Tuesday 25 June 2013

Wedding outfit shopping.

With an upcoming family friend’s wedding on the horizon I have been on the hunt for some outfits for us all to wear on their big day. 

As the wedding is quite a posh do, with the couple having a white wedding in a chapel and the reception being at a splendid venue, we can’t just go in our everyday clothes so I need to get some smart outfits for us.  Thankfully it is not an overtly grand wedding so I do not need to go over-the-top with our outfits but I would like us to look nice.  I would normally wear something I already own but unfortunately I do not have any smart clothes that would be suitable for a wedding which fit, especially as Lee and I have not been for a night out since before having Bug I have not had a need for smart, going out clothes……so shopping is a must ;-)

I had hoped to get a full day with the car to go shopping further afield to have more choice of shops to look for outfits but with Lee busy working overtime the chances of being able to have a full day at the shops and some retail therapy is looking less likely before the wedding.

As I am struggling to be able to get to the shops to buy us some outfits I have been doing some online shopping instead. 

After browsing a number of website I found a great selection of dresses I love the look of that I have ordered in the hope of finding the perfect dress for the wedding.  I am hoping to find a dress that is a balance between being smart and stylish but one that I also love and will wear again in the future (if I manage to ever get a night out especially a night out with Lee if we ever get a babysitter) rather than an overtly posh frock that I won’t feel comfortable in and never have a reason to wear again.  

I love the cut of the animal print So Fabulous Twist Front Bandeau Dress and I love the cut and colour of the So Fabulous Flora Dipped Hem Dress.   

I love the Ever Pretty sequin v-neck high low dress and off the shoulder sweetheart pleated wedding guest dress.


I love, love, love the shape and design of the Holly Willoughby Printed Peplum Maxi Dress and I love the delicate, feminine South Lace Dress in white.

I love the Berkertex Contrast Panel Dress with Floral Corsage and I love the magenta colour of the Berkertex Embellished Wrap Over Dress.

With a wedding to go to I could not resist getting Bug a little suit as I am sure he will look uber-cute in one.  I love the stone/white 3 piece Ladybird Boys Waistcoat suit and the grey 4 piece set Ladybird Boys Suit.

Thankfully Lee already has a suits and smart shoes so all he really needs is a new shirt or tie to revive his suit.  Lee loves the colour of the lilac Goodsould Mens Shirt and Tie set and the black/grey French Connection Mens Skinny Silk Tie.

As I like to save money and get discounts I have been looking online for Isme discount codes to use to help save us some pennies….if you would like to find some Isme discount codes to save some money on a virtual shopping spree on the Isme website see here.

Hopefully when our Isme package arrives we will have the perfect outfits for all of us from all the clothes I have ordered to try…..if not I will have to do some more shopping ;-)

A virtual shopping spree has been nearly as much fun as a day out at the shops would have been….perhaps even better as I could do it snuggled on the sofa in my pyjamas and be tempted by a lot more clothes as the choice online is so vast.  

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