Wednesday 28 August 2013

Best Of - Warburtons Krazy Kitchen.

We are big fans of Warburtons products which often feature in our lunchtime meals.  Even though we always enjoy our lunch I must admit lunchtimes had been getting a tad mundane, as I often resort to a sandwich using the same bread and fillings for our lunch time and time again without much variety.

As I had gotten stuck in a rut with dull lunchtimes when I heard about Warburtons’ bid to liven up lunchtimes with their “Liven Up Lunchtime Challenge” I hoped that I might be inspired to liven up our lunchtimes and add a bit of variety and new tastes to our lunchtimes.

In their quest to liven up lunchtimes Warburtons created a highly competitive, fun and very crazy game show that aimed to liven up two families’ lunchtimes as the families compete to make the best lunch and win a year’s supply of Warburtons bread.

Over the last few weeks we have seen two families; the Griffiths and the McDermotts battle it out in the Krazy Kitchen completing lunchtime challenges in the hope of being crowned the Krazy Kitchen Champions.  The Krazy Kitchen Liven Up Lunch challenges have spanned over 3 rounds; Mum vs Mum, Dad vs Dad and in the final episode Kid vs Kid.  Not only did the families have to compete against each other in the challenges to create delicious tasting lunches using Warburtons products they also had to deal with the kraziness of the Krazy Kitchen; with wobbly tables, giant chickens and showers of feathers causing chaos and a whole heap of kraziness.

Following the enjoyable episodes of the Krazy Kitchen Warburtons have treated us to a bonus episode ‘Best Of’ which features behind the scenes video of the krazy action in the Krazy Kitchen.

I have loved watching the Krazy Kitchen videos and it has been enjoyable to watch behind the scenes video and see how much fun the families had livening up their lunch with Warburtons.  Bug loved watching the episodes and found the krazy chickens very funny.

If you have missed the Warburtons Liven Up Lunchtime Challenge and the Krazy Kitchen episodes pop on over to the Warburtons Facebook page and catch up on the kraziness as Warburtons help make lunchtimes a lot more fun.

Thanks to Warburtons and their Liven Up Lunchtime campaign I have been inspired to liven up our lunch and make fast but fun and healthy meals for our lunch with added kraziness in the form of my new kitchen assistant Bug who definitely makes the kitchen a lot more chaotic.  Watching the Krazy Kitchen episodes I have been inspired to use a greater variety of ingredients (I can’t wait to pick up a pack of Warburtons new Sandwich Thins to try) and make lunchtimes more fun by getting Bug to help me a lot more often than he has been doing of late so that he has a sense of accomplishment and will be more inclined to eat his lunch as he has helped make it. 

Have Warbutons inspired you to live up your lunch?

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