Sunday 30 March 2014

Mecca's Mother's Day Memories.

 My mum means everything to me; she is my rock always there for me.  She gave my sister and I a brilliant childhood filled with lots of fun, happy and memorable memories.  I cherish the childhood I had that was jam-packed with lots of love, hugs and kisses.  Now as an adult and a mother myself she is my best friend, there in the good times and the bad times. 

Whilst all the days at home filled with adventures outdoors, arts and crafts, baking and play with my mum was lots of fun and are precious memories I particularly loved the holidays she took us on.  Every year we would go on a holiday in the UK and we often visited our family in Hereford, where the picture of my sister and I in the collage was taken, and I have fond memories of the adventures we had holidaying and caravanning across the UK.

Another memory from my childhood that I love is from Easter when every year my mum would create an Easter egg hunt for us, with clues and eggs hidden all over the farm we lived on for us to hunt for and find.  The Easter egg hunt she created for us was so much fun and it felt like a huge adventure searching the farm for clues to find more yummy treats.

Mum always made Christmas feel like a magical time for us; getting into the spirit of Christmas with beautiful decorations, helping us do Christmassy arts and crafts and baking yummy treats in the lead up to the big day.  On Christmas day when after opening up the Christmas presents together my mum, my sister and I would join the rest of the family for a big family Christmas dinner, enjoying quality time together as we all enjoyed the delicious Christmas food made by my mum, my aunt and my Mamgu.  I love this photograph of my mum showing her fun side with a cheeky face as she sits next to my late Mamgu at one of the last Christmases that she was with us.

Some of my most beloved memories from childhood was when Mother Nature treated us to a White Winter.  When we had snow my mum would kit us up in warm clothes and we would head out as a family for lots of fun in the snow where we would have snowball fights and sledges down big hills on the farm.  My mum would be at the centre of the fun, slipping and sliding down the hills alongside us.

All my life I had been lucky to be able to enjoy my mum’s tasty food and yummy cakes.  For every birthday my sister and I would have yummy, original birthday cakes created for us by my mum’s fair hands making our day extra special.

One thing I love about my mum is how she has always been lots of fun and been willing to be part of the fun my sister and I wanted to get up to.  I have fond memories of my mum being the instigator of fun and adventures.  I especially love the memories I have of my mum taking us to shows, concerts and gigs.

A cherished memory I have is when my mum took my sister and I abroad for the first time to Tenerife when I was a teenager.  We have lots of fun and adventures together exploring the island as well as having lots of fun at the beach when my mum and sister soared above the sea as they paraglided.

On Mother’s Day I also remember my Mamgu who is sadly no longer with us.  She was a huge part of my life when I was a child and I have so many precious and cherished memories of her and the times we spent together.

Now that I am a mum I love making my own special, cherished memories with Bug, having lots of fun and adventures together only the way.  Bug made his grand entrance to the World a few days before Mother’s Day and every year since that I have been grateful to have him in my life and remember the beautiful and special times we have had together; like the precious moments we shared as I breastfed him, carrying him close to me, having fun together, as well as looking forward to future Mother’s Days and lots more years having fun and adventures together as we make memories filled with love, happiness and fun.


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The closing date for this competition is Mother’s Day (Sunday 30th March).

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