Friday 21 September 2012

Weleda Baby Calendula Lotion Review

We are huge fans of Weleda baby products; we love Weleda’s Calendula Weather Protection Cream which we reviewed last year, the Weleda Baby Tummy Oil is great for massaging little man’s tummy and relaxing him, and their Chamomilla 3x Granules for teething and colicky pain has been helpful for little man’s teething woes.   As such when I was offered their baby lotion to review I jumped at the chance of trying a Weleda product we haven’t used yet.

The Weleda Baby Calendula Lotion is a skincare product that cleanses and nourishes a baby’s sensitive skin, replenishing after bathing and protecting from environmental drying effects.  According to Weleda the “Weleda Baby Calendula Lotion contains extracts of biodynamically grown Calendula to help protect the skin form environmental drying effects, leaving the skin soft and supple.  In addition, it is also an ideal skin cleaning product, particularly in the nappy area, where it helps to gently remove grime.”  The blend of natural ingredients has been created to nourish and protect the delicate skin of little ones; the Calendula extract soothes skin inflammation, the light base of Sweet Almond Oil helps the moisture rich formula to be easily absorbed by the skin and the Beeswax within the blend protects skin from dryness.  The lotion contains natural ingredients with no nasty ingredients and is suitable for vegetarians.  This lotion is award winning having won numerous awards including Silver for Best Premium Baby Skincare Range with the Mother and Baby Award 2012 as well as receiving the accolade of winning a TIPS Awards 2011-2012 in the category Best of the Best Baby Lotion or Cream.

The Weleda Baby Calendula Lotion comes in a 200ml squeeze bottle with Weleda’s distinctive logo and bright packaging.  The lotion is white in colour and it is a silky consistency.  It has a light and fresh scent; when applied to the skin the lotion leaves a subtle fresh scent.  I like that the lotion does not have an overpowering scent and that it leaves skin smelling fresh rather than overpowered by a perfumed or chemical scent; which I think helps it be a perfect lotion for use with babies and children as their delicate skin don’t need to be dosed with an intense scent.

The light lotion absorbs easily into the skin, leaving the skin soft.  The blend of 100% natural ingredients leaves little man’s skin radiant with a moisturized sheen, with his skin nourished, feeling silky soft and protected from dryness.  Since I’ve started using this lotion on little man, his skin feels softer than ever with no signs of dryness and it has now become a regular part of our bath time ritual to massage the lotion all over his body after a fun splishy, splashy bath as I feel his skin has benefited from the moisturising and long lasting protection properties that this nourishing lotion provides.

As well as using the lotion to moisturize little man’s skin after a bath I have also used it cleanse his bum and have found it has helped to keep the skin soft and protected from drying out.  When little man is having a bad bout of teething he gets a touch of nappy rash and his skin dries out a little but when I’ve used this lotion to cleanse his skin in the nappy area I have noticed the time it has taken for his skin to recover and for the dryness to improve leaving his skin soft and supple once again is a lot quicker than before I used the lotion to gently clean the area.

As I’ve been impressed with how the lotion has moisturized and protected little man’s skin I have also used the lotion on my own skin as I suffer with dry skin and I was keen to see if it would nourish my dry skin.  When using the lotion on my skin I have noticed an improvement; my skin is softer, looks renewed and no longer looks or feels as dry as before.  I have noticed since incorporating the lotion into my daily skincare routine the condition of my skin is improving and I think with regular use it would further improve my skin; providing it with a comforting, moisturizing treatment and protecting it from environmental drying influences.

I would highly recommend the Weleda Baby Calendula Lotion; it is a great natural lotion that is gentle on delicate skin providing moisturization and protection.  The lotion can be purchased on Weleda’s website for £7.95 for a 200ml bottle which I think is great value for money for a high quality lotion that contains organic and biodynamically cultivated ingredients with no nasty ingredients or chemicals.  Even though it may cost a bit more than standard baby lotions I would happily pay more for this lotion as I know by using this lotion I am being kind to little man’s skin and I also like the fact that it contains 100% ethical, eco-friendly, natural ingredients.

More information about Weleda


A little about Weleda.
For 90 years, since 1921, Weleda have been making natural health products to help restore and maintain wellbeing.  Over the years Weleda has developed into a worldwide endeavour that provides a vast array of products that are all natural.

Weleda is a great company with fantastic values and ethics.  Their company motto “In harmony with nature and the human being” highlights their values and how they aim to ensure that their actions are good to their customers and employees as well as ensuring love and respect for nature.  They aim to be kind to nature by enhancing the positive and reducing the negative effects they have on our planet.  Their values and ethics are at the heart of everything they do.

Weleda only use natural ingredients in their products, there is NO synthetic preservatives, fragrances of chemicals.  The natural ingredients they use are organically and biodynamically cultivated and to ensure that they remain highly effective and maintain their inherent potency, Weleda harvest the natural ingredients quickly and take exceptional care of them as they are processed as little as possible.  Weleda recommend that for the first month of life no skincare products (apart from the odd dash of nappy cream if needed) are used on newborn skin to allow their skin to develop naturally.

* Weleda Baby kindly sent us this Baby Calendula Lotion to review for free, despite this I have written and honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless stated *

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