Friday 23 March 2012

Kool Kangaroos Boomerein Review

As your little one gets older their need for independence will grow and when you are out they will enviably start wanting to walk everywhere instead of being strapped into their pushchair and as a parent all you want to do is keep them safe.  As an alternative to using a pushchair a lot of parents will use reins with their little ones so that they can satisfy their child’s need for walking but also keep them close by and under control, however when shopping for example it can get a tad tricky holding onto shopping bags and onto traditional reins. 

Kool Kangaroos have come up with a clever solution to this problem with Boomerein the UK’s first ever hands free reins.    Boomerein was created by Kool Kangaroos who are part of TRSS Limited which is based in Northamptonshire.  They have has been trading for over 10 years providing safety suspension systems and have now applied science from a commercial safety system to a child rein.  

“A retractable kiddie rein that clips easily between you and your children around the waist using adjustable straps, allowing them to stick close to you, while you can carry on using both hands to get on with your day. Its the first of its kind in the UK and whether your at the supermarket, the doctors, the beach, the park or crossing the road it offers, safe, reliable, innovative help to busy mums and dads on the go.”

Kool Kangaroos Boomerein’s video highlights the risk to precious little one and the importance of safety.

Boomerein’s retractable hands free safety rein is the latest in child safety.  The reins have two elasticated belts, one small one for your child and a larger belt for you the adult that fit around the waist.  The belts clip closed to secure the belt in place and both belts are adjustable so that you can easily get a good, comfortable fit, I think this is great as the belt can be easily adjusted on your little one if for example they have got a big winter coat on so that they aren’t constrained.  Even though the belts are elasticated the belt is strong and made from very firm elastic which your child won’t be able to stretch as a way of escaping the reins.  On the adult’s belt there is a retracting rein with a clip which attaches to the child’s belt to a clip that is on that belt.  The retractable rein has an extension of 20 inches/51cms which means they are still close by and there is no risk of them tripping over the rein but it still allows them to be independent.


It is simple and quick to put on and use and if you don’t need to be attached together you can simply unclip the rein from your child’s belt leaving the belt on if you need to use the rein again which saves you the hassle of taking the rein off and then putting it back on again and you don’t have to worry about any unsafe straps dangling down that will trip up your little one as its only a belt that is left on.  I have used the Boomerein with both Tristan and his little cousin and both were happy and once the belt was on they didn’t even seem to realise they were wearing it.  I think the fact that the child has their own belt gives them the feeling of responsibility and makes them feel important.  As Tristan has only started walking recently and is still a little unsteady on his feet I think shoulder reins would give him more support, helping to stop him falling; it’s a shame that Boomerein don’t also do a shoulder rein that uses the same hands free system so you get benefits from both of these with little ones who are still in the early days of mastering walking.  I think Boomerein is invaluable for toddlers who are more stable on their feet having mastered the art of walking and do not need the extra support from shoulder reins.

A bonus with Boomerein is that you can attach up to 3 Boomerein’s to one adult belt which is perfect for parents of multiples to keep their little ones safe and the fact they can do this with one product is a real advantage.  For toddlers who don’t get on well with traditional reins or backpack style reins, Boomerein is a great alternative allowing them to have a sense of independence and not feel restricted like they may do when using traditional reins whilst parents know their child is safe.

I think the Boomerein is a brilliant, innovative product, it’s a great simple idea that helps busy parents with the nightmare of keeping their precious little ones under control and safe and I love the cool name of Boomerein.  I love that unlike traditional reins the fact that Boomerein is hands free mean you can get on with your day and hold shopping easily or push a pushchair if you have another child without struggling to hold onto reins.  I feel reassured that as Boomerein has been made by a company that specialises in providing safety suspension systems the materials used to make this rein have been vigorous tried and tested to ensure high performance and durability.  The only negative I can see with this product is that the design is not to my taste and I would love to see the Boomerein available in a range of designs and colours but this tiny issue is only cosmetic and it would not stop me using this excellent product.

I will most definitely be using Boomerein to keep my cheeky little monkey under control especially as he is getting older  he is getting more and more independent and is starting to want to walk instead of being strapped into his pushchair watching the world or being carried in a sling.  I would highly recommend Boomerein, it is a very effective system and I think they are essential for keeping precious little ones safe especially in busy crowded areas and on the street giving parents the confidence of knowing their loved ones are safe whilst supporting their need for independence allowing them freedom. 

The Boomerein hands free reins can be purchased securely on the Kool Kangaroos website for £15.95 with either a pink or blue label, it currently comes with a free Hi Viz Top worth £3.99.  You can also join the Kool Kangaroos club and follow them on twitter @KoolKangaroos to keep up to date with Boomerein’s news.

* Kool Kangaroos kindly sent us this Boomerein to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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