Wednesday 2 October 2013

The majestic Norwegian Fjords.

Lately I have been thinking about my future and things I would love to do and achieve over the years, in essence things I want to do and achieve for a bucket list.  A strong theme in many of the things I would love to do is travel.  Over my lifetime I hope to travel to numerous countries across the globe to experience and witness a variety of places, cultures and sceneries. 

Since I was a child when I saw photographs and heard tales from my Mamgu and Dadcu about their holiday to the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland I have had a strong desire to visit those countries myself and witness their breath-taking natural beauty in person.  As I hope to holiday to the Scandinavian countries as my grandparents did, holidaying in any of the Scandinavian countries is top of my travel bucket list.

As going on a cruise in my lifetime is also on my bucket list, the idea of combining both my desire to see a Scandinavian country and take a cruise by going on a Norwegian fjords cruise holiday really appeals to me.

The notion of snuggling up on deck as the cruise ship sails past the majestic fjords and spectacular beauty of Norway sounds magical and taking a cruise to see Norway sounds a completely wonderful way to see the incredible scenery Norway’s stunning natural beauty and peaceful tranquillity of the area.

I love the idea of enjoying a comfortable and extra special cruise to experience the wonder of the Norwegian fjords, delighting in the benefits of cruise entertainment and experiences as the ship sails between destinations.

The thought of sailing in this majestic part of the world and enjoying the fresh air as we witness awe-inspiring sceneries, snow-capped mountains, serene waters, small shoreline villages and local culture sounds wonderful and I hope one day that my dream of experiencing it becomes reality.  

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