Tuesday 20 March 2012

Greatvine Review

As a parent I know the feeling of anxiousness and worry regarding your child’s well-being and development and how all you want to do as a parent is do the best for your child/children.  At times you just need some help and advice about your child and the well meaning advice from other parents just doesn’t give you true peace of mind or the correct help for your situation and information online cannot always be trusted or isn’t relevant to your exact situation.  Even though you can get advice from your GP and Health Visitor sometimes you need the advice quicker than you can get an appointment or to talk to an expert on a particular topic that could give specific advice for your problem. 

But where do you get advice tailored to your situation from an expert??  

The answer is Greatvine who provide individual expert advice by phone.

Greatvine is a website that provides people with contact to an array of experts to get help and advice, this service was founded by David Kelnar in 2007.  David decided to start the Greatvine service after realising that the facility of going online and finding a trusted expert to talk to about a specific topic and your own situation just did not exist.  The concept of Greatvine was created when he realised this lack of service after he advised his eldest sister Clare to go online and find an expert to talk to about her situation as a first time mum and the concerns she had so that she could get advice to put her mind at rest when it came to her new daughter Hannah.

Greatvine understand that with online information it is difficult to know what is correct and what to trust and that it rarely reflect your exact, personal situation so they have created a service for people in the UK to get advice from experts in a range of specialities.  They help thousands of people every year all over the UK and aim to help make lives better.  

Greatvine believe that the quality of the experts they use is paramount; so that you can trust Greatvine and trust the experts.  They have a team whose sole focus is sourcing the leading experts in over 100 topics who have brilliant qualifications, extensive professional experience and a friendly, approachable manner so you don’t have to.  They provide over 300 experts and have experts who can provide advice about either Parenting, Health and Wellbeing, Writing or Business and who specialise in a range of topics from breastfeeding and baby sleep to anxiety and depression, diet and nutrition, creative writing and starting a business.

Greatvine’s website allows you to talk to the expert of your choice over the telephone as they strongly believe in the significance of a real conversation, as they believe it is useful and quick to talk to someone over the phone about your needs, problems and circumstance.  As a real conversation evolves based on your comments and the expert’s replies you get advice that it truly relevant to your situation and you can clarify and confirm advice straight away as the conversation develops. 

Greatvine’s service is simple to use, as they say you can - “Speak immediately or schedule a call when it suits you.  Help is at hand!”  To use Greatvine you can browse their website to find the perfect expert who can help answer your queries, each expert has a page where you can read their profile which gives a brief background about the expert, informs people about their achievements and specialities as well as personally written information by the expert.  On the website you have the option of sending an expert a free message, if for example you want to see if the expert is right for you and your situation; simply click ‘send (expert’s name)  a message’ which is displayed at the top right-hand side of their profile page.  You can exchange as many messages as you like with no obligation to book a call.

Once you have chosen your expert, if they are listed as available you will see ‘talk now’ displayed beside their profile, along with their advice line number.  Simply dial the phone number and be instantly connected to your choosen expert to get the advice you need.  There is no need to register or enter payment details as the cost of the call will come off your phone bill.  The cost of calling experts per minute is shown on their profile page with the maximum cost per minute being £1.53 and average call cost is around £20. 

If the expert isn’t currently available to talk, you can request a call by simply clicking on ‘request a call’ beside their profile and entering your mobile number in the pop-up.  You then receive a free text message informing you when the expert becomes available to take calls; every effort is made for this to happen within 24 hours. 

If ‘appointment only’ is displayed alongside the expert’s profile, you can send the expert a message to request a call by clicking on ‘request a call’

Not only does Greatvine provide the service of calling specialised experts for advice over the phone but they also provide expert downloads, hundreds of useful articles packed with valuable tips and questions and answers written by experts covering over 70 topics across health, wellbeing, parenting, writing and business.

I was given the opportunity to talk to one of their experts to experience their service and I am impressed with Greatvine.  The expert was very friendly, helpful and gave me great advice.  She listened to my situation and asked relevant questions to help assess my needs and problems.  The conversation developed on what I was saying and asking and the expert’s own questions about my situation and her replies.  I think she gave me very useful advice that was relevant to my situation and positive actions to help things.  I felt reassured and you could tell you were getting knowledgeable advice from a professional.  It was quick and easy to get advice and as the conversation progressed naturally I felt confident that I was getting good advice and it was great to be able to ask additional questions in response to her replies and get additional answers straight away without having to type questions online to experts and wait for a reply or google for advice that you are unsure can be trusted.  I would recommend the Greatvine service.

I think Greatvine offers a great service of over the phone advice with an expert that can provide trusted advice that is relevant to you.  Being able to talk to an expert can give you reassurance, saving you from worry and stress and getting advice over the phone is quick and easy saving you time.  The concept is simple and I love that you can get expert advice with a phone call at your convenience.  I think it’s brilliant that they have over 100 experts collated on one site who are high qualified in their particular profession and as they have a range of experts available there are experts who can help most people’s situations.  There are many experts available to offer help and advice in regard to parenting, apparently the most common subjects relating to parenting that people seek advice about is anxiety and depression including post-natal depression, child behaviour, baby sleep, relationships and bullying.

The cost of the call may add up pretty quickly as the conversation evolves and develops and you get the advice you need and as children do cost a lot this may not be affordable to all parents, however I do think you are getting great value for money as you are getting trusted advice that will help you with your situation.  If the advice you get helps do the best for your child, provides reassurance and helps you with your situation then the advice is really worth the cost of the phone call.

I think the service’s perfect if you need immediate advice, for example if you have a baby who won’t sleep or a child with behavioural problems.  I love that not only by using this service are you getting advice you can trust but as you are talking to an expert over the phone your can hear the reassurance in the voice of a knowledge expert and get the advice you need quickly in a simple phone call.

To benefit from Greatvine’s innovative service visit their website and find the perfect expert for you.

* Greatvine kindly gave us the phone call with an expert to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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