Thursday 8 November 2012

EcoForce Household Products Review

As I am a fan of products that are eco-friendly, when I was asked by EcoForce if I would like to review some of their products I was keen to try them because as the brand name suggests they have an eco-element. According to their website EcoForce “manufactures and supplies eco products that work”, as such I was enthusiastic to see if their products really do work and are a combination of useful, high quality products that are according to EcoForce “ ‘greener’, ‘more sustainable’, ‘more environmentally friendly’ than the alternatives currently available made from virgin materials”.

“Launched to make a difference” EcoForce’s products are more ethical, sustainable purchases compared to products on the market which are not eco-friendly. I admire EcoForce’s strong ethos and think it is fantastic that they believe it is their responsibility as manufactures to provide consumers with products that are “greener”. EcoForce say –

“We have always specialised in the design, manufacture, and distribution of household products. Everything that we manufacture is created to make life easier and we pride ourselves on our innovation, our environmental integrity and fact that what we make works and works well.”

“We are dedicated to bringing a range of affordable, useable everyday items manufactured from recycled materials to the general public. It seems ludicrous to me that so many products are manufactured from virgin materials, at great cost to our environment, when in so many instances it is entirely unnecessary.”
Daniel Neumann, EcoForce

We were sent a selection of EcoForce products, all of which are made from recycled materials and have been made as the greener and affordable alternative to other household products, providing people with an ethical option when buying household products.

EcoForce’s pegs are British designed and British made from 93% recycled plastic and have been created using a clever one piece design. The pegs’ unique one piece design and ingenious spring system was achieved following years of innovative and inventive design and the unique spring system used in the pegs has even won an award, winning the Design Council Millennium Products Awards. EcoForce say that when designing the pegs “an important part of the design of the eco peg was to have everything made from a single piece of plastic, making our pegs stronger, safer and more energy efficient to produce”.

My poor old washing machine is constantly on the go and I always have piles of clothes and cloth nappies galore to dry, as I try to be kind to the environment and our bank balance I only use our tumble dryer in cases of emergencies and I need something dried ASAP. Instead of using the tumble dryer I dry the washing using an indoor washing line and a clothes horse by the fire or on the very odd occasion in-between the days and days and days of rain and bad weather we seem to always have, when we do have nice weather I hang the washing outside to dry on the line, where they dry brilliantly thanks to the wind and sunshine. As I try to dry the piles of washing in an eco-friendly way I use lots of pegs to hang them on the washing lines but hate it when the pegs get grubby and the metal parts get rusty which leaves marks on the washing.

I was more than happy to try EcoForce’s pegs as I can never have enough pegs for the piles of never-ending washing I have to dry. Since getting EcoForce’s pegs I have used them every day and I absolutely love them! You might be thinking ‘they are just pegs, why would you rave about pegs??’ but as I use pegs every day and get annoyed when I buy new pegs and they break, rust quickly, leave marks and stains on my washing or are not able to withstand gripping heavier items of clothing and nappies in place on the line; so when I find pegs that are high quality and work perfectly for my needs I do get a little giddy with enthusiasm (sad I know but what can I say I am easily pleased and drying cloth nappies, seeing beautiful fluff hanging from the washing line is part of my cloth nappy love and pegs go hand in hand with this).

I think the clever design of the pegs is great and I have been very impressed with how well they grip clothes on the line; they are very strong and easily hold heavier items of clothing such as jeans and towels without breaking, also I have used them a few times outside when it has not been raining and they hold clothes in place even on very windy days. As well as boasting a “hurricane proof grip” the pegs are also frost proof. The clever spring system is very strong and robust, even when I have put a lot of pressure on the pegs they have not broken. I think that due to the design and quality craftsmanship they are very tough and resilient and I would be very surprised if they broke and I think these pegs will outlive all of my other pegs.

As well as being very practical and a great design the pegs also look good and I like the fresh yellow and green colours which are colours that I associate with eco-friendliness. As the pegs do not have metal springs they will not rust leaving stains on clothes and broken springs will not be a problem, also because they are made with plastic rather than wood I do not have to worry about unsightly wood stains.

The pegs can cost £1.25 for a bag of 24 pegs which I think is amazing value for money for practical, strong pegs that are eco-friendly. EcoForce also make a peg basket which like the pegs are also made from 93% recycled plastic. The basket looks great and I like the fact that a basket can hold up to 72 pegs and has a unique stackable packaging design. The basket with 24 pegs can be bought for an impressive bargain price of £2.6o; I am definitely going to have to find a local shop to get a basket and some more of these brilliant pegs.

We were also sent a clothes line which has been made from 89% recycled plastic. The washing line is 20 meters in length which I think is ample for most households. Its break strength is an impressive 30kg which again I think is strong enough for most households’ clothes washing needs.

The line is strong and has easily withstood a lot of washing. I love the bright green colour of the clothes line; it looks fresh and like the pegs the colours reminds me of the environment. I love the fact that the line is recycled and would not be able to tell from looking at it that it is made from such a large percentage of recycled plastic compared to lines that are made from unused, new plastic. The clothes line costs £1.55.

Made from 93% recycled plastic EcoForce’s bag grips are a one piece design. The pegs are dishwasher proof and can be used safely in the freezer as they are frost proof.

I am very impressed with these plastic bag grips; they have a very strong grip and are easy to use. They are so useful and I have found them very handy for bagging up left over food and for securing a variety of bags and items. As well as being eco-friendly due to the fact that they are made with recycled plastic the bag grips also help you reduce food waste as food can be bagged up for future use rather than chucked into the bin.

As the bag grips are freezer safe they are great for closing vegetable bags in the freezer saving vegetables from escaping the bags. They are perfect for securing items together, keeping things enclosed and for keeping food fresh and sealed. The bag grips are large enough that a secure grip can be achieved but they are not too big to get in the way or stick out so that they are knocked. 

The bag grips are £1.25 for 12 which I think is fantastic value for money for a well-made, practical item that is eco-friendly.

EcoForce have a range of sponges and scourers that are made using recycled material. As EcoForce aim to produce everyday items that are made from recycled materials they thought it would be a good idea to create a product that is used in daily life, the ordinary kitchen sponge, using recycled materials. They set out to make an ethically produced practical product that would absorb spills and remove difficult stains, using unused clean foam that would have gone to landfill from companies who manufacture foam products. EcoForce break up the foam that would have been discarded by other companies, they then compress the bits of foam together to create the EcoForce sponge.

We were sent a pack of heavy duty sponge scourers. The sponges are super absorbent, are very useful and are easy to handle because they are shaped. The heavy duty scourer is great for removing baked on food and the sponge is great for cleaning surfaces and dishes. I think the sponges look rather funky where you can see the multiple bits of foam that have been compressed together to create a recycled sponge.

In addition to the heavy duty sponge scourer you can also purchase a non-scratch sponge scourer and a non-scratch bathroom sponge scourer. The sponge scourers cost £1.25 for a pack of 2.

The scourers are made from at least 90% recycled fibre and are available in heavy duty or non-scratch. The heavy duty scourers are great for cleaning oven shelves and bake on food. The non-scratch scourers are as effective as the heavy duty ones but are gentler and are ideal for cleaning pots, pans and baking tins; getting them clean without causing any scratches. I like that both of the scourers are contoured for easy grip. Even though they are made using recycled materials the scourers are just as effective as scourers made with virgin materials. Both the heavy duty and the non-scratch scourers cost £1.25 for a pack of 3 which I think is great value for money and similar to non-eco-friendly scourers on the market.

EcoForce’s multipurpose cloths are made using recycled material which is good for the environment as it helps reduce landfill, allows crop land to be used for food production and saves energy. The cloths are quilted and Z stitched for strength. As the cloths are multipurpose they are suitable for use on any surface, can be used wet or dry and are machine washable.

I really like these cloths; they are great for cleaning so many things such , they are a great size and its useful that they can be used wet or dry. I have used them in so many different ways including mopping up spilt drinks, wiping up little man’s mess from eating, dusting surfaces and cleaning worktops to name just a few ways these cloths have come in handy. The cloths are super absorbent and I love that the super soft quilted material traps dirt and mess rather than spread it around, leaving surfaces and items sparklingly clean. As I am a fan of reusable wipes I love the fact that as EcoForce’s multipurpose cloths are machine washable they can be washed and reused again and again which saves money in the long run as instead of having to throw away cloths and buy more you can reuse these more than once.

The multipurpose cloths cost £1.25 for a pack of 2 cloths which I think is good value for money especially when you consider they are eco-friendly due to being made from recycled material and that they can be washed and reuse.

EcoForce’s dusters are made from recycled materials and can be used for polishing and dusting a variety of items and surfaces, being safe for use on glass, mirrors, wood, furniture, car interiors and shoes. The dusters can be used both wet and dry.

The dusters are super soft and are brilliant for polishing and dusting. I like that the dusters pick up and remove dust rather than simply smearing dust. I have used the dusters for cleaning numerous surfaces and they have left furniture, the TV, glass and ornaments dust free and sparkling. I am not sure if these dusters can be machine washed, I think it would be beneficial if they could be so that they can be reused. The dusters are a great size, they are thinner than dusters I normally use however this does not affect their effectiveness.

The EcoForce dusters can be purchased for £1.25 for a pack of 10.

I like the fact that EcoForce is a family business and that the majority of their products are made in the UK in their factory in Wellingborough. I admire EcoForce’s strong ethos and aim to provide people with eco-friendly household products and I think it is a breath of fresh air to see ethically made everyday household products available on the market. I also like that on their website EcoForce have a number of interesting ‘Green Facts’ which highlights the need to be a little greener.

I am impressed with the range of EcoForce products, they are practical and effective and I love that as they are made from recycled materials they are a “greener” alternative to the products I had been using previously. I like the fact that thanks to EcoForce I can now use eco-friendly household products, all without a big price tag. The extensive range of EcoForce products are all high quality and each product if functional and practical, which helps make household chores less of a chore. Due to the fact that the products are great and are all eco-friendly I will definitely be purchasing more of the products, with the recycled peg basket being top on my list.

EcoForce products can be purchased at leading supermarkets, independent retailers and online; there is a list of stockists on the EcoForce website. The range of EcoForce products is available in the UK and overseas.

More information about EcoForce.

* EcoForce kindly sent us these products to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless stated *

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