Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Tips for renting a house

Since I moved out of my childhood family home where I lived with my mum and sister at the age of 18, I have rented a number of properties. Over the 14 years or so (eeek where does the time go?) I have experienced renting a few different properties from very different landlords.

Thankfully I have never had a nightmare landlord and not had any major issues when renting but the experiences have been very different and over the years I have learnt a lot about renting. My experience with renting has helped me learn how best to rent smartly so that I am aware of my rights and responsibilities which help make renting easier for a hassle-free and happy home.

Whilst I have not had any horrific renting experiences personally I have known a few friends who have had terrible times renting and had nightmare landlords. One friend who was not savvy about renting with it being their first time renting a property on their own had a landlord who did not use Tenants Deposit Scheme and she had him refuse to pay any of her deposit back when she moved out in spite of there being no cause not to return it as she had left the property immaculate and is it was the day she moved in. Another friend had major problems getting his landlord to fix any issues or problems in the home even though the landlord was responsible for fixing them and keeping the house in a good state of repair as per their contract.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The world of dating

Dating can be a minefield. First there’s the challenge of finding prospective dates and arranging a date that suits the both of you. Do you keep it brief with a quick coffee date to begin with? Or perhaps a dinner date? Then there are the options of a cinema date, or a fun and lighthearted date doing an activity such as bowling. Heck the possibilities are endless and really depends on both you and your date, your personalities and interests and what you both feel like would be a good first date.

Then there’s the dreaded ‘what do I wear’ challenge to overcome. Once you are on your date you have to overcome nerves and hope that the conversation flows well and that you both have complimentary dating etiquette.

It can be really hard to put yourself out there in the hope of finding that special someone, the one who is compatible with your life and the idea of your perfect partner.

Monday, 28 November 2016

The Magic Chair - The Search For Santa

We love books. We love Christmas. We also love personalised items.

As we love all of the above separately, the idea of a product that combines all three loves in one product is very appealing to us.
The Magic Chair - The Search For Santa is a wonderful personalised children’s book with a lovely Christmas story that takes your child on a magical adventure as they search for Santa with the help of a magical chair.