Friday 8 March 2013

John Lewis Wishlist.

With little man’s birthday fast approaching I have been doing some virtual window shopping trying to decide what to get little man for his big day.  Whilst browsing the John Lewis website I found myself adding more and more items to my wish-list of things to treat little man to on his birthday.

Little man loves jigsaw’s and puzzle’s at the moment and I think he would love the John Lewis Chunky Wooden ABC Puzzle.  I love the bright coloured letters and think it is a great price at £14.00 for a well-made wooden puzzle.  I also think the John Lewis Jungle Puzzle for £8.00 is super cute and as little man loves animals it would be perfect for him.

As little man loves building blocks and any form of vehicle I think he would love the Lego Duplo Number Train for £12.99.  He has not got any Lego Duplo yet so I would love to get some for him for his birthday and the number train looks perfect for him.  I also think he would love the Lego Duplo My First Construction Site Set for £14.99 as he loves diggers and trucks.

As little man is beginning to enjoy playing with little characters and he adores animals I think he would love the Lego Duplo Photo Safari for £44.99.  He would love playing with the cute animals, making animal noises and letting his imagination go wild as he plays with the little animals and people.  I think the Lego Dulpo Zoo Truck for £19.99 would complement the photo safari set perfectly and I know little man would love zooming the truck around his little safari.

If money was no problem as little man loves playing outdoors I would love to get him some outdoor toys.  I think the Little Tikes Seek and Explore Climber for £199.95 looks like lots of fun and I can picture little man enjoying lots of play time climbing on this and gliding down the slide.  I also love the Little Tikes Town Play House Evergreen for £305.00.  I think the play house looks amazing and love that it has 4 different themed walls which is sure to keep my busy, active little man entertained.  He amazes me with his imagination and I love seeing him role play, this play house would be the perfect setting for his imaginative role play and it enable him to enjoy playing with his balls, burning off some excess energy as he kicks and throws the ball at the hoop, net and ball targets.

As little man loves water and sand play I would love to get him the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Sand and Water for £79.71 so that he can enjoy and have lots of fun with water and sand play at home in the garden.

I would also love to get my little water baby some more bath toys for his birthday.  I love the bright colours of the John Lewis Floating Frog Symphony Bath Toy for £8.00 and I think the little frogs look adorable.  I also love the look of the Bath Time Bubble Maker for £11.95 and can imagine little man having lots of fun trying to catch the bubbles as he enjoys his bath.

As well as hankering after toys to get little man for his birthday as he is growing so fast he needs some new clobber and I found myself loosing time browsing the gorgeous range of clothes that would look super cute on my handsome little man.

Little man is always in need of pyjamas and I love the John Lewis Boy Dinosaur Pyjamas for £20.00 for a pack of 2.  As little man loves dinosaurs I think he would approve.

I love the John Lewis Boy Shawl Jumper in Light Blue.  I think at £20.00 for his size it is a great price for a jumper that looks very cosy and I love the colour.

I also love the John Lewis Boy Skinny Leg Jeans which at £16.00 for little man’s size is a decent price for a pair of cute jeans.

I love the uber cute John Lewis Boy Bradley Double Velcro trainers in Khaki.  

Even though little man has a large number of shoes already they are too cute to resist.  Luckily I can satisfy my shoe obsession by getting little man some more gorgeous shoes because he is growing fast and needs the next size up and needs different shoes for different occasions.  The only problem with having a large number of shoes; trainers, formal shoes, wellies, boots etc. is that I need somewhere to keep them all.  Thankfully John Lewis do a great range of shoe racks with various different sizes and colours available, so I will be able to get a shoe rack when I get little man a few things for his birthday to keep our shoes neat, tidy, organised and all together in one place.

Hopefully I will be able to get a few of these items for little man for his birthday and some of the items I have been dreaming of getting will no longer be just on my wish list instead the toys  will be played with and enjoyed by little man and the clothes will be worn stylishly by him.

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