Thursday 7 February 2013

Cupid Dog DVD review.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching it was the perfect time to be sent a romantic film to watch.  We were sent Cupid Dog, which is a newly released romantic comedy from Lionsgate.  Normally I would watch a romantic film with Lee to spark a romantic mood and get into the spirit of this time of year; unfortunately he is away visiting his family due to personal matters.  As Lee is unavailable for romantic snuggle time watching a film together I decided to snuggle up with little man instead and watch it together.  As little man has been poorly he was more than happy to snuggle with mummy and relax for a while.

The star of the film is Cupid Dog who is a cute, little dog called Gabe.  As the star of the film he is no ordinary dog; he is an intelligent dog who understands humans, can work the TV and buy things online to name but a few of his talents.  As well as being very clever Gabe is also a very funny character.  Not only are we the viewer’s witness to Gabe’s escapades we also hear his thoughts.  

Gabe’s best friend is his owner Eric who clearly adores Gabe.  When Eric is offered a job in London for a year Gabe is initially excited about living in another country, imagining their life in London.  Gabe’s excitement is short-lived as he realises that he will either have to be quarantined for 6 months or be separated from Eric whilst he stays on a farm with 2 dogs who bully him. 

Gabe decides his only solution to being separated from Eric is to stop him going in the first place.  He quickly comes up with a cunning plan to find Eric a woman in the hope that Eric will fall in love and stay to settle down instead of going to London.  Following the tips of a matchmaking TV show host Gabe transforms into Cupid Dog the matchmaking mutt.

I personally do not think Cupid Dog is a magically romantic film with a remarkable love story compared to other romantic films I love however I do think it is a light hearted, easy to watch romantic comedy.  I think the romantic element of the film suffers because Gabe steals the show, monopolising the story Gabe charms the viewers and as such I did not feel I connected with the human characters.  I think it is a shame that the human characters are overshadowed by Gabe and in my opinion if the balance between the characters had been more equal the film’s romantic element would have been better.  I also found hearing Gabe’s thoughts distracted from listening to and watching what the human characters where saying and doing.

Even though I do not think that Cupid Dog’s love story is magical it is a heart-warming story and I like the message that I think the film portrays that relationships and happiness are more important than a job.  I think the film is a touch cheesy with a predictable ending but the incorporation of a talking dog sets it apart from other romantic comedies.  The film has many funny moments and Gabe’s best intentions as Cupid leaving flowers, jewellery and a poem on the doorstep of a neighbour in the hope of wooing a woman for Eric is sweet and amusing.  Even though the concept of talking dog being Cupid for his owner is far-fetched it does make for an interesting romantic story.  The story is a tad implausible but then most romantic films have a hint of implausibility however I do think that most men would, unlike Eric further question why a woman was thanking him for gifts that he never sent

Even though the film is not intended for a toddler little man loved Gabe and kept pointing at the TV repeating ‘dog’.  In spite of loving Gabe I think if he had been well and his normal, busy self he would not have stayed snuggled up to watch the film.  However I do think it is a fun film for all the family and that older children would find Gabe cute and funny, enjoying the humorous moments.

Cupid Dog was released on the 4th of January 2013 ready for Valentine’s Day and has a RRP of £9.99.

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