of hardship then  triumph during the war, her days in London working as a live in nanny and her daily adventures from then.

Family mealtimes

Family life can be hectic. Amongst juggling work, household chores, school, extracurricular activities and family fun, parents have the important role of ensuring their children are well fed. Thanks to the hecticness of family life it can be a struggle to find the time and inclination (or have all family members home at the same time) to sit down together as a whole family for mealtimes.

Research conducted by HiPP Organic, exclusively for the Wean Team, has found that when it comes to family mealtimes, almost 90% of parents say that eating together as a family is very important. Despite this, only 25% actually manage to sit down and eat dinner together 1-2 times a week.

Whilst family life is very busy for us, with evenings especially being very hectic of late as Bug participates in a number of extracurricular classes away from and after school such as fun football, swimming classes and athletics which means mummy is taxi with Jelly Bean comes along for the ride, we strive to sit down for meal times every night as a family.