Monday 15 October 2012

Munchkin Click Lock Cups Review

We have tried and rejected numerous cups with little man, putting a variety of different brands and cup styles to the test but have found most to be lacking in one way or another.  Either little man has simply not liked the cup and not drank well from it or they have been fiddly to put together with tricky values needing to be put back correctly after cleaning or poor quality, not very durable and not withstood little man’s boisterous ways or in spite of claims of being leak proof they have leaked drink everywhere, getting everything wet.  To save me having to mop up numerous spillages and leaks an important consideration for me is a suitable drinking cup that does not leak even after being thrown, dropped or left leaning upside on the couch.  As we have not had much luck with the cups we have already tried, had issues with most of them and are yet to find a cup that is completely leak and spill proof, I was keen to test out a new cup that boosts impressive claims of being 100% leak proof guaranteed. 

Award winning International baby brand Munchkin, who have over 20 years’ experience in the baby and toddler market, have designed a new range of cups that claim to be 100% leak proof.  Munchkin’s exciting range of cups for little ones 6 months+ features their innovative ‘Click to Lock’ technology which provides a leak proof guarantee.  Thanks to Munchkin’s ‘Click Lock’ technology parents have triple assurance as they can see, feel and hear that the cup is sealed; the ‘click to lock’ creation provides a distinct auditory ‘click’ sound that provides extra reassurance that the cup is completely sealed which means it will not leak.

Before designing the new Click Lock range of cups, Munchkin asked a variety of mums what they look for in a cup and this is what they learnt and what mums told Munchkin they look for in a good cup for their child/children –

*  61% of mums surveyed admitted they could find improvements to their current cups, with non-spill and leak-proof being the most important features when looking for a cup.  A staggering 92% of parents said they want a brand that offers innovative features.
*  Munchkin knows how important the spout design is when designing a cup and 68% of mums said they need to buy more than one cup before they find one their child likes.
*  Mums told us that the cup must be easy to hold, helping their child gain independence.
*  In the Munchkin survey 37% of mums admitted how much a cup costs was a key point for them.
*Statistics and information provided by Munchkin from their research survey*

Following their in-depth research Munchkin created their new range of cups using the knowledge they gained from what mums (and dads too I’m sure!) want from a cup to help pinpoint what makes a brilliant cup.  To provide parents with a leak-proof and spill-proof cup Munchkin invented Click Lock technology, a solution to spillages and leakages because when the lid is closed a complete seal is achieved preventing said liquid spills and leaks.   So that little ones can drink easily from the cup, Munchkin ensures that all of their spouts and straws are made from soft BPA free silicone and have designed cups that allow liquid to follow easily.  After hearing from mums they wanted to create a cup that was easy for little ones to hold and use, therefore they made cups that are lightweight with a narrow waist and with a contoured shape so that little hands can easily use them independently.  Munchkin also wanted to fulfil the wish for a good quality cup at an affordable price so they have valued their cups at a starting price of £3.99 which compares favourably to most of the other leading brands on the market.

We were sent both the Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup and the Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup to review.  Both are bright and attractive to little ones.  As with the rest of their range these Click Lock cups are free from BPA.  As they are both from the Click Lock range they are according to Munchkin are 100% guaranteed to be spill proof thanks to the unique Click Lock action.

The Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup comes in an assortment of colours and designs, with 3 bright and funky designs to choose from I think most people are sure to find one that they like and I am sure children with love them all.  We were sent a yellow insulted sippy cup with a bright red lid; on the yellow inner casting there is original artwork with a zoo theme being depicted.  The design is very cute and little man loves it, he likes to point out the cute crocodile, the cheeky monkey, the adorable giraffe and the lovely lion.

The complete range of Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup designs and bright colour combinations.

The Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup comes apart in 3 pieces for ease of cleaning and it is easy to put back together again.  The plastic value simply slots in the underside of the lid and then the lid screws onto the bottle until you hear the magic ‘click’ sound which signals the seal is secure for leak proof guarantee.  I like that it is quick and easy to take the bottle apart for cleaning and just as easy to put it back together again with no fiddly bits that can cause difficulty.  The lid of the cup is made from strong plastic and the spout has 3 small holes in it to allow for liquid to flow through easily.

The Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup also comes in a variety of colours and designs with 3 design options available to choose from.  We were sent a blue cup with a bright yellow lid and green straw; I love the bright colours and think they are very eye catching.  On the blue inner cup there is high quality pictures of adorable sea creatures; again little man immediately loved his new cup especially as he loves the pictures and he likes to point out the different creatures swimming around his cup including a big friendly octopus and cute fish.

The complete range of Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup designs and colour combinations.

The Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup can be dismantled for easy and through cleaning, it comes apart in 4 separate pieces that are easy to separate and very easy to put back together again.  I like how quick and simple it is to dismantle and reassemble the cup, in my opinion it is a lot simpler than other cups I have used in the past.  The white straw which points down into the bottle simply slots into the bottom of the green flexible straw; the green straw slots through the flip cover on the lid, sliding through a designated hole in the flip cover.  The green straw is soft and flexible and the perfect size for little mouths to drink from.  The green straw has a ribbed texture and it is very durable; in spite of little man attempting to chew on it during a bout of teething it still looks as good as new even after over 3 months of daily use.  The lid screws onto the bottle until the ‘click’ is heard letting you know it is now safe and secure to prevent leaks and spillages.

The Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup features a clever flip cover.  You simply flip the orange cover forwards to cover the green straw to keep it protected from damage and to keep it clean and then flip it back to release the straw once again when it is needed.  The flip cover moves easily and little man confidently flips the cover on and off himself as and when needed.  I love this innovative feature, it is so simply yet brilliant; it is a great addition to the cup helping to keep the straw clean and protected.

Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup and Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup.

Both the Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup and the Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw cups are insulated and help keep drinks cooler for longer.  On the rare day we had hot weather over the summer both of the cups worked brilliantly at keeping little man’s drinks cool which is very beneficial when it’s hot and a cool drink is needed rather than a warm drink that has been sweating in a cup. 

Compared to the non-insulated cups in the click lock range these cups aren’t shaped as much for easy holding and have a bulky diameter however they have a slight curve and little man has no problems whatsoever holding them and easily uses them independently to quench his thirst.  He holds them in a few different ways, lately he has an odd new way of holding them by holding onto the top of the cup on either side on the spout/straw.  Also he easily manages to hold the cups with one hand when drinking out of them, as he holds these so well I believe that he would very easily hold the other cups in the range that are contoured with a slight grip texture as would other children. 

The cups are a good size and shape, perfect for little hands and they easily fit into the bottle pouches in my changing bags.  They are both9oz (266ml) in size, which I think is a good capacity for a cup for a toddler and provides little man with a decent amount of drink.  When he is thirsty and quickly draining the cup I can keep an eye on the amount of drink he has left because you can see how much drink is in the cup as the outer casing is clear and the inner cup has a coloured-tint that allows parents to see the liquid level so they know whether or not it’s time for a refill.

Even though I love the design of the cups as well as the vibrant colours and really like the insulated feature; for me the big question was how the cups would live up to the impressive claims that Munchkin have made about the Click Lock cups being 100% leak proof guaranteed.  After months of testing, both cups have survived rigorous toddler testing which included being thrown, dropped, abandoned squashed into furniture, tipped upside down and twirled and whirled around rooms; not a single drop of liquid leaked or spilled out… that’s what I call impressive!  As we haven’t had much success with other cups on the market that claim to be spill and leak proof I had expected the Click Lock cups to fail but I have most definitely been proved wrong with the cups living up to Munchkin’s claim of being leak proof.

It is so simple to close the lid securely for a guaranteed leak proof seal using the click and lock mechanism and not only do I know it’s closed securely because of the audible click but I can also see and feel that the cup is locked correctly which gives me triple assurance against drips, dribbles, leaks and spills.  The lid secures in a little notch either side of the bottle where it clicks closed and there is even a little ‘lock’ icon where it closes shut.  I know this technology works and I can totally rely on the trusty click lock Munchkin magic which makes my life that little bit easier as I am no longer dealing with little puddles of drink that have escaped from cups. 

My only slight issue with the cups is that with the Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup we had a tiny problem.  After a few weeks of using the cup I noticed a small amount of liquid in the insulated layer, in-between the outer and inner cup.  I personally believe that this is due to a small fault with this cup and not the whole range of cups as the other cup has been fine.  Apart from the odd occasion of seeing condensation between the layers after cleaning this cup I have not seen liquid puddling in-between the layers since and it soon dispersed after leaving the cup to dry upside down on the counter.  This liquid infiltration happened after Lee had left the cup soaking in the sink after little man had covered it with his dinner and I think there must be a tiny hole which allowed water to flow in-between the layers as the cup sat soaking in the water whilst Lee cleaned up little man who was also covered in his dinner (oh the joys!).  I honestly believe this is a rare occurrence and it has not detracted from how great the cup is and how the click lock technology works as it still works perfectly.

The Munchkin Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup and Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup are better than any other cups we have previously tried as they meet all of our requirements for a great cup for little man by having a colourful design, being easy for little man to hold and drink from independently, being a high quality, robust design, being an affordable price at £4.49 and 100% leak and spill proof even after little man has had his way with them plus the bonus of being insulated is great.  Parents who are looking for a cup for little one/s that is practical, innovative and exciting need look no further than Munchkin’s range of Click Lock Cups; honestly I cannot commend them enough they are brilliant cups.

Like Munchkin’s other products these Click Lock cups are fun, vibrant and practical.  They are now my favourite tried and tested cups, are now my cup of choice on the move out and about and at home and I highly recommend them.  I am extremely impressed with their innovative Click Lock technology and can attest that their impressive claim of 100% guaranteed leak proof cups is totally true and the technology works brilliantly to prevent leaks and spillages.  With their clever Click Lock technology, practical and high quality cups with brilliant design, Munchkin have lived up to their motto “It’s the little things” as these cups really do make life that little bit easier for parents.  Using their expertise Munchkin have created a range of cups that prevent the spillages and leaks that mums and dads have to mop up when their little ones drop, throw and tip their cups upside down making the Click Lock cups ideal for even the most mischievous little munchkins.

As well as the Click Lock Insulated Sippy Cup and Click Lock Insulated Flip Straw Cup we reviewed, the Click Lock range of cups also includes a variety of other styles and designs which are all BPA free and all feature Munchkin’s exclusive Click Lock opening and closing mechanism for leak proof seal.

The trainer cup features a soft durable tinted spout for easy flow of liquid and a new silicone seal to make drinking easier.  To make drinking easy for little ones the trainer cup has easy to grip handles which is ideal for little hands and the new contemporary, contoured design makes the cup easier to hold.  It is aimed at little ones aged 6months and available in 3 bright and eye catching colour combinations.  The cup size is 8oz (237ml) and has an RRP of £3.99.  

To make drinking easier the spill proof cup features a new silicone seal and a soft durable tinted spout that allows liquid to flow easily.  Also to make drinking easy for little ones the spill proof cup has a new contemporary design that allows little hands to easily hold the cup.  The spill proof cup is designed for little ones 6month+ and it available in 3 vibrant colour combinations.  The cup size is 10oz (296ml) and has an RRP of £3.99.   

Drinking is made easier for little ones with the straw cup as it features a new silicone seal and a soft durable tinted straw for liquid to flow effortlessly.  The cup is shaped so that little hands can easily hold it.  Designed for ages 12 months+, this cup is available in 3 vivid colour combinations.  The cup is 10oz (296ml) in size and has an RRP of £3.99.

A soft durable tinted straw that allows liquid to flow easily and a new silicone seal makes drinking easier for little ones.  The flip straw cup features a clever flip cover that protects the straw when not in use.  The cup is designed with a contoured shape so that little hands can hold the cup with ease.  The flip straw cup is aimed at little ones aged 12months+ and is available in a range of 3 bright colour combinations.  The cup size is 10oz (296ml) and has an RRP of £3.99.

More information about Munchkin.

* Munchkin kindly sent us 2 of their Click Lock cups for review, despite this I have written an honest review with my own words and opinions unless stated *


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