Friday 22 February 2013

Selling our stuff to save for little man's birthday fund.

At the beginning of a new year most people find that money is tight especially after Christmas when for most of us we have additional expenditure to deal with.  Even though we ha d a frugal Christmas and only bought presents for little man as money is tight for us throughout the whole year we have been feeling the pinch post-Christmas during the first part of this new year. 

With money being tight and little man’s 2nd birthday fast approaching we are hoping to save a little extra money towards getting little man a few birthday presents by selling our unwanted and unused things.  Another bonus of selling things that we have that we do not use is that we are de-cluttering our home at the same time.  Lee loves the thought of getting rid of our things that we no longer want or use especially as he is more minimalist than me, considering me a hoarder and too sentimental over keeping items that I keep because of memories rather than because I use them.

To get some money to go towards a few presents for little man’s birthday and to de-clutter our home much to Lee’s relief I have been ruthless, sorting out our things and gathering a number of items that we simply do not use or want ready to sell. 

I have decided to sell our unwanted items on ebay and MusicMagpie.  When choosing what to get rid of and sell we tried to decide where would be best to sell our things and decided that the toys and household items would be best sold on ebay.  I am hoping that there would be a free listings weekend on ebay in the very near future to help save some extra pennies when selling our things but will go ahead regardless as little man’s birthday is at the end next month and we need the money from selling our things before then.   For the CD’s, DVD’s and games we have decided to sell we thought it would be best and easier to sell them through MusicMagpie.

Even though the items we have decided to sell are not particular expensive hopefully we will get a decent amount for them and some extra pennies to put towards little man’s birthday pressie fund.  I plan on spending this weekend listing our items for sale on and selling our CD’s, DVD’s and games via

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