Thursday 5 September 2013

Personalised Gifts to Make Christmas Dinner Easier.

Christmas dinner is always going to be a stressful experience for the ones hosting, cooking and making sure the grandparents don’t fall asleep too quickly, so the least you can do is to get the hosts a present that will make their day that little bit easier. Here are a selection of things, some more helpful than others, that can be found on

Personalised Champagne.
Any attempt to reduce the budget of their Christmas day will be a welcomed thing, and one big expense is the drinks, specifically the bubbly. A personalised bottle of champagne will not only make everyone’s day a little less expensive but also show that you’ve tried to make it that little bit more special by adding your own touch.

Personalised bottles can either come with a custom message on the label or an excerpt from a newspaper from a significant date of your choice.

Grow your own herbs and vegetables.
These gift ideas won’t help so much on the day you give them, but could make the next year, and perhaps the years to come, easier on everyone. There are now grow your own kits for pretty much everything, so you can definitely find the right one to match the personality or interests of whoever it’s for.

The traditional Christmas dinner is still going strong, but a lot of people are also venturing out from the traditional Turkey and stuffing. This grow your own chilli kit can add some spice to your Christmas dinner that will make a refreshing change.

Tip: on that year. Don’t give your leftovers to the dog.

Toilet Golf.
You want to make sure that the host has entertainment in all areas of the house while the whole extended family makes their way through that Tattinger. Toilet golf gets the last room you’d probably think of covered, and even comes with its own Do Not Disturb sign to make sure they don’t interrupt your hole in one.

Morphy Richards Steamer.
There are rarely enough hobs to cook the Christmas vegetables on, and some people view microwaves as cheating when it comes to making the perfect banquet. This three-tier steamer is space saving, looks cool, and makes sure your meal will stay healthy. That’s until you pour butter over everything.

Microwaveable Hooty the Owl.
The last difficulty of the day is convincing the kids that they are exhausted and that they don’t want to play on the new Xbox for a few more hours. To get them, to sleep you must use everything in your gift arsenal to achieve it. This lavender owl should be on the front line of the effort. When heated, it gives off a calming lavender scent that will calm the most hyperactive of souls. 

*  Guest post courtesy of Getting Personal *


  1. There's some lovely items here

    1. I love the hooty owl....would love one to cuddle up to now the nights are getting colder.

  2. you know, not all grand-parents or great-grandparent fall asleep at Christmas day celebrations!!! We have our Christmas dinner/celebrations early in December because there are so many parents/grand-parents/great-grandparents to go around. We thoroughly enjoy the hussle & bussle of the day - especially seeing the kids enjoy themselves.

    1. I agree not all grand-parents and great-grandparents fall asleep during the celebrations of Christmas, this is a guest post so not my personal opinions. I love seeing the kids enjoy themselves at Christmas.