Sunday 23 June 2013

A busy week of visits.

Amid Bug being ill and being busy with lots of chores this week I have also been dealing with pre-arranged visits from our landlord and a few builders/professional workmen.  Thankfully I had not had to do much apart from welcome them in, providing them access to our home to allow them to see and discuss a few issues with the property.
Our landlord has plans to replace a few windows that are in dire need of repair, fix the roof, rebuild a section of the porch where the brickwork is suffering from damage and damp, he is also considering possibly building a small section of decking.  As he wants to prevent the chances of poor workmanship, sub-standard work, unsafe work and having to bring a claim for professional negligence using the services of a company such as if the work was not carried out to a professional standard, he is ensuring that he reviews their credentials and previous work.  Not only is he talking and meeting with a number of companies/workmen to ensure the work with be of a high, safe standard but he is also ensuring that the cost of the work is competitive and a fair price.

I am hoping when the work starts that there is not too much mess and noise causing us an inconvenience.  I also hope that whatever company of workmen our landlord goes with are a friendly bunch…..I will be getting plenty of biccies and tea in to keep them happy. 

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