Sunday 10 March 2013

Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Green Dragonflies tote bag review.

Since having Bug and entering the world of Motherhood my handbag has been banished to the wardrobe and a changing bag has taken its place.  In place of using my beautiful purple handbag to safely keep my keys, purse, phone and other ‘essentials’ needed when out and about I now keep them in the changing bag amid all the billion things needed for Bug.  I have a couple of changing bags but the one I use the most is a boring plain bag because it is the bag that best needs my needs in regard of size and extra pockets to keep things separate.  As the changing bag I use the most is a far from being a pretty bag I was keen to test out another changing bag in the hope that I could find a bag that meets my desire for a practical, useful bag that is also pretty and stylish.

Having previously admired Pink Lining changing bags I was thrilled to be sent one of their bags, a Blooming Gorgeous tote bag with Green Dragonfies print.  I must admit when the bag arrived initially I was not keen on the green dragonflies as I do not really like the colour green and I love the design of the Blooming Gorgeous Pansies bag so much I found it hard to be swayed to love another design.  The bag is a great size and large enough to accommodate all the baby/toddler essentials needed when going out and about with your little ones.  I love the fact that the canvas exterior of the bag is laminated with EVA coating allowing you to wipe clean the bag.

Even though the Green Dragonfly design is not my ideal colour I do love the little dragonflies and I do think that subtle green is the perfect colour to represent one of nature’s insects.

I love the ‘Blooming Gorgeous’ inscription on the outside canvas pocket and the tulips and daffodils are beautiful.  I have found the outside pocket to be the perfect size to store Bug’s snacks and with its easy access I can effortlessly grab a snack without having to rifle through the bag when Bug decides he is hungry.  

On either side of the bag’s exterior there are side pockets.  I have found these two side pockets perfect for carrying Bug’s toddler drinking cups so that I can access them quickly and easily.  I usually keep one cup stored in one of the outside pockets for ease of access and then keep a spare drink inside the bag in one of the thermo-insulated holders.  These pockets are also great for storing my bottle water so that I have a drink on the go as well.

The bag has different strap options for carrying the bag, a shorter pair of straps to carry the bag by hand and a longer strap to make carrying the bag over your shoulder easier.  The pair of handle straps can be joined together with a button clasp.  The shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable; as well as being comfortable to carry the bag using this strap on your shoulder the strap is also long enough to fit over pushchair/buggy handles.

Inside the bag is the signature shocking pink lining, the lining is water resistant and any spills or messes can be easily wiped clean which I think is a fantastic bonus when you have little ones where spills, messes and wet clothes are commonplace.

The bag is extremely practical with different sections inside the bag to keep things separate.  The bag can be securely closed using the two zips, the two zips make it easy to open and close the bag.  I like that the bag has a zip closing as a few bags I have tried in the past do not have a zip closing and I have felt uneasy as the bags have not been as secure but this is not a problem with the Pink Lining bag.  The main section of the bag is ideal for keeping spare clothes and other big essentials.

On one side of the bag’s interior there are two thermo-insulated bottle holders incorporated into the design.  The thermo-insulated holders keep bottles warm/cold for up to 4 hours long (time does depend on external temperature).  I think the thermo-insulated holders are a fantastic feature of the bag, it is great that not only do bottles have a designated section to keep them in place but the fact that they are thermo-insulated is a great bonus and I love that there are two included.  In between the two thermo-insulated holders there is a slip pocket that is ideal for phones.  It is great that there is a section perfect for keeping your phone making it easy to access your phone and prevent having to search your bag to find your phone.

On the opposite side of the bag’s interior there are two large elasticated pockets.  These pockets have been designed and incorporated as nappy pockets however I have found as we use cloth nappies rather than disposable nappies the pockets are a tad too snug for cloth nappies that I have boosted as Bug is a heavy wetter so rather than stretch the pockets I have preferred to keep our nappies in the main section of the bag.  Even though we do not use the pockets as intended they are perfect for disposable nappies and slim cloth nappies, making it easy to grab a nappy from the pocket when nappy changing time arises.  As we have not been using the pockets for storing nappies I have instead used them to store other essentials, often using one of the pockets to store the bag of washable wipes we use and the other pocket for first aid essentials and teething aids.

Incorporated into the design is a penholder, detachable mirror and a key fob on stretchy elasticated ribbon.  I love the key fob which saves me having to search the bag or pockets for my keys.  There is also a zipped pocket that is perfect for storing valuables and mummy essentials.

Also included with the bag is a changing mat with Pink Lining’s famous ‘Yummy Mummy’ design, the mat is padded and can be wiped clean.  The changing mat is a practical addition to the bag helping to make nappy changes when out and about easier.  It is a decent size for use during nappy changes but does not take up too much room in the bag.

As well as the changing mat you also get a matching ‘Yummy Mummy’ zip bag.  I love the inclusion of the zip changing bag which is great for wet clothes or reusable nappies, saving having to use disposable bags if you do not already use reusable wet bags.

The Pink Lining bag is extremely practical with lots of little useful extras.  The bag is an ample size, fitting everything I need it and as you can fit a great deal into the bag it is perfect for long days out or for mums with more than one child.  I love the incorporated pockets and bottle/cup holders that make keeping items separate easy and the wipe clean surface is great as slips and messes are inevitable with little ones and heavy use.

I would highly recommend this changing bag and it has met my desire for a practical useful bag that is also pretty and stylish.  Even though I did not initially love the green dragonflies I have come to love them and I think this design is a beautiful and feminine design.

The Blooming Gorgeous tote bag with Green Dragonflies print is available on the Pink Lining website for £79.  There are a variety of other bags to choose from in a range of fabulous designs.  Pink Lining also make a range of bags for children with their range of PLChild that according to Pink Lining are “Children’s bags designed for fun and fused with function; Playful prints for kids who love to laugh”.

More information about Pink Lining.

*  Pink Lining kindly sent us this bag to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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