Friday 2 August 2013

Sofa snuggles and cosy cuddles.

Sadly the glorious summery weather of a bright sun and blue skies shining down on us has come to an end here in beautiful Wales (fingers crossed it is only a blip and sunny days will soon return) and cloudy skies with downpours of rain have returned to dampen our days.  With the rain hammering down outside today we have had a snuggle sofa day.

I love snuggle sofa days.  I feel content and relaxed cwtched up on the sofa with Bug or my fiancĂ©….cuddling up on the sofa with both of them at the same time is the best.

Sadly due to work daddy could not join us for family snuggles on the sofa today so Bug and I had to make do with each for cuddles and the bonus of having daddy-less sofa snuggles is the silver lining of having more room on our little sofa for comfier cuddles.

Even though our tatty looking second hand sofa is comfy, today whilst Bug and I enjoyed cuddles on the sofa and watching films together my mind started wandering, dreaming of a brand new large and very comfy sofa suite that would be large enough for us all to snuggle comfortably on as a family with plenty of extra room for when we expanding our family and have another love-bug or two joining us for family snuggle time. 

When we decide to get a new sofa, as price is a top priority for us when choosing a comfy and stylish sofa I will be looking at the cheap sofas by 123Sofa that would be perfect for snuggling on.  As I would love to have a large uber comfy corner sofa that will more than accommodate our hopefully bigger family I have been dreaming of a large corner sofa perfect for cosy cuddles.

As well as dreaming of a large corner sofa I would love to get a cuddle sofa because as the name suggests they are perfect for cosy cuddles.  My sister has a recently bought a cuddle sofa and both Bug and I love snuggling on it when we visit Aunty Boo.  As her cuddle sofa is perfect for cosy cuddles I could not resist taking a look at the site where she purchased her comfy cuddle sofa by visiting UK online at to admire the gorgeous cuddle sofa they have on offer and dream of the day I have a comfy cuddle sofa of my very own. 

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