Friday 13 January 2012

Little Man's Developmental Check

Yesterday was Tristan’s 8-9 months developmental check with the Health Visitor and I am so pleased that it went really well.  It was more basic than I had imagined it would be; he was weighed, length and head circumference measured, his private parts were checked and then we answered a few questions about what he can do such as ‘is he sitting up unaided?’ ‘is he crawling?’ ‘what is his diet like?’

The HV was really pleased with our little man, he is growing well in proportion and meets all of the developmental milestones and is ahead with a few things.  It was great to get him weighed as I don’t get to go as often as I would like as the clinic is on an awkward day and with the lack of public transport where I live I can’t get there easily when I don’t have the car.  He is now 20lb 1oz.

It was lovely to see the HV, I get on really well with her and find her a great support.  In the first few months when Tristan was born there were a few times when I struggled with breastfeeding but I was determined to stick at it and I found the HV very supportive, encouraging and reassuring.  I am so pleased to have a lovely HV.

I am so proud of my little man and so pleased that he is doing well.  The next scheduled appointment with the HV will be his 1 year immunisations….eeek!!

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