Thursday 26 April 2012

Babybeads Breastfeeding Necklace Review

I have been breastfeeding Tristan from birth and even though it hasn’t been an issue free journey I have enjoyed the breastfeeding experience.  However as Tristan has gotten older the docile little baby who would just lay in my arms feeding peacefully and contently was no more and he has gone through phases where he gets easily distracted by our surroundings and not feed contently and/or scratches and pinches me whilst breastfeeding.  Even though these phases haven’t stopped me from breastfeeding whilst it is happening it does make breastfeeding less pleasant.  As such I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to test and review a breastfeeding necklace from Babybeads, hoping that it would help with my little breastfeeding woes.

We were sent an Aqua Marina breastfeeding necklace from Babybeads which consists of brightly coloured beads of many different colours, sizes and textures including sea turtles, flowers and blue, pink and green beads.  I love the colour and beads of this necklace, I absolutely love the little sea turtle beads and love that there is an attractive variety of colours and beads that complement each other.  The necklace is extremely well-made and the cord is very strong securing the necklace safely.  I love wearing this necklace and it is definitely the type of jewellery I like to wear on a day to day basis.

I have tried using my teething bling and gumigem pendants to stop him from pinching and scratching whilst breastfeeding but he has either wanted to chew on them or gets bored quickly as there is only one pendant to play with and no variety of colour and texture to keep his attention.  As I have not had much success with other necklaces I was keen to see whether a purpose made breastfeeding necklace would help distract little man and I am pleased to say it works like a charm.

Since receiving this necklace I have been wearing it every time whilst breastfeeding and has given my little man’s little hands something to play with stopping pinching and scratching, saving my breasts from torment.  He was instantly fascinated by the necklace and it has distracted him every time keeping him occupied making the breastfeeding experience a pleasant and more peacefully one once again.  He loves playing with the necklace, gripping onto it and playing with the beads.

As well as keeping baby’s attention whilst feeding Babybeads also say that “the nursing necklace can also be used for social interaction, bonding, basic education and other play activities”.  Tristan is attracted to the variety of beads and seems to love the different colours and shapes which appeals to his sense of touch and sight.  I think it’s important to encourage learning and interaction with little ones using everyday items and I think this necklace is a great educational and developmental tool to help with this.  This necklace is perfect to encourage learning and discussion of colours, shapes and counting.

I love this necklace and the fact that is a dual function item, it is pretty and a lovely necklace to wear and stimulates and distracts little ones reducing the inevitable hair pulling, scratching and unfocused behaviour creating a pleasant feeding experience.  I only wish I had gotten one month’s ago to save me pulling my hair out when little man was going through a phase of tormenting me and my breasts.  I think these necklaces would make a lovely gift, perfect for expectant or new mums as it is a lovely piece of jewellery for mum that also helps making feeding their baby a pleasant experience.

This necklace along with the other breastfeeding necklaces that Babybeads make can be purchased on their online shop for £12 which I think is great value for money.  Babybeads also sell beautiful breastfeeding reminder bracelets (wish I had one of these in the early days of breastfeeding as I was always forgetting which side to feed with next).  Keep up-to-date with Babybeads’ news and special offers by joining them on their Babybeads facebook page.

A little about Babybeads and their breastfeeding necklaces.

Babybeads was established by a mum, Jo Rumary, who creates handmade necklaces and bracelets specifically for breastfeeding.  Nursing necklaces are intended for mothers to wear (dads can wear them too if bottle-feeding baby) and are designed to keep your baby’s attention when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding and help prevent scratching, pinching and distraction whilst feeding.  The necklaces are lovingly handmade with care and as such all are unique, they are made using non-toxic colourful and attractive beads designed to stimulate baby.  The beads are strung on ultra-strong cord that has been tested to withstand 100lbs breaking strain and are knotted to minimise loss of beads in the unlikely event of breakage.  These necklaces have been safety tested and conform to standards.  They are not suitable to be worn by a child under the age of 3.

* Babybeads kindly sent us this necklace to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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