Thursday 2 February 2012

*YAWN*...Sleepy Time

We all know sleep is important especially for babies and children who need their rest and relaxation as there are developing and growing constantly.  I am not going to pretend I have the answers or that Tristan is the most amazing baby at sleeping, I’ve had plenty of nights being awake for hours on end….breastfeeding on demand, unsettled baby, teething discomfort.  He’s also never been a baby to sleep for hours in the day either, our Health Visitor described him as an active baby…..he definitely keeps me busy!!
I don’t let stories of babies who sleep through all night from when they were mere weeks old  and have long day time naps get to me as I know all babies are different and I wouldn’t swap all the sleepless nights for anything as Tristan is great as he is even though he tires me out at times.  All babies are different but we have found the following great in helping Tristan go to sleep easily and sleep well having a restful, deep sleep.

My 3 sleep tips are –

*  A lovely warm bubble bath helps to soothe and relax followed by a relaxing massage before a story and a cuddle.  I always find Tristan is very tired after his bath as he loves splashing around playing with his bath toys.  I like to use Lavender based massage oil or bubble bath as its relaxing effects are brilliant.

*  Have quiet relaxing time before sleep to help settle and soothe.  A story and cuddle are great for quiet time together with little one and a CD with relaxing lullabies can help create a relaxing atmosphere.  Tristan has a favourite blanket that he has for night time cuddles and he likes to fall asleep with it and if he wakes he always grabs for it, if your little one has a favourite item of comfort that there are attached to let them have it sleep with and fingers crossed having their special item with them will help them fall back to sleep without too much trouble.

*  Make sure your little one’s clothes are comfortable, the room is at a comfortable temperature and that the bed is cosy and warm helps little one find restful, deep sleep.

Sleeping Baby
Tristan 'sleeping like a baby' 6 weeks old

This is my entry in the childrens beds from Time 4 Sleep competition with Baby Budgeting.

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