Friday 25 November 2011

Bambu Weaning Bowl and Spoons Review from Scamps and Scallywags

The lovely Jane from Scamps and Scallywags recently sent us a Bambu weaning bowl and a pair of spoons to test.  As Tristan is eating food now these products are ideal for us to test and I was looking forward to using them.

Scamps and Scallywags is a funky company who sell eye catching clothes, cute toys, gorgeous gifts and items that you won’t find on the high street.  Their mission is to provide customers with organic and ethically produced products for babies and toddlers that are fun and funky, providing style and individuality whilst also being practical and durable.  Their range of products includes items from Bambu who produce bamboo bowls and utensils.  To see more information about Scamps and Scallywags see the post I wrote about them when I stumbled across their great website.  Scamps and Scallywags have a facebook page and can be found on twitter @funkyscamps.  Join them to keep up-to-date with Scamps and Scallywags’ news and offers.

We were sent the Bambu organic bamboo weaning bowl and weaning spoons to test.  They are coated with varnish that is safe for food products which makes the items waterproof and useable with both hot and cold food.  It is recommended to wash the bamboo bowl and spoon by hand and they should not be left to soak in water for a long period of time to help prolong their life.  These Bambu products are ethically made using organic bamboo and Bambu follow fairtrade practices.  As they are made using organic bamboo they are Phthalate-free and BPA-free.  The bowl and spoons are recommended for little ones between the ages of 6-18months.

My first impression of the Bambu organic bamboo weaning bowl was how beautiful the bowl is.  Bambu’s baby’s bowl is a lovely natural bamboo colour and it is hand shaped from organic bamboo.  The bowl is surprisingly extremely smooth to the touch; it is very light weight and compact.  It looks great and is very cute and it is very different from any other baby bowls I’ve seen and used before.  I have never seen a bamboo weaning bowl before and it really does attract attention when out and about with people admiring the bowl and its uniqueness.  The bowl is created using a piece of bamboo that is cut directly using the natural shape of the bamboo’s base which gives the bowl a lovely curved bottom.  I love that each bowl is unique and a slightly different size (average size 10cm diameter by 8cm height) and is lovingly handcrafted.  The bowl is lovely and deep, much deeper than other baby bowls I’ve used and it is a great size for the amount of food Tristan eats.  It is a very practical item that is also beautifully crafted to a high standard.  The bowl is very sturdy and even though it is light weight it is not easily tipped over which is brilliant as Tristan can’t knock it over and make more of a mess than he already does whilst enjoying his food.  I believe this is an ideal weaning bowl and would also be perfect for snacks.

We have been using this bowl everyday, a few times per day, since we received it a few weeks ago with both hot and cold foods and there are no signs of any peeling, splintering or ware on the bowl.  The bowl looks very strong and durable, still looking like new after frequent usage.  We have used a variety of food with this bowl and there is no sign of staining at all, which I think is fabulous especially compared to a few of the plastic weaning bowls and spoons we have that have been stained by food.  This bowl is not suitable for use in a microwave or a dishwasher; I don’t have or like dishwashers so this doesn’t bother me, it washes easily and I simply wash it immediately by hand and then it’s ready for his next feed.  The fact that the bowl cannot be used in a dishwasher makes it slightly less convenient compared to other baby bowls on the market that can be used in a dishwasher and this might bother some parents who want that convenience but honestly it takes less than a minute to clean.

Even though the bowl is light weight and compact I don’t think it is as convenient as other baby bowls for using out and about as the shape is a tad more awkward and does not stack together like other bowls.  Compared to other bowls that come with lids to keep the bowl clean with an inbuilt design to keep the spoon with the bowl this bowl does not have these features making it less handy for taking out.  However I don’t consider this to be a big problem as I always feel loaded down with ‘baby essentials’ when I go out so a small bamboo bowl is nothing to add to my baby bag and when I do use it out and about it attracts very positive comments.  This bowl costs £12.00 which is quite steep for one bowl however considering the quality of the bowl, that it is made using organic and natural renewable bamboo and its practical function and eye-catching, unique design I think it is worth it.  Also I believe the bowl is more durable than plastic bowls and would withstand little ones banging and throwing about better, another bonus which warrants paying that little bit extra.

I really, really love this bowl; it is the bowl I always grab first and I would definitely recommend it, it is very practical and I love the natural look of the bamboo which is very pleasing to the eye.  It is a very unusual baby bowl and stands out from the crowd, unique and individual just like our little ones.  I love that it is a bowl made from a natural and renewable material and I feel it compliments the healthy, homemade food I make an effort of making for Tristan.  It feels good feeding him tasty food from a natural bowl and by using a product from a renewable resource I feel like I am doing my small part for the good of the planet.  The bowl fits in well with our lifestyle of using organic and natural products as much as we can for Tristan’s benefit and environmental benefits.  I think the bowl and the other coordinating range of Bambu products would make an excellent gift, especially as it is different to other baby items. 

Along with the weaning bowl we were also sent a pair of Bambu weaning spoons to test.  The spoons coordinate with the bowl and they are made from the same organic bamboo as the bowl and are the same natural colour.  The 6.5”/16.5cm long spoons are made from a single piece of organically grown bamboo, which is hand shaped and finished. 

I love the look of these spoons; they are beautifully crafted, are so smooth to touch and are very light weight.  The handle has a good thickness and as it curved it is very easy and comfortable to hold, which is a great bonus and essential especially in those early months of feeding when a feed can take quite a bit of time.  The spoon is designed with lovely smooth, rounded edges and this combined with the soft feel of the spoon is great on Tristan’s sensitive gums during teething.  It is the perfect size for little mouths and as the spoon is light weight Tristan has no difficulties using the spoon himself to feed.  The spoon is perfect for reaching into baby jar’s or food pots due to its long length and the rounded edges ensures you can easily spoon food from bowls.  The spoons look very durable and they clean easily and look just like new with no signs of any staining at all.  I also like the little touch within the design of their logo which is imprinted into the bamboo in a very sympathetic and complementary way to the look of the bamboo product, the logo is also imprinted on the bowl's base.

I really love these spoons and would highly recommend them.   They are perfect for feeding little ones and are great from the beginning of the weaning journey and babies first tastes.  They are not only very practical but they are also extremely well made, unusual and cute and are a healthy, natural alternative to plastic spoons.

I'm trying to eat mummy.....stop taking pictures

The weaning bowl can be purchased for £12.00 on Scamps and Scallywags website and the pair of weaning spoons can be purchased for £5.00 for a set of 2 spoons.  Scamps and Scallywags also sell other Bambu KIDS products including a Spork (spoon and fork in one) for £3.00 and Bamdino set of eating utensils with dinosaur heads for £8.00 which are very funky and unique, great for making mealtimes fun.  They also currently have a fabulous offer of an organic weaning set which includes a weaning bowl and pair of spoons from Bambu KIDS and an organic cotton bib from Little Green Radicals for the amazing price of £19.90 giving you a 13% saving, which is perfect for weaning and would make a lovely and interesting gift.

Remember until the 31st of December 2011 you can get 20% off all purchases on Scamps and Scallywags using promotional code LAUNCH20 at the checkout.  This code is perfect for Christmas to get some lovely gifts or to get some great organic items at a saving.  Details can be found on the post I wrote regarding the offer or on Scamps and Scallywags facebook page.  Scamps and Scallywags are also currently running a competition until the 12th December to win a generous £50 worth bath time treat consisting of a baby towel or toddler robe from My Munchkin and an organic baby hair and body wash from Celtic Herbal, details can be found here.  Also if you register on their website to receive their newsletter you will automatically be entered into their Christmas Eve draw to win a Scamps and Scallywags voucher.

A little about Bambu -

Founded in 2003 Bambu produce products made from renewable materials, which are distinctive and designed with integrity; and as Bambu say they “design with the planet in mind.”  They create beautiful and functional home and lifestyle products made from renewable materials that are substances derived from trees, plants or ecosystems that have the ability to regenerate themselves.  Bambu are not a bamboo company, they also produce products made from cork sourced from the Qin Ling Mountains of Northern China, which is another remarkable renewable natural resource that is in abundant supply and coconut shells obtained from Southern Vietnam as reclaimed waste-by product which is also in copious supply that is often tossed or burned.

Bambu’s mission is not only to create outstanding products but to also lessen the impact on the planets limited natural resources and to be socially responsible.  The company’s founders and owners live and work in Shanghai, China on the doorstep of the world’s supply of renewable bamboo where they benefit from being on site to ensure the integrity of their products and the production process.  They take pride in their values and endeavour to ensure quality craftsmanship, environmental protection and acceptable labour practices are being enforced.

Bambu proudly produce bamboo products that are made from certified organic bamboo sources that are sustainably harvested and free of fertilizers and pesticides.  Bamboo has been used for centuries and is still in use by over half the world’s population, it is one of the most versatile and durable natural resources in the world and is used for a various applications such as food, clothing and shelter.  One of the earth’s fastest growing plants bamboo is a highly renewable material that needs no replanting.

To see Bambu’s complete range of products see their website and they can also be found on twitter @bambuhome and on their facebook page.

* Scamps and Scallywags kindly sent us these Bambu products to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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  1. What a fab detailed review! These sound so amazing ..l and they look great too -really rustic with a lot of charm. Thank you - think i'll be popping to get some for sure :)