Monday 14 May 2012

Blade and Rose Leggings Review

I have reviewed a few times for PR company Rock & Roll Babyworld, having reviewed The Land of Sometimes CD and Dinosaur Train as well as other products for them I even get to proudly display a ‘I’m a hot rockin’ reviewer for Rock & Roll Babyworld’ in my sidebar and I love working with them.  This amazing PR agency has recently started representing the exciting new baby brand Blade and Rose.  Blade and Rose’s products are for baby girls and toddlers and as I don’t currently have a daughter I was allowed to offer one of their baby leggings to my friend’s little girl, little Angel, to test out for us.

We were sent the leggings in the ‘Star’ design in size 12-24 months for little Angel who is 15months old.  The leggings are made with top quality yarn which looks like it will last well and not rip within a few wears even with a very active little one and the leggings are very soft and thick.  They have an extra thick waist band for comfort which fits perfectly and does not dig in at all.  Both little Angel’s mum and I love the design which is simple yet gorgeous.  The words ‘Blade and Rose’ are embedded in the waistband, there are small stars around the ankles which has light scalloping edging and there is a big star on the bum which is cute as the pretty design is often on show whether little one is crawling, climbing or getting up to mischief.

The leggings fit little Angel really well, look comfortable on her and appear to be gentle on her skin.  Even when she has been running around the leggings have stayed on and have not been falling down and the gusset hasn’t been drooping.  Little Angel’s mum thought they were gorgeous and thought they were better than tights as they fitted her better.  The leggings wash well and have kept their shape after washing; as they are made from yarn they cannot be tumble dried but dry very quickly which is good.

I really like the fact that the leggings unlike tights are footless as it means they will last longer, with some tights they never fit right on the feet, being too big at first and them quickly are too small but with the leggings you would not have this problem.  Also as your little one grows and gets taller they can still be worn as ¾ length leggings which means you get better value for money as they are used for longer than tights which are outgrown quickly.

We would recommend Blade and Rose leggings; they are high quality, original and funky baby leggings.  I think they are a gorgeous accessory to any cute little outfit and as they are very versatile they can be used under dresses/skirts or on their own with a t-shirt.  I love the designs and colours used for the leggings which are gorgeous and modern 

You can buy Blade and Rose leggings directly from their website for £10. This is a reasonable price for the quality and unique designs of these stylish yet practical leggings and for the fact that they are so well made and durable they can easily withstand a little ones active, busy life.  There are 5 designs available; Star, Fairy Princess, Cupcake, Strawberry and Daisy and they come in various sizes; 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years and 2-3 years.  Blade and Rose also have a Denim Smock Dress which can be purchased for £24.00 and comes in 7 sizes from 0-36 months.

A little about Blade and Rose.

Blade and Rose was founded by a mum of two, Amanda Peffer, who struggled to find high quality, comfortable and funky tights/leggings that wasn’t showing off the gusset especially as her little baby girl’s bum was always on show especially when she was crawling, climbing and getting into antics.  Whilst on maternity leave she was inspired by her little girl to come up with a solution so that the gusset wouldn’t be on show and by creating a stylish alternative to traditional leggings/tights the new baby brand Blade and Rose was created.  The combination of her two children’s middle names, Blade and Rose provide high quality, stylish and innovative baby leggings that show off a cute design on baby’s bum as most babies’ bums are on show most of the time as they crawl, climb and are upside down. 

* Blade and Rose kindly sent us these leggings to review for free; despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions.  The review is based on little Angel’s mum’s response to the product and my own opinions of the product *

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