Friday 30 March 2012


My little man has been ill over the last few days and its so horrible seeing him ill.  He has only been under the weather and I feel like I am not doing enough to make him feel better, I can’t imagine how parents of very ill children must feel.  All you want to do is make it all better, if only we could snap our fingers and the illness would vanish.

On Sunday he started sneezing and by the night he was coughing and his breathing was a tad wheezy when he was asleep.  Over the past few days he has been sneezing like mad, coughing and his little eyes have been watering and look irritated.  Not only has he been under the weather and suffering with sniffles but he has also been teething.  This is the first time he has been ill, only ever having been in discomfort and a little ill due to teething and after jabs until now but he has been a little trooper and has been having lots of cuddles with mummy when feeling very bad.

Yesterday he was better, hardly any sneezing, he is no longer coughing and his breathing sounds so much better.  I am glad he is better especially as it’s his first birthday.

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