Wednesday 8 January 2014

New home = broadband issues.

When we had the moving date to move house I contacted BT straight away to inform them of the moving date and to arrange that the phone line and broadband would be set up.  Unfortunately I was told that it we would need an engineer appointment to get it both the phone and broadband working as the existing phone line was not adequate and the earliest available appointment for an engineer to come to our new home to get everything set up would be a month after we had moved.

Whilst I do not spend every waking hour online and could easily manage without the internet I was a little disappointed that it would take so long until we had a house phone and broadband especially as we rely on the internet to stay connected with Lee’s family over 200 miles away and my extended family in America.  Also even though we both have mobile phones I also use the house phone to keep in touch with Lee’s family and having moved a good distance from my family keeping in touch with them via telephone is now more important than ever.  Plus the fact that Christmas was fast approaching meant that I wanted to get online to buy Tristan’s gifts and the thought of leaving it till the last minute once the broadband was set up was daunting.

Thankfully I was able to get connected to the internet every once in a while via BT Wi-Fi Hotspots but the connections were very limited and temperamental with only a couple of locations within our new home that I could pick up a Wi-Fi Hotspot and once I had managed to get connected it was a fine balancing act to keep connected as moving the laptop a fraction one way or the other saw me instantly lose the connection.

Luckily apart from missing out on a few bargains with my limited internet connection being too slow or disconnecting whilst trying to buy clothes and toys on sale for Bug having limited internet and no house phone did not cause too many difficulties and the time swiftly passed until the day when our engineers visit was imminent.

Sadly as I had to wait in all afternoon for the engineer to visit when my mum and sister expectantly had some free time to travel down to visit us and do some Christmas shopping in our new town we could not make use of the time and join them in a shopping trip.

After waiting in all day with no sign of an engineer once the allotted time was up I was a tad annoyed and promptly rang BT customer service to find out what the issue was and what was happening with our phone line and broadband order.  Following a predictable long wait being kept on hold waiting to speak to a customer service adviser I was told that our phone line and broadband had been set up and was working and that the engineer had set up our order at the exchange without having to come to our house.

Even though I was annoyed that I had to wait in all day for an engineer who did not turn up I was pleased to finally be connected and online once again on a more permanent basis and not have to deal with the temperamental Wi-Fi Hotspots any longer.

After a few days it was apparent that we had issues as the phone line was crackling and we also had issues with the broadband as our connection to the internet kept dropping out, with the hub disconnecting numerous times a day without warning with the internet connection being down from anything from a couple of minutes to anything up to an hour.

Limited connection…..

No connection………

Limited connection……

No connection…..

After numerous phone calls to BT (via my mobile phone as the house phone was not working right) regarding our issues with our phone line not working and the broadband continually disconnecting including my last phone call to them that lasted over 2 hours where I insisted on the issue being resolved as I felt that it was unacceptable that we had these issues over 2 weeks after it was all apparently set up especially as an engineer never visited our home when they were supposed to.

Thankfully following my last phone call to BT I was promised that the issue would be resolved by the 6th of January at the latest and I was over the moon that a BT engineer visited the other day and has fixed the issues with the phone which were affecting the broadband.  Since our engineer visit we thankfully have had no other issues with our broadband and I have my fingers crossed that it is the end to our connection issues and our phone line will be working smoothly from now on.

Due to our limited internet access and continuing connection issues since our house move back in November I have unfortunately been a tad quiet but I hope that now our internet connection issues appear to be resolved that I get busy writing once more and hopefully during this new year work on my blog and resolve the issue I have with it to make it more like I want to be.

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