Monday 22 April 2019

Ideas for a cosy date night in

Quality time as a couple is important to help keep the relationship happy and healthy. Regular date nights are fantastic for reinforcing a couple's bond, keeping communication flowing and ensuring the spark is still there. But for couples with kids date nights can be tricky. Finding the time, energy, inclination, money plus a babysitter to have regular date nights can be challenging.  

Thankfully you don't have to venture from home to have a date night. The beauty of a date night in is that once the kids are in bed you can enjoy quality time as a couple from the comfort of your own home. Whether you watch movies together on a Panasonic wireless home cinema system or enjoy a meal for two at home date nights in at home can be the ideal solution for couples with kids who struggle to make date nights out work for them.

To help keep the fires burning here are a few ideas for a Cosy date night in -

Takeaway | Fakeaway
Whilst having a meal together may be considered ordinary making the night that little bit more special than any other night with a takeaway or fakeaway can be a simple way of having a date night in together. Taking the time to eat together can also be a great setting for talking and listening to each other.

Having a takeaway can take the stress out of cooking and allows both people in the relationship to have a night away from slaving away in front of the oven. On the other hand it can be a lovely idea to cook as a couple and create a fakeaway. Cooking together can reinforce a couple's bond and strengthen teamwork.

Theme night
Pick a theme and center the night around it. Whether it be a French, 80’s, summer or any other theme select food, music, clothing and movies to fit the theme of the night. Fun and creative a theme date night can make for a special night together.

Movie night
Perfect for cosy date nights in a movie night can be a surefire hit. Snuggle down together and put a movie on the for a movie night to remember.

Help make the movie night extra special by making a love nest with twinkly fairy lights, cosy blankets to snuggle under and a delectable selection of delicious movie snacks to enjoy as you watch the action on the big screen at home.

Turn down the lights, turn up the music and dance the night away. Having a private danceathon can evoke fun and intimacy.

To give your date night danceathon a special twist choose a theme such as high school prom, dirty dancing or ballroom and select music and clothing that will give your themed danceathon a fun flair.

Outdoor romance
Take your date night in at home outdoors by heading to the garden. An outdoor setting can create a relaxed and romantic setting.

Embrace warm summer nights and have a private BBQ. Enjoy a romantic picnic for two. Spark moonlit romance and an out of this world date night together by stargazing.

Take time for each other and embrace the beauty of date nights in.

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