Saturday 28 January 2012

Organix Goodies Veg and Oat Bars Review

I like to cook homemade food and snacks but I also buy snacks of the shelf for little man to eat for convenience.  I like that the snacks I buy for him are healthy and organic where possible so when I was contacted about reviewing Organix new savoury snack I was very interested in hearing more about their new addition to the Goodies range.

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Organix make nutritious and tasty organic foods to give children the best start in life.  Organix have launched their new yummy savoury snack, Veg and Oat Bars, which joins their Goodies savoury range.  The Veg and Oat Bars are a delicious blend of wholegrain oats, dried tomato and carrot juice concentrate that are gently baked making a soft savoury bar.  The goodness of the wholegrain oats along with the other ingredients help little ones going between meals.

Frankie Philips, Nutritional Advisor to Organix, says, “Wholegrain snacks can give your child energy and as they release energy slowly your little one will have staying power, to keep them going between meals”.

The bars come with Organix No Junk Promise which means that only real, yummy ingredients are used and the bars contain no added sugar, salt, artificial additives or colours.  They are suitable for vegetarians.

Organix Veg&Oat Bars

We were sent a box of Veg and Oat bars to test and review and I immediately thought the packaging is very eye-catching with its bright colours.  The individually wrapped bars are very convenient for popping in your bag for when out and about and an emergency snack is needed and they seem the perfect size for little ones to snack on in-between meals.  

Organix Veg&Oat Bars

As these bars are aimed at toddlers my little niece B got the job of tasting these bars.  She isn’t very keen on eating her vegetables and definitely prefers sweet over savoury so I was apprehensive whether she would like these bars.  I didn’t tell her that they were a Veg and Oat bar just that I had a tasty snack I would like her to try and I am pleased to say that she gobbled it up and has happily eaten more bars on other days.  An empty wrapper and a happy little girl who would normally refuse anything savoury containing vegetables yet happily munched on the bar, speaks volumes to how tasty B thinks these bars are.  It’s great to know that B would benefit from the healthy goodness contained in these bars and as she finds them tasty she would happily eat them, enjoying savoury snacks and vegetables that she normally wouldn’t eat.

Tristan was very intrigued by what his cousin was eating and as the bars are soft and Tristan already eats finger foods and home-made oat bars with ease I cut off a bit of the bar for him to try.  He absolutely loved the bar and devoured an entire bar to himself!!  

Organix Veg&Oat Bar
I think these Organix Goodies Veg and Oat bars are a very handy and tasty snack that is a fantastic alternative to sweet snacks.  They are perfect for giving your little one an energy boost, the goodness of the bars keeping them happy between meals.  I will definitely be getting these for Tristan along with the other Organix snacks he already loves, Sweetcorn Rings and Carrot Stix are his favourites.  Its reassuring to know that with these I know he will be getting healthy organic goodness and they will help me encourage an enjoyment of savoury tastes.

Each box contains six tasty 25g Veg and Oat bars, which can be bought for around £2.49 (rrp).  They are currently available in Tesco and will be found in other supermarkets and the Organix online shop from late January.  The bars can be found with the other Goodies Savouries products - Cheese and Herb Puffs, Carrot Stix, Spicy Tomato Stars, Tomato, Cheese and Herb Puffs and Saucy Tomato Noughts and Crosses tasty corn snacks.

To keep up-to-date with Organix and their products and offers join them on their facebook page and follow them on twitter @organixbrands.  Organix range of food and snacks for children can be found on their website.

* Organix kindly sent us these Veg and Oat bars to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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  1. Just love their products and your review does echo my thoughts too.