Wednesday 7 November 2012

CBeebies The Album Review

Every time little man hears music being played he looks like he is auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing, as he gets all excited and starts strutting his stuff as he dances to the music. As little man loves music I was pleased when we were given the chance to review a brand new album filled with songs from the popular TV channel CBeebies.

Even though little man does not watch a huge amount of TV he has a few favourite shows that he loves to watch and he always has a little dance to the theme tunes and songs within the shows. As he already enjoys dancing and singing along to songs on CBeebies I was looking forward to getting the new CBeebies album to see if he would enjoy listening to an album filled with songs from the popular children’s TV channel.

Released on the 5th of November 2012, CBeebies The Album is a brand new 2 CD collection with a whopping 50 tracks that includes popular CBeebies theme tunes, songs from hit CBeebies shows and songs from the CBeebies presenters.

Below is the album’s very substantial 50 song track-list:

1. Justin’s House – Theme Tune
2. Baby Jake – The Yacki Song
3. Iconicles – Theme Tune
4. Rastamouse – Give It Up For Da Easy Crew
5. Abadas – My Name Is…
6. Mike The Knight – Theme Tune
7. Mr Bloom’s Nursery – Meet The Veggies
8. Gigglebiz – Theme Tune
9. In the Night Garden – Theme Tune
10. Big And Small – Theme Tune
11. Timmy Time – Theme Tune
12. Everything’s Rosie – Theme Tune
13. Woolly & Tig – Theme Tune (I Love Woolly)
14. Andy’s Wild Adventures – Theme Tune
15. Grandpa In My Pocket – Boom A Boom Whoop Zing Zoo
16. Tweenies – Theme Tune (Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play?)
17. Alphablocks – Theme Tune
18. Cloud Babies – Theme Tune
19. Tree Fu Tom – Theme Tune
20. Something Special – Theme Tune (Hello Song)
21. CBeebies Presenters – Summer Song
22. CBeebies Presenters – Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon
23. CBeebies Presenters – Winter Song
24. CBeebies Presenters – The Big Fun Time Song
25. CBeebies Presenters – Christmas Song

1. Rastamouse – Hot Hot Hot
2. Abadas – Medley (Abadas Song/Let’s Play/I Found The World/Goodbye Song)
3. The Lingo Show – Theme Tune
4. Show Me Show Me – Momo’s Song
5. Mike The Knight – Huzzah For Glendragon
6. Raa Raa The Noisy Lion – Theme Tune
7. 64 Zoo Lane – Theme Tune
8. Charlie & Lola – Bestest In The Barn
9. Postman Pat – Special Delivery Service Theme
10. Num Tums – Theme Tune
11. Zingzillas – Do You Didgeridoo
12. Guess with Jess – Theme Tune
13. Tinga Tinga Tales – Theme Tune
14. Balamory – Theme Tune
15. Mr Bloom’s Nursery – The Finale Song
16. Big Barn Farm – Theme Tune
17. Mister Maker – I’m A Shape
18. Waybuloo – Time For Yogo
19. 3rd And Bird – Theme Tune
20. Nina and the Neurons – Go Engineering Song
21. CBeebies Presenters – It’s The Weekend
22. CBeebies Presenters – The Discovery Song
23. CBeebies Presenters – Lunchtime Song
24. CBeebies Presenters – The Birthday Song
25. CBeebies Presenters – The Time Has Come to Say Goodnight (2012 Version)

I am impressed with the huge number of songs included on this album and I like the fact that because there is an impressive 50 songs there is plenty of variety of songs, themes and musical styles. I think it is great that the album is a complication of CBeebies TV show theme tunes, songs from shows as well as CBeebies presenter songs. I like that it features big names, popular shows and commonly heard songs from CBeebies which means CBeebies fans will recognise many of the shows and songs featured on the album. I also like that the album is a blend of old, familiar shows and new hit shows; with older favourites such as Postman Pat, Tweenies and Balamory featuring on the album alongside songs and theme tunes from newer shows such as Baby Jake and Rastamouse.

When I first put this album on little man did not take much notice of the first song from the first CD but when the second song started he instantaneously got very excited when he recognised The Yacki Song from Baby Jake. Even though he started dancing around the room to the song he did seem a tad confused why he could not see Baby Jake on the TV when the sound of The Yacki Song from the show was filling the room. He soon overcame his confusion why the shows were not on the TV and happily pranced and danced around the room the songs on the album.

Little man instantly recognised familiar songs from his favourite shows such as Baby Jake, Mr Bloom’s Nursery, In the Night Garden, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion and Waybuloo. Seeing little man’s reaction of delight and glee to hearing songs from his favourite shows brings a huge smile to my face and the fact that his excitement is infectious and the songs are catchy means I have not been able to resist having a little boogie myself, having had lots of fun joining little man for a mad dance to this album.

There are a few songs that little man does not dance to but these are the songs which he does not recognise as they are from shows that he has not watched. I think in time as little man enjoys this album more and more the will enjoy listening, singing and dancing to most of the songs even ones that he is not currently familiar with. Also as he discovers and enjoys new shows on CBeebies he will be familiar with more and more songs from this album.

This CD has been played numerous times since we got it and as soon as little man hears the music fill the room his body moves to the rhythm and the beat of the music. Little man loves strutting his stuff and showing off his dance moves to the songs. As little man has so much fun dancing to the songs I think that the album is fantastic. There are a couple of songs that I find annoying but I think that as long as little man loves it and is having fun I can live with an annoying song or two and seeing the joy on his face as he enjoys the album means that I am more than happy to put up with a couple of annoying songs getting trapped in my mind, playing on a loop.

It is lovely to see him have so much fun dancing and I think it is great that because it is an album I do not have to have the TV on for little man to dance to songs from his favourite shows and it is great that his favourite songs can be played again and again.

Not only is the album great for little man to sing and dance to at home and burn off some excess energy but it is also great for using in the car especially for long journeys. We have listened to in the car a few times now and because it is music that little man is familiar with it has been a great distraction and kept him entertained as he sings, jigs, bops, claps his hands and swings his arms to the songs from the comfort of his car seat in the back.

As well as being great for little man to dance to I think the fact that the album is a compilation of different styles of music it introduces him to different music. I have noticed that he seems to be aware of the different styles of music as he dances differently to the songs and he repeats the same style of dancing for particular songs; for example for The Yacki Song he dances like Baby Jake does on the show whilst when listening to songs from Rastamouse he always bops along to the music and does a laid back dance rather than a mad, wild dance.

Another benefit from the album in my opinion is the fact that as the songs can be repeated and listened to again and again he will hear the lyrics often which will help him learn to sing along to the songs which in turn is beneficial to his speech development and learning of new words.

This album is a treat for any CBeebies fans and I think it would make a brilliant gift to pop in a Christmas stocking for your little ones this Christmas. The album is great for little ones to enjoy and filled with so many songs that little ones will know and love. CBeebies The Album is available nationwide from a variety of stockists in-store and online. 

* We were provided with a copy of CBeebies The Album to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review with my own words and opinions *

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