Thursday 17 November 2011

Teary eyed

Yesterday I became rather teary eyed over an advert.  It wasn’t even one of those sad adverts to save vulnerable children, animals or third world sadness that brought a shimmer of teary-ness to my eyes.  It was an advert for John Lewis.

It is a mystery to me what it is about this advert that makes my eyes glisten.  Maybe it’s because it is a sweet and beautifully made advert or maybe it’s the beautiful song.  Do I get all emotional over this advert because it make me reminisce about the excitement I felt as a child about Christmas and because it makes me think about Tristan’s first Christmas and future Christmases where he will get excited about this magical time of year??  I cannot say what it is about this particular advert that pulls at my heart strings.  Since I first found my eyes glistening over this advert I have since seen the advert another 3 times and each time it has exactly the same effect.  Lee finds it amusing that I get so emotional over a John Lewis advert and was making fun of me by making ‘sob sob’ noises.

I think the advert is magical, touching and it captures a child’s excitement and anticipation perfectly and it is lovely to see how they have portrayed the gift of giving rather than just wanting to receive, as they say at the end of the advert "For gifts you can't wait to give."  Well done John Lewis for a beautiful advert and for bringing a tear to my eye.

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  1. I know what you mean! I love it when he goes to bed and shuts his eyes.