Friday 28 September 2012

Next 7 Days Of Shoes Challenge

When browsing the inter-web last night I stumbled across a blog that I've never read before called Hi Fashion.  Whilst having a good old gander on the blog in question I noticed that there was a competition called Next's Seven Days of Shoes.  

As I love Next I decided to enter said competition in the hope of winning 7 pairs of shoes from Next; plus it gave me a good excuse to peruse the Next website to my heart's content, admiring all the clothes and shoes I would love to buy if I had a money tree in the garden with an endless supply of cash.

I love Next's range of clothes and shoes, I love the designs and I think they are well made and long lasting.  I particularly love the range of babies and children's clothes and shoes that they do.  Most of little man's clothes are from Next; a lot of it is second hand but I find that as the quality is so good from Next that even clothes that have been well used before still look brilliant and withstand little man's boisterous energy.  As I love their range of boys clothes and think that little man always looks adorable in Next clothes I couldn't resist including him in my styling of Next shoes with Next clothes.

1.  I first chose some Silver sparkle courts and styled them with a sparkly dress, silver clutch bag and some sparkling jewellery.  I chose for little man a pair of Grey brouge shoes to go with a pink shirt and grey waistcoat with matching grey formal trousers.  I think he would look so adorably stylish in this little outfit.

2.  I love the look of Next's Grey suede hi top trainers and thought they would look good with a casual outfit of grey leggings with stars and a simple grey top.  I think the bright Cobalt blue hi tops would look cute on little man, reflecting his bright personality.  I decided to team little man's cute hi tops with a star emblazoned pair of jeans and a rocking guitar designed top.

3. With Winter fast approaching I'm thinking of clothes and shoes to keep me and little man warm. I love the Black knit wedge mid boots I chose to include and teamed them with a pair of jeans, a glittery red knit jumper and a cute bear beanie hat and scarf.  I absolutely love the little Grey knit suede boots I chose for little man, I'm sure they would be cosy on little man's feet and I am so tempted to get him a pair.  I thought  these cute boots would look great with a pair of lined jeans, a fleecy bear jumper, cosy mittens and a bear beanie hat with fluffy ears.

4.  I love a hint of sparkle and the Sequin toe cap ballerinas are the perfect touch of glitter and sparkle.  I decided to style them with a stylishly, simple pair of black trousers and a blue animal print top.  I think little man looks very cute when wearing colourful clothes and decided to pair bright blue trousers and a colourfully, stripy top with blue/orange skate trainers; which I am sure would make him stand out from the crowd.

5.  Little man loves playing outdoors and with the miserable, wet weather we have been having a pair of wellies is a must.  I love the Monochrome heart print wellies, they look very girly and I love the touch of sparkle.  I decided to style them with a pair of jeans and a grey jumper with stars on it.  I fell in love with the extremely cute Green dino wellington boots when I saw them on the website and couldn't resist matching them with a dino raincoat, dino stripy top and a pair of jeans.

6.  I absolutely love the Black studded strappy mid boots I chose for this outfit, teaming them with black jeans, a printed top and some sparkly jewellery.  For little man I thought he would look gorgeous in a pair of Red strap trainers with a pair of jeans and the beautiful lion top. 

7.  I love cosy, comfy PJ's and love nothing more than cwtching up with little man (and Lee of course, best not forget him!) watching a good film.  I adore the Knit slipper boots, I love the colours in the slippers and I bet they are sooooo comfy to wear......might ask Lee to get me a pair for my birthday.  I decided to put them with some snuggle trousers with hearts printed all over them and a pink snuggle top that looks very cosy.  I think little man would look irresistibly cute in the Zebra bootie slippers with matching zebra onesie.

I had lots of fun styling Next shoes with Next clothes the only problem being now I've seen so many gorgeous outfits I just want them all especially the items I chose for little man as I think he would look absolutely gorgeous in them all.

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