Tuesday 16 April 2013

Little dog lost.

A little over a fortnight ago I was devastated when our little dogs went missing.

We have 2 dogs; both are Bichon Frise breed.  Trixie the eldest of the two is nearly 8 years old and Sassy the baby of the dogs was 6 years old this past December.  They are both lovely dogs and Bug adores them.

The dogs mean the world to me.   They have been a big part of my life for years now.  Before I met Lee and had Bug it was just me and the dogs against the world.  When I was depressed they were a lifeline to me.  They were the reason I would drag myself out of bed as I had to look after them.  The responsibility I felt I had to care, look after and love them helped me to not wallow in a deep whole of despair with no sign of a way out.  They were a light in the darkness.

On that day just over 2 weeks ago my shining bright star Sassy vanished, leaving me heartbroken.

Lee had left both dogs out into the garden so they could have a little frolic outside whilst I was busy getting Bug ready to head out to the shops to get some last minute bits and bobs for Bug’s birthday on the weekend.  Not long after he had let the dogs outside Lee headed out to put my bags in the car for me which was when we both noticed Sassy was gone. 

He quickly shouted for her and looked around the surrounding land but there was no sign of her.  Assuming she might be having a little stroll down the farm track we both thought I would find her sauntering down the lane when I headed out to town.  As I was ready to leave I got Bug in the car and thought I would find Sassy on our way.  As I drove down the lane, glancing in all the surrounding fields on the way in the hope of seeing a little white dog I became more and more worried about where our little dog was.   By the time I had come to the end of the lane to the main road through our little village I was very worried as there had been no sign of our doggy.

With no sign of the dog anywhere at the bottom of our lane I headed back up the farm track hoping that Lee would have found her in one of the buildings surrounding our home but unfortunately he had not seen any sign of her either.  As I really needed to get to town before the shops closed Lee sent me on my way assuring me he would carry on looking for her and that as she had never gone off by herself before she would be somewhere near and he would find her.

Once I got to town I called Lee in the hope that he would have a happy update for me and that Sassy was now safe and sound at home but sadly there was still no sign of her anywhere.  As Sassy was still missing I rushed around getting what ‘essentials’ I needed and headed home to continue the search for Sassy.

Posters were put up locally.  I informed PetLog, the dog warden and local kennels.  I registered on Lost Dog.  We told our neighbours and people in the village.  We searched and searched. 

No-one had seen her.  No-one had found her and reported a lost dog found to the authorities. 

There was no sign of her anywhere.  It felt like she had vanished into thin air.

Lee searched all day and night into the early hours of the morning.  He was worried that Sassy was hurt or stuck somewhere on the vast land we live on and could not bear the thought of her out there in the dark and cold alone.  By the end of the night, Lee was tired and emotionally drained.  He had walked miles and miles.  He looked a state, with big scratches on his legs from the masses of brambles he had waded through at one point during his search for Sassy.  After searching for her through the night into the wee hours of the morning there was still no sign of Sassy.

In the morning the search resumed.  As the weather was nice Bug and I walked the fields and my mum kindly joined us in the hunt for our missing dog. 

I was so upset that my little Sassy was missing.  We were all so sad about it.  Even Bug was missing ‘dog dog’.  Trixie seemed lost and when not out with us on the search for Sassy she curled up on Sassy’s spot of the chair they share with big sad eyes. 

By the end of the second day there was still no sign of Sassy.

All I wanted was to have my little doggy back.  I could not understand where she had gone.  In all the years I have had Sassy she had never once disappeared or gone off on her own let alone vanish for over 24 hours.  Of the two dogs, Sassy is the quieter, shyer one and compared to Trixie who is the boisterous one of the pair, Sassy is the dog I would have said was not likely to go off on a little adventure.

Over the weekend in spite of continued searches for her, Sassy was not found.

We all walked miles and drove the small country roads surrounding our home and village hoping to find her.  Lee was a man on a mission, searching for hours and hours in the hope of bringing her home.  My mum helped so much too and even when my sister was down for Bug’s birthday family meal she and her friend searched the farm with their dogs.

Even though I was trying to listen to Lee and keep positive and hope that she would come home or at least have been found and taken in by someone who would take good care of her I was in a negative mind-set.  After not finding her over the weekend I had given up hope and thought she was gone forever.  I was devastated that my little dog was gone.  I longed to have her home and give her a big cuddle.

Thankfully Lee was right I should not have given up hope.

On the Monday morning, 4 nights after Sassy had disappeared I was headed out to an appointment and as I opened the front door Sassy was stood by the door.

My little dog was timidly stood there looking up at me with her big brown eyes.

I could not believe my eyes.

After thinking I had lost her forever Sassy was stood in front of me.

I shrieked with delight and grabbed her into my arms before I could lose her again.

Thankfully she was not hurt or injured.

Trixie was very happy to have her little pal home.  My two cute little dogs are together again.

Lee was over the moon that she was home.  As I had to rush off to my appointment I left her with Lee with strict instructions that he not leave her out of his sight.

Whilst out that morning I kept thinking ‘was it just a dream finding Sassy on the doorstep?’

I could not wait to get home and hug Sassy.

When I got home Lee told me that Bug had a big smile on his face when he woke up and saw that Sassy was home, running up to her to give her a big kiss and a cuddle.

I was so relieved to see that Sassy was home and it had not all be a delusion of hope that I had found her that morning on the doorstep.

That afternoon it was so lovely to take the dogs for a walk (with dog leads firmly on so neither of them would be able to escape to go on another adventure) with Bug.  After days of worrying about Sassy and thinking I would never see her again it was the perfect afternoon; walking through the fields with my dogs and Bug with the sun on our backs and gorgeous views of the countryside surrounding us.  The highlight of our little walk was seeing Bug and Sassy having lots of fun together with love emanating from them for each other.

Where my little Sassy went for those days I will never know.  What adventure she had will remain a mystery forever.  All I know is I am delighted to have her home and have been treasuring her and Trixie every day, enjoying our walks together even more than ever.

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