Sunday 10 February 2013

Shopping at Asda.

After writing about Asda’s latest Baby and Toddler event I was fortunate enough to be heading to visit my sister in Swansea where my nearest Asda.  Whilst there I could pop into Asda during the event to see if I could get some bargains.  Even though there are fewer products on offer during the event which are relevant to us now little man is growing up compared to when we were expecting him and when he was a baby I still like to see what is on offer.

Unfortunately I did not manage to get a few of things I had hoped to get; perhaps they had all sold out especially as we visited Asda towards the end of the event or maybe this particular Asda simply does not stock what I was hoping to buy.  I had hoped to get some Munchkin bath time goodies for little man, in particular the Munchkin Shampoo Rinser for the brilliant price of £2.50 and I hoped to get for little man’s birthday a pack of Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers and a Munchkin Bath Fun Bubble Blower.

Thankfully I did manage to get a few things on our visit to Asda, a few of which were on offer thanks to the event.  We got some Organix Goodies snacks and Annabel Karmel treats.  We also got a Lindham Home Safety Kit for £6.00 to use at Mamgu’s to keep my wild little boy safe when he visits her.

When I go to Asda I always take a look at the clothes as I find they make some very cute and trendy clothes for little ones that are hard wearing and affordable.  I got little man some basic long sleeved tops, socks, trendy jeans and even though it won’t fit for much longer I could not resist getting him the Looney Tunes Striped Baby Sleepsuit as the slogan ‘Cat Nap….No Way’ describes little man perfectly.

Even though there were a few products that I could not get I did manage to pick a couple of products at great prices.  When Asda have their next Baby and Toddler event I will be taking a look to see what offers they have on once more and if and when we are blessed with another child I will most definitely be making most of the brilliant offers Asda provide during their events for our next little baba.

Whilst I was in Asda I also picked up a few products from their Health and Beauty range of products that were on offer in the Health and Beauty event.  I managed to get Shampoo and skin care products at great discounted prices but unfortunately my favourite hair dye was not available in the colours I use which is a shame as the Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL hair dyes where down to just £4.

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