Thursday 24 May 2012

Brio Duck Review

We love wooden toys; they look nice and are durable which is great when you have a heavy handed son like little man.  As I have a fondness for wooden toys when Hello Baby contacted us to review one of the toys they sell I jumped at the chance of reviewing a pull along wooden baby toy.

We were sent a Brio pull-along duck to review.  Hello Baby's description of this Brio toy is that “the Brio pull along duck will become your child’s most faithful friend, following them on every trip.  As the duck is pulled along it will nod at your child’s every word, flap its wings with excitement and make a clicking noise”.

The Brio duck is very cute, he is beautifully white with bright yellow beak and wings.  The little duck is well constructed and a high quality wooden toy.  I left this beautiful duck amongst little man’s toys and straight away he spotted he had a new toy to play with and started inspecting it. 

It is aimed at little ones from ages 19m+ and even though little man is only nearing 14 months now he loves it and as he is already walking it is a toy he can really enjoy.  I’ve been keeping an eye on little man as he plays with his cute duck making sure he doesn’t get into any trouble and hurt himself with the string and so far there have been no problems with him being under the recommended age. Little man loves his new friend and has been giving him hugs and kisses as well as dragging little duck around behind him.  Even though little man is very tough on toys this cute duck is withstanding little man’s tireless play extremely well as he is durable and strong and is looking in perfect condition in spite of being vigorously played with every day.

This cute duck can be pulled along with the cord, and as he is pulled his head nods and his wings flap whilst he makes a clicking noise that sounds like he is quacking.  Little man loves the sound it makes and laughs his head off.    I like the fact that the string isn’t too short to make pulling the toy along difficult and the fact that unlike some pull-along toys it takes a lot to tip over little ducky.

I think this is a great toy that is reminiscent of traditional toys.  It will keep toddlers entertained as they pull around their little friend and I love the fact that it moves and imitates flapping as it makes the toy more interesting and stimulating for little ones.  I also love the fact that as it is made from wood it is robust it will be hard-wearing and long-lasting even with a little one like my little man trying to destroy playing with it.  The Brio pull-along duck would make a lovely gift.

You can purchase this cute Brio duck from Hello Baby’s website for £11.99.  I think this is great value for money for a very well made, gorgeous wooden toy.

A little about Hello Baby.

Hello Baby are an online nursery shop who sell a great choice and vast range of baby and nursery products on their website including toys, nursery furniture and safety products.  This environmentally friendly baby store sell high quality products at reasonable prices.  As well as selling eco-friendly products and ethical baby products they also provide advice through a range of guides to help parents make informed choices, for example they provide guides on baby walkers and baby safety. 

To keep up-to-date with the products Hello Baby sell follow them on twitter @hellobabydirect and join them on their facebook page.

A little about Brio,

Brio supply gorgeous, well-made wooden Brio Toys as well as Brio Baby products including furniture, prams and car seats.

* Hello Baby kindly sent us this Brio duck to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *


  1. Isabel O'Brien28 May 2012 at 20:35

    I love retro duck toys, they take me back to my childhood!

  2. That's a great toy. I like wooden toys too.