Saturday 5 November 2011

Charity Auction in aid of STEPS

I want to tell you all about an online Charity Auction to raise money for the charity STEPS.

This charity auction is being hosted by Liz and Andy Wilson whose 13 month old daughter Amelia was born breach, a scan on her hips later discovered that her hips were not sitting correctly in the joint.  Their daughter had to be in a Pavlik Harness for a few months and was then given the good news that things had progressed well and she would need checkups every 6 months.  After joining a facebook group for parents with children coping with hip dysfunction dysplasia (HDD) and learning about the various stories and the problems other people’s little ones have encountered they realised that they are lucky that Amelia has had such a small problem and not needed surgery to treat her problem.  As a thank you to STEPS and to give something back they hope to raise money with this auction to help those who have been affected by the problem.

The registered charity STEPS helps over 2,000 families a year with children who are affected by lower limb abnormalities.  Their mission is “to drive forward the provision of quality support and information to empower everyone affected by lower limb conditions.” 

“STEPS endeavours to support children, adults and their families in accessing the best support and treatment for them to lead a ?normal - life, and most importantly reassuring them that they are not alone. ”  They’ve been offering support to parents for over 20 years and have expanded their services to cover adults affect by these conditions in childhood who are having problems.  They help by –

  • National telephone help-line
  • Information and guidance service – comprehensive library of information relating to conditions affecting lower limbs, a regular magazine and equipment/aid list
  • Annual event that brings people together who share common experiences and provides the opportunity to meet experts
  • Awareness campaigns to raise awareness of lower limb conditions to help early detection of conditions to enable treatment to be more effective
  • Family contact and one-to-one support programme for parents with children with lower limb conditions
  • International club foot project that aims to raise awareness in developing countries about club foot and treatments available

More information about STEPS and lower limb abnormalities can be found on the STEPS website. 

It’s still not too late to donate something that can be auctioned for this fantastic cause with the proceeds of the auction going to the charity STEPS.  The auction is being held on the 'Charity Auction in aid of Steps' facebook page and the auction will start at 7pm on Friday the 11th of November and it will end on Sunday the 20th of November at 7pm.

I wanted to show my support to a fantastic cause and charity auction and try to help spread the word.  We are fortunate that Tristan has had no health problems, for many little ones this is a different story and I want to try and support charities that help families and children who are affected by health problems and conditions.  I hope that you can take a look at the charity auction’s page and help support this brilliant cause, help spread the word about the auction and take a look at the wide range of fantastic items available to bid on to raise money for STEPS.

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