Thursday 6 March 2014

Should I Snow or Should I Go? - Win a snow or beach holiday with Cosmos Holidays.

After the drab, dreary and very stormy winter we have had in the UK this year with powerful winds, relentless rain and ferocious tides battering the country for weeks on end I am sure many people across the country have been hoping and praying for better weather.  I can imagine for many people the thought of jetting away on a holiday abroad to get some much needed respite from the bad weather has flitted across their minds on numerous occasions.

I for one have found myself daydreaming of a holiday on numerous occasions over the past few weeks, imagining being able to jet away for a long, relaxing and fun filled family holiday abroad, leaving the drab wet and windy weather behind for some much nicer weather.  Unfortunately for us a fun filled family holiday abroad will have to remain but a daydream for now thanks to a meagre looking bank balance.

As our bank balance will not stretch to a family holiday abroad at the moment but the desire to go on holiday is still there, will images of holidaying abroad popping into my head I have been entering competitions where there is a chance of winning a holiday.

Luckily for people like me who dream of a holiday abroad but can’t afford to jet away, Cosmos Holidays are running a competition to win either a snow or sun holiday.  Entering is easy, simply ‘Like’ their Facebook page and take the ‘Should I Snow or Should I Go?’ quiz and answer 7 questions to find out whether you are a ‘Snow’ or ‘Go’ personality to get entered into the prize draw to win either a skiing holiday in Austria or a beach holiday in Sharm el Sheikh.

As I am eager to get away for a holiday I could not resist entering.  Even though I dream of holidaying across the globe in a variety of different countries, cultures, climates and experiences, and would enjoy both a snow and a sun holiday I suspected what my personality would be before I took the test and was not surprised to find out that I am a ‘Go’ personality and that a sun holiday would suit me.

Whilst I do dream of jetting to a variety of different places across the globe and enjoying a variety of different holidays from sun holidays to snow holidays to city break holidays to adventure holidays, and often dream of long luxurious days spent relaxing on a beach, days spent on adventures and explorations in tropical climates, snow filled days spent skiing on glistening white slopes before warming up with a yummy hot chocolate, safari days watching the wildlife roam in front of my very eyes and days spent exploring historic cities brimming with art and culture, my first love is a sun holiday with lots of beach time included. 

I have always felt at home on the beach and I especially love the sea.  Sitting on a beach with warm sand trickling in between my toes, as I listen to the waves of the ocean lap at the sand and watch the waves wash upon the beach then ebb away always makes me feel relaxed and happy.  As well as enjoying relaxing with a good book on the beach I also love having fun on the beach and love building sandcastles with Bug.  I also love playing and swimming in the sea.

Whilst I love spending time at the gorgeous beaches we have here in the UK and have enjoyed countless days on the beautiful beaches on the Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay coast near our home I do love a beach holiday abroad in the sun. 

One of my most memorable holidays was a holiday abroad to Tenerife where we lapped up the stunning sun and spent many a day on the beautiful beaches enjoying the warm sea when we were not off exploring the island having adventures.  My favourite day of our fortnight long holiday in Tenerife was when we took a boat ride out onto the ocean where we watched dolphins and spent a blissful few hours swimming in the sea before enjoying a delicious feast on the boat with the gorgeous ocean and stunning setting sun making for a beautiful backdrop.

Apart from wanting some much needed respite from the wet and windy weather we have had of late and the fact that I love a beach holiday in the sun another reason I think I am drawn to a sun holiday is that even though I would love for Bug to experience a snow holiday and play in the snow especially as is yet to experience real, bountiful snow during his 3 young years, Bug loves being at the beach and I know he would adore a beach holiday abroad. 

Bug would be over the moon to be able to go on a plane and he would love days filled with beach fun in the sun.  Like me Bug is always relaxed when we are at the beach and he loves spending hours running around on the beach with the sand in his toes, building sandcastles, digging in the sand, exploring rock pools and splashing in the sea.

Luckily Lee also loves the beach and I know that a beach holiday would make for a very happy family holiday with all of us enjoying the sand and the sea, with the added bonus of sunny nice weather brightening everyone’s mood even further.  As well as days spent playing on the beach and splish splashing in the sea I know that Bug would be delighted if we took him on a boat ride especially if he was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of dolphins and Lee would love to enjoy some water sports and do some scuba diving in particular.

Until we have some money saved for a holiday abroad in the sun (or we luckily win a holiday through Cosmos Holidays’ Should I Snow or Should I Go competition) I will have to make do with daydreaming about a holiday abroad.  I also have my fingers crossed that the weather drastically improves here soon so that we can visit the beautiful beaches here on the Pembrokeshire and Cardigan Bay coast once more for dry, sunny fun filled days.

If you fancy winning a holiday abroad then pop along to the Cosmos Holidays Facebook page and enter the ‘Should I Snow or Should I Go?’ quiz to see if you are a ‘Snow or Go’ personality for the chance to win either a beach holiday in Sharm el Sheikh or a snow skiing holiday in Austria. 

Who do you think you are; a snow or sun person? 

Good luck if you enter….if you win and want some company you know where we are!

If all this talk of a holiday abroad has sparked your desires to jet away on a holiday Cosmos Holidays have some fabulous deals.

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