Saturday 31 August 2013

#My99pSummer - a summer of fun.

Over the summer 99p Stores have been running a competition for bloggers with the chance of one lucky winner winning a shiny new iPad.  99p Stores challenged 50 bloggers to have a 99p Summer and see how much fun they could have over the summer with 10 products from the 99p Stores.  For the 99p Summer challenge they gave each blogger £10 in vouchers to spend at their stores to buy whatever products they liked to have a fun 99p Summer.

As we are champions of having fun for free (and for very little money) and using your imagination to have lots of fun I was keen to take part in the 99p Summer challenge and have lots of fun with Bug with the 99p Stores “quality products for under a pound”.

Heading to our local 99p Store I was surprised by the variety of products all under one roof and all under a pound.  As the weather had been up and down I decided to get a variety of products that would allow us to have fun regardless of the weather, with products for both indoor and outdoor fun.

We bought –

*  Red ball (Bug was disappointed there was no blue there but was happy with red in the end).
*  4 pack Cool Crush drinks.
*  Baby’s first words book of Numbers.
*  Chalk board with chalk and duster.
*  Pack of 10 twistable crayons.
*  Multicoloured pad of paper.
*  Pack of 2 bubble wands.
*  A kite.
*  2 X Water jumbo guns (I was not letting Bug have a water gun without having one to defend myself… I’ve got to have fun too!!).

We got all of our summer goodies for under ten pound…..all for a brilliant £9.90!!

Football fun.
Bug is just like his daddy and loves playing with footballs.  He has had lots of fun playing with his shiny new 99p Stores ball, kicking and throwing the ball about in the garden, on the beach, in the fields, in the park and on country walks…..anywhere and everywhere he can have football fun.

Bubbletastic fun.
Bug has loved playing with bubble wands, blowing bubbles everywhere and then chasing the bubbles down in an attempt to catch them in his hands or burst them with the wand.  The bubbles have kept Bug entertained for ages at a time and he is now obsessed with making bubbles.

Reading fun.

Bug loves books and loves his new book of numbers which has become a firm bedtime favourite.  He is now a little obsessed with the book as it features lots of cute teddies in a bed and he loves teddies.  He adores pointing out all the different teddies to me, telling me all about the different teddies as we read the story of 10 in a bed and loves the repeating ‘roll over, roll over’ line from the book.

Water gun fun.

Bug has delighted in soaking mummy numerous times over the summer with his fab new jumbo water gun and has giggled in delight at getting soaked himself when mummy retaliates.  

Kite flying fun.

Bug has been overjoyed watching the colourful diamond kite soar in the sky, shrieking as the kite flitters off into the blue sky.

Chalk board fun.

Bug loves drawing and apart from a few times at a mother and toddler group he has never really used chalk before.  He loves his new chalk board and chalks and has spent many an hour lost in his own little world drawing on his new board and then delighting in the fact that he can clean the board with the duster (unfortunately the duster was cracked when we opened the packaging and I had to remove the plastic holder as it would have cut his hands but he has still been overjoyed using the sponge by itself).  As Bug has loved his little chalk board so much over the summer I think I will have to buy him a double sided easel with a chalk side for Christmas so that he created many more chalk masterpieces on a larger scale.

Drawing fun.

Bug has had lots of fun drawing and creating mini masterpieces with his new bumper pad of multi-coloured paper and his funky new twistable crayons.  He was very intrigued by the twistable crayons to begin with and now loves them for his creative sessions making beautiful pictures for when daddy gets home.  The only problem is that at the rate my mini Picasso is producing his masterpieces I will have to go back to the 99p Stores very soon to stock up on more crayons and paper for him so that he can carry on unleashing his creative side and flourish artistically.

We have had lots of fun this summer with our 99p Stores stash and I know there is lots more fun to be had with most of our 99p Stores goodies.


  1. Looks like great value!


  2. Wow, crazy how much stuff you managed to get for this little money. Love the kite x

  3. It just goes to show that you have to spend a huge amount in order to have fun - it's the company that counts! :) Fabulous. With love, Faye xx