Sunday 30 December 2012

Quiet on the western front.

Before Christmas I decided that I would get organised and have posts ready and waiting, all scheduled to post automatically over the Christmas period, leaving to its own devices as I spent the time with family. In spite of my best intentions to have posts scheduled on the blog so that it was not completely quiet and empty whilst I enjoyed some quality time with my little family, in my haste to leave the blog alone I must have done something wrong because now I have finally popped back on here I can now see that my pre-written posts are not live as planned.

Apart from adding a few Christmassy pictures to my personal facebook profile for Lee’s family to look at so that they could see little man enjoying Christmas over 200 miles away, I have not touched my laptop over Christmas. It has been nice to leave my laptop unattended and enjoy the time in the evening once little man has gone to bed having more quality time with Lee than we can usually have due non Christmas holiday life.
As I was blissfully unaware that my organisation of having posts ready to pop up on the blog and keep it active did not go as planned I was disappointed when I realised that the posts are not live and that with yet another quiet spell since my previous one over the summer my blog might soon have tumbleweed rolling through it.

When I nipped on my blog and saw that all the posts I had written had not published (either that or they are playing hide and seek with me and have found a way to make themselves invisible so that they win the game) I felt bad for leaving the blog completely unwatched and in hindsight wish I had at least kept an eye on it to check that the posts were live. Because the already written posts are all sat in drafts, eager to be displayed on the blog I will be publishing them over the next few days, as such I apologise for the Christmassy posts that will be magically appearing on the blog even though it is now post-Christmas day.

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