Saturday 23 November 2013

Drive well and pay less with Bell Insurance.

Having been a driver and a car owner since I passed my driving test over 10 years ago at the tender age of 17 I know full well the cost of running and owning a car, especially the essential cost of car insurance.

Every year when my car insurance is up for renewal I always shop around and compare car insurance to try and get the best deal and hopefully save some money.  When looking at car insurance the companies I favour are the ones that reward loyal customers with savings rather than price hikes.  I also admire and look favourably at car insurance companies that offer cheaper car insurance to careful drivers.
One company that I have recently heard of that offer cheaper car insurance to careful drivers is Bell Insurance.  Revolutionising car insurance Bell Insurance uses Telematics technology to gain insight into the habits and routines of drivers via a small unit that is fitted for free by a trained technician.  Put simply with Bell Insurance if you drive well you pay less for car insurance.

I learnt about Bell Insurance’s ground-breaking Telematics technology from their new online video featuring stuntman Brent Butane.  Legendary stuntman Brent Butane, famous for his ground breaking and bone breaking performances, makes for a unique spokesperson in this very memorable, amusing and informative ad.  Filled with wise cracks and crass humour the video features Brent rolling around on a Segway with the American flag proudly displayed on it as he shares details about Bell Insurance and how you can save money on car insurance with them.

If you fancy a giggle thanks to the legend that is Brent Butane and want to learn about how to get cheaper car insurance with Bell Insurance take a look at the video below.

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