Thursday 23 January 2014

Dream home.

As previously mentioned we have recently moved house.  Even though we flitted with the idea of buying a house rather than renting again time constraints of when we had to move and financial matters mean that for this move it was not possible.  Due to how quick we needed to move if we had decided to fulfil the dream of owning our own home during this house move we would have to rush decisions and buy any old house rather than take our time to make sure that the house we bought was the right house for us.  Even though it would have been lovely to own our home with the implications of buying our own house being immense financial responsibility we had to be responsible and for now the best option for us was to rent again.

Flirting with the idea of buying out own home got me imagining my dream home.  Even though simply owning our home and fulfilling particular requirements such as a garden, number of bedrooms and location when buying the house would make me very happy it would be amazing to be able to buy land and build our own home from scratch and have the home of my dreams made reality.

With one of the wishes being a garden if we ever buy our own house, if we could build our own house I would love to look for strutt and parker land for sale with plenty of land to have a big garden.  I would love a big garden with plenty of room for Bug to run and play, space for a wooden climbing frame, trampoline and in the summer months (weather permitting) a big paddling pool, a paved area with seating and room for a BBQ, a vegetable patch and lots of beautiful blooms planted around the garden with a few fruit trees and cherry blossom trees providing shade for a wooden swing bench.

If we were able to build our own house I would also love to a huge kitchen built, with a breakfast island in the middle of the kitchen, tiled flooring and worktops embedded with a hint of glitter, a large oven and cooker to make yummy meals and tasty treats and state-of-the-art essential kitchen gadgets including a coffee maker to keep coffee-addicted Lee happy.

As well as having a breakfast island with seating in the kitchen I would also love a separate dining room with a large dining table with plenty of room to entertain family and friends when we have people over for meals.

I would love a large sitting room and a separate play room for Bug (and hopefully his siblings in the future) could play and have lots of fun.  I would be over the moon to have a large playroom for Bug that we could colourfully decorate with plenty of room for all of his toys and room to have an arts and crafts corner, a music corner and a quiet corner with beanbags for snuggling on and reading books.  It would also be my dream to have patio doors opening from the playroom into the large garden so that Bug’s play could intertwine between fun indoors and outdoors.

As well as a bedroom for Bug I would want a couple of ‘spare’ bedrooms ready for the future when I hope that our little family will expand from being a family of 3 and Bug could have some siblings.  For the master bedroom I would love it to be big enough for a four poster bed with room for a vanity table and a luxury chaise longue plus a walk in wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom with a bath featuring a Jacuzzi system for total relaxation. 

Hopefully one day in the future we will own a house of our own where we can make lots of family memories together there.  Fingers crossed that not only will we own our own house but that we will have either found the perfect house or built our dream house and made my dreams become reality.

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