Monday 22 October 2012

Magic Magnetic Balls Cube Puzzle Review

With Christmas fast approaching I am eager to find out about any interesting products that would make great gifts to give to family and friends.  When I was offered the chance to review a puzzle from Paramount Zone Ltd I was keen to do so to see if it would be a quirky and interesting gift to give loved ones for Christmas.

The Magic Magnetic Balls Cube Puzzle is a small cube made up of 216 little magnetic balls.  This puzzle comes in a nice metal presentation tin with the 216 individual balls arranged in a cube shape.  The magic magnetic balls are made from neodymium; they are 5mm in size and have a durable nickel plated surface.  Each little ball is an individual high energy rate earth magnet with a north and south polarity which means that sometimes they will repel each other and sometimes they will attract each other.

When the puzzle arrived I was eager to try out the magnetic balls and see if they would stay together to create a variety of shapes.  The balls are smaller than I imagined they would be and seeing their size I was doubtful that the magnetic force would be very strong.  As I took the cube out of the box and attempted to move the balls I instantaneously felt the magnetic forces which are very strong, I can feel the force in my hands which feels quite strange but very interesting when I manipulate the magnetic balls.  I am very impressed with their super magnetic strength especially considering how small the balls are.

I find it fun to play with the balls even though I am useless at making any decent shapes or designs yet sometimes it is frustrating when I cannot make the design or shape that I had set out to create.  I think with more practice I will get better as I will get used to how the balls interact but for now I find it difficult to manipulate the balls as I want as the force is so strong and when I think I am doing good with a particular shape I add another ball or move a ball and the polarity changes the shape altogether.  To begin with all I could manage was a blob or a long snake but with practice I have slightly improved and I do like my attempt at a heart.  Do not let my feeble attempts at shapes put you off these magic balls as the balls are not at fault; I have seen numerous impressive shapes and designs created by people who seem to have more skill with the balls than me.  Even though I have found it to be quite fiddly to make shapes and designs with these small magnetic balls I have found that playing with them is strangely addictive and calming.

There are videos on YouTube showing the different shapes and designs that have been created using these magnetic magic balls.  The shapes and designs look so easy to do on the videos with a range of impressive designs being created swiftly by people who seem to be able to master the balls so easy, putting my feeble attempts and clumsy creations to shame.  What the videos show though is that if you learn to understand the way the magnets interact there are literally so many design possibilities to be had and you can create a huge number of shapes and models in both 2D and 3D form.  Also with more than one set of magnetic balls more complex shapes and outstanding designs can be created using a larger number of magnetic balls.

I find it very relaxing to simply play with the balls, feeling the force as they interact with each other.  I think this fun puzzle is a perfect stress reliever because even of you are too busy to create designs, simply playing with the puzzle and manipulating the balls can help you relax and de-stress.  I have found when I have something playing on my mind or when I am attempting to write but suffering from a mental block that a few minutes spent fiddling with the magnetic balls calms my thoughts and helps me focus them.

As well as being great for helping reduce stress I think this puzzle is also great for moments of boredom, to simulate the brain and to develop creativity as you imagine new designs and then recreate them using the balls.  These simple yet very effective magnetic balls are very addictive and entertaining.  Unlike other puzzles there is no solution and you can keep creating designs again and again coming up with new ones as you manipulate the balls. 

The Magic Magnetic Balls Cube Puzzle is a clever, high quality product that is fun, fascinating, interesting and unusual.  It is addictively fun to try and create different shapes and designs and their very powerful magnetism provides the perfect strength to create complex 3D designs (if unlike me you can get past the 3D blob stage that is).  I think this quirky puzzle would appeal to a variety of different people and in my opinion it would be a great gift for someone for their desk so that there is always a de-stressing, fun puzzle to hand for when stress needs relieving, the brain needs stimulating or when boredom needs to be dealt with.  This is ideal for people who love challenges, teasers and puzzles that inspire their mind.

Some of the brilliant designs and shapes you can create with
the Magic Magnetic Balls Cube Puzzle (image courtesy of Paramount Zone)

If you are looking for a trendy new puzzle toy the Magic Magnetic Balls Cube Puzzle (aimed at children over 14 years of age and adults) can be purchased on the Paramount Zone Ltd website for the current price of £9.99 (RRP £19.99).  I think this puzzle would make an interesting, unique present and it is a perfect stocking filler gift. 

Also on the Paramount Zone website there are a huge range of other products that would make great gifts, with a gift finder tool on the website to help you find the perfect gift for family and friends.  As I am starting to think about what to get family and friends for Christmas I have been perusing the website for ideas and have found a few products that would make great gifts; I am very tempted to get Lee one of their helicopters or the Solar Phone Charger as his mobile phone is always running out of power when he is out, the Gigantic Piano Keyboard looks lots of fun and I love the Photo Frame Clock…..think I may just have to place an order with Paramount Zone Ltd.

More information about Paramount Zone Ltd.

*  Paramount Zone kindly sent us The Magic Magnetic Balls Cube Puzzle to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review with my own words and opinions *

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