Tuesday 12 June 2012

Every Little Helps

Over the years I have saved lots of money using my Tesco Clubcard points to get various things for nothing; they have paid for my RAC membership, bought me tickets to a few attractions on Lee’s and mine’s first little holiday together in the UK and most useful of all in the last couple of years they have helped get baby products. 

Not long after I found out I was pregnant with little man Tesco did their Summer Clubcard Exchange where the value of your clubcard points were double up, for example £5 worth of points was doubled giving you £10 voucher to use on selected departments.  

As I was in the very early stages of pregnancy I was anxious whether to get baby products or not worrying that we chancing our luck getting baby things before we knew everything was okay with the little bean growing inside of me.  Even though I was apprehensive it was too good of a deal to miss out on and if god forbid something happened we agreed whatever we got would come in handy one day as we would want to try again and have a baby together.

As I had lots of clubcard vouchers during that Clubcard Exchange event we got lots of items and saved lots of money by getting these items for nothing.  We got a breast pump so I could express breastmilk for Lee to feed little man, a Fisher Price cot mobile, a BT baby monitor, baby toys and teethers plus lots of other items.  We saved so much money, I think in total nearly £200 and with a baby on the way it really did help us. 

Last year we used our clubcard vouchers again during Tesco’s Clubcard Exchange and we got some toys ready for little man’s first Christmas including an All-In-One Smart Trike(I really wanted the Recliner Smart Trike but it was continoulsy out of stock!!  Grrr!!), Fisher Price electronic book and a Fisher Price choo-choo train.

This year Tesco have yet again been running their Summer Clubcard Exchange and we are yet again thinking of using some of our vouchers to get something for little man.  As there is only up until tomorrow Wednesday the 13th June to exchange vouchers for this event I really need to make my mind up about what to get with our vouchers.  I have been considering getting some outside toys as little man loves being outdoors and he is so active all the time it would be great to get him some fun toys for playing with outside.  I like the look of some of the slides they have or perhaps a paddling pool for my little water baby.  I also love the look of the Feber Famosa Baby Twist Boy convertible trike (yes I know we already have a trike but they convert into different little ‘vehicles’ and the wheels look like they could withstand our rural track) but of course as it is on a fantastic offer it is sold out online and my local Tesco’s do not stock it!

I will have to get my decisive head on and pick what to get little man so that I don’t miss out on the exchange and get something for little man, saving us money at the same time.  I highly recommend making use of Tesco’s Clubcard Exchange and if you’ve got some vouchers spare there is still time to exchange them and details on how to do so can be found on Tesco’s clubcard website.

Thank you Tesco for helping us out on numerous occasions.  Every little helps really is true and you’ve helped us get some lovely things for our son and save our much needed money too!!

* I have not received any product samples or financial compensation for this post, I am only sharing about a promotion I have personally found brilliant from my own current and past experiences *


  1. We used to do our big shop at Asda, but since little man's arrival (and before he arrived) we've been using Tesco, so I can save up our points and use them for his Xmas pressies :)

  2. samantha_ripley12 June 2012 at 16:40

    i dont get to tesco often as its not that local, i still get points though by getting my energy from Eon

  3. I love the Clubcard voucher exchange!

  4. My nearest Asda is over 50 miles away so I don't get there often but when I am in the 'area' I always like to pop in and see if there's some lovely clothes for little man.  Tesco's vouchers was a great help for us for little man's first Christmas and his birthday too, one of his birthday pressies was a Fisher Price toy I won through Tesco :)

  5. Great that you still get points through Eon.  Tesco is my nearest supermarket so I get loads of points and they have been very handy for us :)

  6. Me too!!  I have a lot to thank Tesco for, the exchanges have really helped us out financially :)

  7. The clubcard exchange is great for trips out. Will help make the summer cheaper.