Tuesday 18 June 2013

Go green in your household.

There are a number of benefits available to homeowners who are considering making the switch to a greener lifestyle.  One is that they can feel a little better about the impact they are having on the environment and secondly – and perhaps more importantly to some – it can reduce their level of expenditure. Here are a few simple changes that could go a long way.

Ensure your boiler is functioning correctly.
A faulty boiler can prove dangerous and release emissions into the air, so ahead of any problems arising why not make sure you have boiler cover in place so any issues can be rectified quickly and easily?  Ensure any worked carried out is done by an engineer that is Gas Safe Register approved.  A properly functioning boiler can lower both your carbon emissions and bills.

Reduce your water usage.
Saving water around the home could be an easier task than you think.  Simple lifestyle changes such as only using as much water as you need when filling the kettle, opting for a shower instead of a bath, using a bowl while washing up and turning off the tap while cleaning your teeth can all make huge difference in the long term.  It is also worth tightening up any leaky taps and ensuring that water pipes are in the best possible condition to avoid potentially damaging leaks.

Make the most of your garden.
If you’re fortunate to have a little green space attached to your home then why not consider the ways in which you could make better use of it?  Growing your own herbs, spices, fruit or vegetables could liven up your diet and save you cash at the supermarket.  To save water you could even collect rainwater by installing a butt and using what it gathers rather taking from the tap.  Even those without much space can get involved by growing in window ledges or making a roof garden.

Light up your home naturally.
As the longer days are here now is an ideal time to try and cut down on the amount you turn on your lights.  Letting in more natural night can play a huge part in this, so consider moving around any furniture that could be blocking the sun.  And when the weather does turn dark and gloomy remember to turn off lights if they aren’t needed. It could have a dramatic impact on your next household energy bill.

Recycle and re-use.

If you aren’t already up to speed with what you can recycle then find out from your local authority what they are willing to collect.  You may also find there are recycling banks nearby where you can dispose of waste in the correct fashion and stop it from being sent to landfill.  A good way to remind yourself to recycle is to place a dedicated box next to your normal bin.  That way you can quickly and easily place bottles, tins, cans, cardboard and more together prior to collection day.  

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