Wednesday 13 February 2013

New Look Wish List.

There can be a fine balance between loving or hating shopping for clothes.  Personally I have had days out clothes shopping which I have hated and then other shopping days have been fantastic and I have enjoyed every minute.  Most often the days that I hate are when I need to find an outfit to wear for a particular upcoming occasion; usually on those days shopping for an outfit gets very stressful and I end up hating it, struggling to find a suitable outfit or clothes that will fit!  The days that I have loved shopping for clothes have been when I do not need to buy anything, only browsing the shops with no pressure to buy anything.  Window shopping and trying on clothes for fun with friends makes shopping for clothes stress-free and enjoyable.

As I live in the sticks, a fair few miles from civilisation and a good variety of high street clothing shops I do not often get the chance to enjoy ambling through the shops, having fun clothes shopping.  When I do go clothes shopping I usually need something in particular and the joy of clothes shopping is hampered by the need to buy clothes and more often than not I struggle to find clothes that will fit my not so yummy mummy body.  Also the days of clothes shopping for hours on end with friends or family and having lots of fun are distant memories with the reality of my life now meaning I often have a busy little man in tow who needs entertaining or I am quickly popping into shops, getting in and out quick when I have some free time from little man. 

As my days of joy-able clothes shopping are dwindling I cherish child-free trips to the shops and make the most of them.  Thankfully the internet has come to my rescue, allowing me to quench the desire to browse and lust after beautiful clothes.  Even though browsing online stores to admire clothes via a virtual realm is not quite the same as having a giggle looking and trying on clothes in store with friends and family it does allow me to have my shopping fix from the comfort of my own home; dreaming about what I would love to own as I create wish lists.

After seeing my sister the other day and admiring her new high waisted shorts from New Look (without too much jealously that she unlike me has the figure to carry off the cute shorts) I had a hankering to browse the New Look website.  I have been a fan of New Look for a few years now, I love their clothes and they are one of my favourite stores to visit when I am in need of some new clobber.  I love that over the years in spite of my changing body I have always been able to get some lovely clothes at New Look with their vast range of women’s clothes, plus sized clothes and maternity clothes meaning I have been able to find clothes to fit my current body size.  When looking at their website I soon found myself immersed admiring lots of clothes, wishing they were mine.

I have an eclectic taste in clothes and simply like what I like rather than following any particular trend or fashion.  Even though I could most probably do with Gok Wan’s help in looking and dressing better along with a huge boost in body image confidence I try and make an effort to look decent.  As I have a fondness for dresses I am lusting after a few lovely dresses from New Look.

Top of my New Look wish list is the gorgeous Ruby’s Closet Cream Bow Ruffle Hem Dress; it is so pretty and exquisite.  I adore this uber-cute, girly dress and think it would be perfect for summer.

I love the Sienna Leopard Print Dress, it has a great shape to complement curves and the lovely leopard print is gorgeous.  This dress would make a lovely day outfit but would also look stunning dressed up with a few glam accessories to achieve a perfect going out outfit.

I love the casual Grey Owl Print Dip Hem Sleeveless Dress.  I think the cosmos design is stunning and the owl is magnificent and striking.

I have a weakness for gorgeous scarfs and I adore the colours of the Purple and Pink Lace and Skull Print Scarf.  The colours are delicate and the design is interesting and intricate, combining two designs that I have a fondness for – Baroque lace and Skulls.

I have been considering getting a onesie for a while and the Animal Print Fleece Onesie looks extremely comfy and I love the print.

I love the colour of the Samya Purple Knitted Waterfall Cardigan and it looks very cosy.

I love the Rocket Dog Black Sidestep Buckle Western Boots, they are gorgeous.

Hopefully some of these items will not just remain on my wish list and I will be able to own and wear them instead of lusting after them on the New Look website.

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