Monday 20 May 2013

Spage Bag Cube Vacuum Storage Bag Set review.

Being a borderline hoarder living with a man who prefers things to be more minimalist I have been attempting to streamline my junk things; sort out what we do not need or want to sell or take to the tip, store things we want to keep for future use and have a general tidy up. 

Of the many things we have that we do not currently use that needs sorting is Bug’s old clothes.  Even though the money would be useful we do not want to sell his old baby clothes as we hope to have another baby and want to keep the clothes for that time if it ever happens.

We have been storing Bug’s old clothes in bin bags which is not the best way to keep the clothes protected from getting dirty and damp.  Also as we have a lot of clothes the bags are big and bulky, taking up a lot of room which is not ideal as we have limited space for storing things.   As our storage system for Bug’s old clothes is not ideal I was pleased when HomeStorage4U, who provide “smart storage solutions”, offered to send us a product that would help with our storage issues.

I was impressed with the size of the bags and pleased that the bags look very strong and durable.  It states on the HomeStorage4U website that “the bags are made of polyethylene and nylon making them durable and resistant to tears and holes and are transparent so you can see what you have stored”.  Obliviously I have not used the bags on a long term basis yet to attest to their durability and whether they are tear-proof but I can say that the bags are strong and have easily withstood a great weight of clothes and feel very durable.  I like the fact that the bags are transparent so that I can see what items are stored within the bags, making it easy for me to find the right bag if I am looking for particular items to take out of storage.

The bags are easy to use and you can store items within the Space Bag vacuum storage bags in 4 simple steps –

*  Pack
*  Seal
*  Vacuum out the air
*  Store

Having never used vacuum storage bags before I was keen to see the vacuum compression technology in action.

Simply place any items (clothing, bedding etc.) that you want to store in the bag, ensuring to only fill up to the ‘stop’ line.  The bag has a wide opening which makes putting items in easy and the bag’s patented design which includes a square base allows for the bag to be filled in an upright position, making it easier to load bulky items.

The Space Bag vacuum storage bags have a patented sealing system consisting of a durable multi-layer construction Sure-Zip™ slider.  Once you have packed the bag you seal closed with the Sure-Zip™ slider, creating an airtight seal that protects your stored items from dirt, mildew, odours, moths and bugs.

Once the bag is packed and sealed closed with the Sure-Zip™ slider you then compress into a stackable storage bag by evacuating air through the patented one-way Turbo Valve™. You simply open the top of the valve, position the vacuum hose over the top of the Turbo Value™, turn on vacuum to draw out all of the air and once the bag is compressed and all air is out you close the valve’s top.

Once the bags are packed, sealed and compressed you can store them almost anywhere as they are compact, robust and stay sealed, keeping the contents protected from the elements.  Thanks to the patented one-way Turbo Valve™ and Sure-Zip™ slider the bags remain compressed.  The compression provided by vacuuming air out via the patented one-way Turbo Valve™ compresses the bag into a stackable cube, providing up to 4 times more space.

Even though I had heard of vacuum storage bags I had never had first-hand experience of using them before and to be honest I was doubtful that the bags would really compress a huge amount to save space, thinking that the bags would only be a strong bag for storing clothes with a slight compress of items inside.

My first ever experience of using vacuum storage bags has more than impressed and I will definitely be buying more vacuum storage bags to store my other items.  I love how much the bags can store; filling them to their maximum capacity each bag had ample room to store 3 overflowing bags of clothes, with a number of the items of clothes being bulky blankets and snow suits.  To be honest I did not get the full compression and the bags were not compacted, stackable cubes at the end however I think this is due to my actions rather than the bags’ design.  I filled the bags to the maximum capacity and even though it was under the ‘stop’ line both bags were very full width wise which I think affected the compression.  Also as our vacuum is very old and tired the suction from the hose is very poor, which I think also affected how much air was sucked out of the bags, making the amount the bags compressed less than if I had a vacuum that was in good working order.  Even though I did not get a perfect compressed, stackable cube I am still impressed with the bags and they have saved us space, storing our items in less space compared to the space they previously took up. 

I love that the bags are reusable and after finding a random baby mitt that I forgot to include in one of the bags I found out how easy it was to open the bag and add or remove items from the bag.  Sliding open the Sure-Zip™ slider air filled the bag, reversing the compression allowing me to add the little baby mitt to the bag before resealing the bag with the slider and vacuuming the air out once again to compress the bag for storing.

Even though it is great that the bags provide a solution to storage issues by being space saving the biggest bonus of the bags for me is that the items contained within the bags are sealed and protected from bugs, dirt, mould and moisture.  I am delighted that I can now store items, especially Bug’s old clothes to use in the future if we are blessed with another child, knowing that they won’t get damaged and ruined in storage.

The Space Bag 2 pack Cube Vacuum Storage Bag set in extra-large is available at HomeStorage4U for the current price of £20.99 which I think is great value for 2 bags that are durable, high quality and provide a solution to storage issues.  I like the fact that all Space Bags available on the HomeStorage4U website come with a 1 year warranty.  HomeStorage4U sell a range of other Space Bags and a wide range of other  smart storage products including Storeasy, Coolock and Anylock.  Take a look at what we thought of the Anylock sealing rods and bag set when we previously reviewed for HomeStorage4U.

More information about HomeStorage4U.

*  We were sent a 2 pack Space Bag Cube Vacuum Storage Bag Set from HomeStorage4U to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless stated otherwise *

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  1. Have always had a great experience with storing my stuff. The guy at the facility whose name I don't know, have always been friendly, professional and keep the place immaculate.