Monday 15 July 2013

Panasonic Lumix TZ40 camera.

I have a passion for photography and I love taking photographs especially when capturing special moments with Bug.  Sadly my digital camera broke about a month ago, since then I feel lost without my little camera.  As I love taking photographs so much and miss having a digital camera I am saving up to buy a new camera.  Even though saving up for a new camera is slow progress I am researching different cameras for when I have enough pennies to treat myself to a shiny new camera.

I have yearned for a Panasonic Lumix camera for ages; admiring the gorgeous cameras that have fantastic features that would allow me to photograph special moments with Bug and capture our little adventures.   After watching a video for the Lumix TZ40 camera my desire for a Lumix camera is even stronger.  The amusing video is very memorable and I love how they have highlighted the fantastic features of the camera throughout the video……I particularly love the funny beach scene in the video.  

Fingers crossed my camera fund will be big enough soon so that I can get a Lumix TZ40 camera and capture magical moments with a little help from the camera’s fantastic features.  I am sure Lee would also love the Lumix TZ40 camera as he also loves photography and cameras with impressive technology but he best not re-enact the beach scene from the video otherwise we will be having words!  

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