Thursday 13 March 2014

Examples of Adorable Newborn Photography.

Whilst we took lots and lots of photographs of Bug when he was a newborn baby I do regret that we never had professional newborn photographs done as they always look so adorable and artistic with beautiful positions and props being used to emphasise the cuteness of a newborn baby but unfortunately we simply did not have the money for a professional newborn photography shoot. 

If and when we are blessed with another baby I would love to get professional newborn photography shoot done and have some adorable professional baby photographs of our new bundle of love to cherish forever.

Newborn photography must be the easiest job in terms of photography, as it must be impossible to get a ‘bad’ picture of an adorable little baby!

However, if you have a shoot booked, or are thinking about booking one, you may want to start thinking about some ideas to make your pictures of your little one even more special. We’ve put together a list of some beautiful photos that illustrate some of the best techniques and ideas often used in newborn photography to get the most idyllic shots of your bundle of joy.

Exquisite poses and positions.

Your designated photographer will be trained in positioning your baby into adorable poses and positions without causing them any harm or even the slightest discomfort. Of course your little one won’t be able to support their own head, so your photography expert will know techniques to help them achieve this pose (and others) safely whilst they snooze the session away!

Clever props and cute accessories.

Your professional studio for your newborn photography will have lots of props to use in their shoots, and may even have unisex accessories that you can use to achieve really sweet, special snaps. We love this example using the basket as a ‘nest’ for the autumnal owl theme (complete with matching owl hat, of course!).

Zooming in on precious features.

Arguably the best thing about newborn shoots is being able to capture those beautiful features that seem to develop and change before our eyes. It’s the perfect way to remember just how teeny those toes were, or how sweet their little pout was when they slept. We love this black and white example as we think it makes it more dramatic.

Involving mum and dad.

Including parents or other close family members in the newborn shoot can be a lovely idea to showcase the beautiful, timeless relationship from the very start. We love the blanked out background here as it means that the focus is on mum and baby 100%. Similarly the clothes are simple so they are not distracting.
Closing in on their little faces.

Setting the frame focusing on their angelic little faces is a lovely technique that makes for some beautiful photos. The photographer can work with the photographs afterwards to achieve affects including blurred backgrounds or highlighting specific areas to help them stand out even more. This photo in particular caught our eye as it’s so striking yet also very simple.

Experimenting with backgrounds and scene setting.

Setting the scene is a great way to get some pictures with real ‘wow’ factor. The possibilities are endless too, so you can get as creative – or as simple – as you like. We like this autumn feel again as it has elements of warmth as well as the cold, seasonal feel (without baby even feeling a chill, of course!). There are loads of places to get interesting inspiration. We love the examples shown on Pinterest from previous shoots. You could take in a few pictures that you like to show the photographer what sort of thing you’re looking for.  

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