Sunday 17 March 2013

i-pic metallic photo frame review.

I love photographs; I think it is fantastic that you can capture moments in a photograph to treasure forever.  I love taking photographs and have my camera to hand every day ready to capture moments of Bug’s life and to photograph our day for Project 365.  As I love photographs our house if filled with photographs; individual photos in frames on shelves, tables and hanging on walls as well as collages of my favourite photos lovingly presented and proudly hung in our home.

As I love photographs and like to display my favourite photos I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review a personalised photo frame from i-pic.  Having never heard of i-pic before, I was intrigued to learn more about i-pic and the concept of their personalised photo frames.  According to i-pic their “photo frames are not like a traditional frame where you buy the frame and insert your photograph behind glass”, instead after choosing from a large selection of frame designs and adding a personalised message i-pic “embed your chosen photograph safely inside the frame”.  They describe their photo frames as being “themed magnetic photo frames” that are “a robust and attractive photo and frame in one”.

After hearing about i-pics’ personalised photo frames I was intrigued about how easy it would be to create a unique frame and photo in one and I was curious to see the choice of frame designs available and the options for personalisation.

i-pic photo frames can be create in 3 simple steps –

*  The first step is to choose a frame design – you can either choose from a selection of pre-made frame designs or you can create your own frame design.

*  The second step is to add your photo – you simply upload your desired photo.  Once uploaded you can see what the photo looks like with your chosen frame design, position as desired and crop the photo if needed.

*  The third step is to add your own personalised message (if you want a personalised message and the frame design can incorporate a message).  Personalised messages are printed directly onto the frame and can be on the front and back of the frame.

When I started browsing the choice of frame designs I was overwhelmed with the huge choice of frame designs available.  Even though the choice was a little overwhelming I am very impressed with the amount of frame designs available and love that they have provided a range of frame designs of different styles and themes. 

As there are so many choices available I spent ages browsing through all the designs and found it very difficult to choose my favourite frame.  I did consider creating my own frame design from scratch using the ‘Create your own’ tool but as I loved so many of the designs already available I decided to use one of those.  Even though I did not create my own frame design I love that this feature is available to make a unique frame for your favourite photo.

I found it very useful that the frame designs are organised into different categories which I found very helpful for browsing and I think this feature would make it easier if you were looking for a i-pic photo frame to gift for a particular occasion.  The choice of categories is also vast with occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries and themes such as Animals, Family and Love on offer.

I loved a number of frames when trying to decide what frame to have; a few of my favourites are the lovely designs below.

Even though I was very tempted to get the 'love story begins' photo frame, in the end I decided on the gorgeous design below as I love the colour of frame, the elegant bubble design and the beautiful little butterflies in different colours that are gathered in one corner of the frame and Lee loved this design, admiring the artistic design.

Once I had decided on the frame and what picture I wanted encapsulated within the gorgeous frame the ordering process was easy to use.  I decided to use one of my favourite photos of Bug enjoying a bath with a shower of sparkling water raining down in front of his joyful smile.  Editing the photo was quick and easy to do and I like that you can view the photo within the frame to see how they look together.  I decided not to have any personalisation on the frame but I did use the personalisation feature to see how to use it and found it very simple to use.

Even though I did not personalise the photo frame with a message I like that the feature is available to use and think it allows customers to create a unique, personalised keepsake.  I also like that there are different options available for personalising, you can choose to add text on either or both the back and front of the frame and on the front of the frame you can also choose to have text on the top and/or bottom of the frame.  Not only can you choose placement of the writing but you can choose what size text to have and what font style you would like.

I was surprised with how quick delivery of the photo frame was once I had stopped being indecisive and decided on the frame design and placed my order.  As soon as I saw the i-pic photo frame I loved it.  The A5 photo frame is a great compact size of high quality constriction.  I am very happy with how the photo looks within the frame and impressed with the high quality print of my chosen photograph.  

The frame design is gorgeous and the colour is stunning.  We received a photo frame with a metallic finish, which is beautiful and gives the frame a mirrored effect, with the sheen catching the light and enhancing the gorgeous design. 

The frame itself is strong and tough but lightweight.  I think the concept of their photo frames is brilliant and love that unlike with traditional frames where you buy the frame and insert the photo yourself with an i-pic photo frame the photo is embedded safely in the frame for you.  I love this innovative design of a photo and frame all in one and think it is great that this design means your precious photo is safe from damage.

I love that as the frame is magnetic you have the option of displaying it on a magnetic surface such as the fridge.  I was shocked with how strong the magnetic force was when I put the frame on our fridge, with such an impressive magnet I would not be worried about the frame falling off the fridge.

If you do not have a magnetic surface to attach the frame to or you prefer not to display it in this way, the frame comes with a little peg so that the frame can be displayed in a free standing position.  To display the frame in a standing position there is a little hole on the back of the frame that you screw the little peg into and then voila the frame stands upright to showcase your lovely photo.  I think the little peg is a great little feature and when used the frame is very sturdy.

I think i-pic photo frames would make lovely personalised photo gifts and with the option of personalising the frame it is a gift with a personal touch.  I have already been admiring a few of their frame designs for Father’s Day and I am thinking of getting one for Lee with one of his favourite photos of Bug encased within one of the gorgeous designs.

i-pic personalised photo frames can be bought on the i-pic website, with prices starting from £14.99.  The metallic photo frame costs £19.99, which I think is great value for a unique, high quality frame that can be customised and personalised.

More information about i-pic.

*  I was sent a gift code to purchase this i-pic photo frame to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review with my own words and opinions *

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  1. I love this idea. It is a great way to have your favourite photo on display. And I guess it would make a perfect gift too. Oh! How lovely this frame is. And by the way, thanks a lot for sharing such a great review.