Friday 24 May 2013

Plenty Super Strong kitchen roll review.

Even though I champion reusable cloths I do have a weakness for the convenience of kitchen roll.  I always have kitchen roll in the kitchen ready to mop up spills and use kitchen roll to wipe and clean down the cooker and fridge.  Having the belief that kitchen roll is kitchen roll and that the only difference between brands is packaging and design, I was intrigued when I heard about Plenty’s new kitchen roll, Super Strong that claims to have “the cleaning power of a cloth in a paper towel”.  When I was given the opportunity to test the new Plenty Super Strong kitchen roll I was keen to put it to the test and see whether it would stand up to such an impressive claim.

Not only did Plenty send me their new Super Strong kitchen roll they also sent the rest of their kitchen roll range; the Original one, the Big one and the Fat one.  It was great to be able to compare their new Super Strong kitchen roll to the rest of the Plenty kitchen roll range and I was surprised that they have so many different kitchen roll’s in the range having only ever used the Original one before.

The Original one.

Plenty’s Original kitchen roll is very absorbent; perfect for mopping up spills, soaking up liquids with ease and allowing you to clean a liquid spillage quickly with 1 sheet of roll being more than adequate for most spills.  The Original kitchen roll is very durable and does not disintegrate with use even when you rinse and re-use the kitchen roll.

The Fat one.

Similar to the Original One, the Fat one is also very absorbent, durable and can be rinsed and re-used.  As the name implies the roll is Fat, with 50% more sheets on a roll compared to the Original one.  I like the little coloured teapot design that decorates the roll.

The Big one.

The Big one is also very absorbent and durable.  Compared to the Original one and the Fat one, the Big one has extra-large sheets.  I have found the extra-large sheets from the Big one kitchen roll useful for cleaning large surface areas and are particularly good for use when cleaning windows.

Super Strong.

The kitchen roll I really wanted to put to the test was Plenty’s new Super Strong kitchen roll.  Whilst waiting for my delivery of the kitchen roll I had seen the results of the Plenty Super Strong challenge, which consists of testing the strength of the kitchen roll with a shopping bag strength test.  Even though I was impressed with what I had seen of the Super Strong challenge I wanted to see for myself how the kitchen roll would stand up to use.  As I did not have a suitable bag or the same shopping used in the shopping bag strength test I had to put it to the test of seeing how it would deal with a variety of different chores and cleaning jobs.

As soon as I got the kitchen roll out of the packaging I could immediately see and feel that the Super Strong kitchen roll is different to ‘normal’ kitchen roll.  The weave is more like a cloth and thicker than any other kitchen roll I have ever used before.  Plenty’s Super Strong kitchen roll has “the cleaning power of a cloth in a paper towel” and has a different texture to standard kitchen paper as it has a “specially bonded structure” which enables the kitchen paper to remain intact when it becomes wet and when it used to scrub with.

I have used the Super Strong kitchen roll to clean a myriad of different things including the fridge, cooker, kitchen work surfaces, windows, the bath and a host of other surfaces and things as well as using it to mop up spills and messes.  It has been brilliant to use every time and has outperformed all other kitchen roll I have ever used before including the rest of the Plenty kitchen roll range.  The Super Strong kitchen roll is super absorbent and as the name says, it is super strong.  I have only needed one piece of kitchen roll for every job as it stays fully intact, not shredding or disintegrating even with rubbing hard to clean and withstands being rinsed and re-used numerous times to complete a cleaning task, leaving surfaces clean with no bits of kitchen roll shredding off.

Even though there is an environmental impact from using disposable paper towels compared to using reusable cloths I do like to use kitchen roll for particular jobs as I think the benefit of using disposable kitchen roll over sponges, dishcloths and cleaning cloths is that kitchen roll is more hygienic.  In fact it states on the Plenty website the hygienic benefit of using kitchen roll – “germs thrive in warm, wet environments, so sponges, dishcloths and cleaning rags can be breeding grounds for germs.  In just one day’s use, more than a billion germs can grow in a damp sponge.  Plenty thoroughly cleans up the spills and is then thrown away, removing the potential breeding ground for germs and preventing them from spreading further around the home”.

Because of the hygienic benefits of using kitchen roll over other cleaning cloths/sponges for particular cleaning tasks I do favour kitchen roll and my use of it is quite high.  Even though my faithfulness to using kitchen roll is solid I am aware that my use of kitchen roll is not very environmentally friendly.  Thanks to Plenty my guilt of being a high user of kitchen roll and using a disposable product over a re-usable one has lessened.  By using the Plenty Super Strong kitchen roll the amount of kitchen roll I use per cleaning job/mop up of spillages I less than with standard kitchen roll as the Super Strong kitchen roll is so strong and absorbent I only need one sheet for all jobs regardless of how big or messy the job is. 

I am also reassured by the fact that according to the Plenty website “Plenty is made of more than 975 cellulose, which is biodegradable.  In the presence of oxygen and moisture, the cellulose fibres can be broke down by micro-organisms.  Therefore, Plenty is completely biodegraded in a compost stream”.  I think this fact highlights that Plenty kitchen roll has another bonus over most cleaning sponges and cloths that are re-used in the majority of households because even though they are re-used over a period of time it is common that they are eventually disposed of too and the majority of those cloths and sponges that end up in the rubbish will not be biodegradable which is not environmentally friendly and as they do not biodegrade, instead fill landfill an environmental impact is caused.

Even though I was very impressed by Plenty’s Super Strong kitchen roll for cleaning tasks in and around the home and when used out on a recent little picnic Bug and I had on one of our little adventures in the great outdoors I wanted to see how it hold up to a super challenge.  I decided that
I would put the kitchen roll to the ultimate test…..seeing how it would withstand being used and handled by boisterous Bug who can be very rough handed and hyperactively excited when helping mummy clean up major messes.

After making a muddy mess of his Smart Trike Ride On and Scoot I had the perfect opportunity of testing out the durability and strength of the Plenty Super Strong Kitchen Roll with Bug by getting him to de-mud and clean his ride on.  I decided to be a scrooge with the kitchen roll, only giving Bug one sheet and a bowl of warm soapy water…….I am not a completely mean mummy I was there to lend a hand with one sheet too.

Bug had lots of fun cleaning his ride on scooter.  It was very muddy with dirt and grime in the little nooks and crannies.  We only needed the two sheets to get it sparkling clean.  Impressively the sheets withstood Bug’s rough-handling and did not tear when being used in nooks and crannies.

Once we had finished de-mudding Bug’s Smart Trike Ride On his favourite ride on was left sparkling clean.  Surprisingly after cleaning all the mud off the ride on the sheets were still looking good and up to the task of another cleaning job, so Bug and I gave his Little Tikes car a quick clean too as it was a tad grubby from being left outside all winter in all manner of terrible weather. 

Bug had lots of fun helping mummy clean his car and ride on, he particularly enjoyed getting wet as he cleaned them with lots of soapy water.  After getting both the car and ride on sparkly clean Bug could not resist having a little ride in his car, being so excited by his newly clean car that he could not even wait to dry it before zooming off.

I have been very impressed with the whole Plenty kitchen roll range, being particularly impressed with their new Super Strong kitchen roll.  I will definitely be getting more Super Strong kitchen roll and hope that I can find a local stockist so I can stock up on this amazing product…..think I may have to get the whole range as they are all great and useful in their own ways for different jobs; I plan on getting the Original one or the Fat one for small everyday cleaning jobs and for little spills and messes, the Big one for big jobs and for cleaning the windows as the extra-large sheets are perfect for big cleaning tasks and the Super Strong kitchen roll for Bug’s big messes and huge cleaning jobs as it is the ultimate kitchen roll that easily deals with any cleaning job.

More information about Plenty.

*  We were sent Plenty kitchen roll to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless stated otherwise *

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